October 8th, 2016

[info]everlongwinds in [info]modcooperative

I have two panfandom game ideas and I'd like to get one or the other off the ground. At the risk of posting it here and then seeing someone steal them, I'll post both of the ideas. though they're probably not as great as I'm thinking lol These are really old ideas I never did anything with.

virtual insanity )

idea 2 )

Anyway, the first one is fairly complex, more thought out and the second one can use some work. It's vaguer. I'd prefer doing the first one more because I've never seen it done before. I think it's unique? and could be interesting. I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in this. If so, would anyone be willing to co-mod? (Serious though) I'm great at keeping up with applications, holds, keeping things in order but there are times I need someone to collaborate with me on ideas for mod run plots. Sometimes my brain just doesn't work.

I imagine the first idea has endless possibilities.