September 28th, 2014

[info]affictitious in [info]modcooperative


My co-mod and I are ready to bring in some new blood, so to speak, over at [info]havenwood. We also like to try and split up the work between us as evenly as possible so we're thinking a schedule is the way to go for us. But, we also want to reach as many people as possible in terms of time (if that makes sense?). We're a panfandom game that caters heavily to OCs with an original concept and a supernatural/paranormal theme/setting. Our players come from a variety of TZs in the US (Eastern, Central, & Pacific) and while we're fairly sure of where to advertise, we're not so positive of when the best time to advertise is. We'd really appreciate some advice on this aspect of recruiting so any and all suggestions thrown our way would be taken under advisement.