September 4th, 2012

[info]opening_doors in [info]modcooperative

Seeking co-mod!

Good afternoon, everyone!

I'm looking for a co-mod for a pan-fandom game I want to put together, based on:

1) the idea of multiple dimensions and travelling between dimensions
2) a threat to the multi-verse that can only be stopped by our heroes
3) intelligent companion animals that bond with characters (a la Dragonriders of Pern, the Temeraire books, Valdemar, etc. but if none of that sounds familiar just think a telepathic bond with an intelligent creature -- I'm thinking big cats, actually) and allow them to travel to the various dimensions, help them with their missions, etc.

Plots in this game will be based on

1) missions out into various dimensions
2) home life at headquarters, including day to day stuff, office politics, and also special events including "bonding ceremonies", in which candidates (volunteers) from various dimensions are presented to young companion animals and some of them are "chosen"

I'm still in the very early stages of development in this game, so now is the time to get in on the ground floor, but also keep in mind that I expect working out the structure and plots and everything to take a while, so this isn't a game that's almost ready to start. Maybe in a month or two. I'm planning on working fairly steadily and I have the time to put into it, but I'm also in no rush, I want to do this right.

I'm planning on making the first big plot be one of the bonding ceremonies, and since this is a big event, I'm planning on recruiting for coordinators and others to play previously bonded characters and help run various aspects of that plot. So while anyone who comes in now as co-mod will be high in the admin team, this isn't going to be a flat game with two mods and everyone else simply players, I'm going to delegate a bit more than that from the very start. Just fair warning so you know what to expect.

If you're interested, please comment here (or PM if you prefer, but comment so I know you PMed) and we'll get in touch to talk a little more. I'll want to discuss roleplaying/modding experience (if any, it's not required, at least on the modding side) and the sorts of things you enjoy and would want to bring out in a game you were modding, and probably play a scene or two together (something random) so we can each get a feel for roleplaying styles. And I'd answer any questions you might have, of course, probably share the same sorts of information as I want from you.

I'm serious about this game, I want to put something together that'll be more than a flash in the pan, and I'm looking for a serious partner to bounce ideas off of and to take over some aspects of game development. But no pressure, if you're interested let me know and we can explore it some more, see if we're a good fit for modding together.