October 26th, 2011

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Grasping at straws and could use a second opinion/co-mod

I'm working on pulling together a survival horror game based around your typical zombie movies, television shows, comic books, and video games. I had the idea to base it in West Texas (or another area with a similar climate/population density) about 2-3 months after the epidemic became widespread so the survivor numbers are thinned and spread out. They will spend at least the first few weeks trying to congregate whilst fending off the face-munchers and surviving however they can. Once they've met up, that is when decisions will need to be made as a group and since these people have been on their own for what feels like years instead of weeks, everyone's going to have an opinion and it ain't gonna be pretty.

I want the game to be free-form beyond these basic principles and I really would like to avoid the bunker scenario where everyone just crowds in and waits for a) death or b) the epidemic to ~pass. I also don't want anyone getting too comfortable. Yes, there will be moments allowed so people can breathe, but for the most part, I want everyone on their toes. There will be monthly (bi-monthy? weekly?) death rolls that will help guide players, but they will not be mandatory. Multiple characters will be encouraged. In fact, I kind of want to require that once you've picked up your first main character, you must pick up a fodder character (preferably for another character's storyline) before you can pick up a second main one.

So, am I crazy for wanting to do this? Is anyone interested? Is anyone interested and willing to help me out? Let me know. You can leave a comment, here, or shoot me a PM. Thanks!

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Re-Launching a Game

I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I've been running a game for about four months and everything is still really active, but due to school and time restraints, we've lost quite a few players, mostly those that are essentially OC's (name only characters and family members of canon characters). When I took a game-wide poll the players left decided that instead of us trying to recast those characters that we just relaunch the game, omitting the storylines that said characters were involved with and moving things around.

Here's where I'm having a problem; I've never re-launched a game before and everyone that I know who has has only done so after the game has died plot-wise (i.e. things died down, they closed, re-did some things, and re-opened after a few months or weeks). What is the best way to go about relaunching the game when it's still open, we've got active plots going on, and we have a ton of holds and apps in process?

Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated.