October 10th, 2011

[info]fabledmod in [info]modcooperative


After years and years of playing in other people's games and being ultimately dissatisfied with some end result, I'm buckling down and finally deciding to take a crack at modding for myself. The game which I ~hope to create would be fairy-tale/fable inspired, where all characters would be representations of figures from fables. I have the concept down, and I know I can handle putting all the pieces together-- the coding, the layouts, etc-- but I know I'm eventually going to need help keeping things going, so I figure 'why not find someone to help from the beginning?' Ideally I'd want someone with previous mod experience to sort of help me through all the things I might be doing wrong as well as help keep things progressing if/when they hit a wall.

Any interested parties? Drop me a PM through this journal or an email to getitmemorised @ gmail . com if you're interested in giving me a hand- or just interested at all.