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Jan. 31st, 2012


SCENARIO: Day of the Dead AU
WHO: Eloise Stamp and Gabriel Rousseau.
WHEN: January 31st.
WHERE: Looting.
WHAT: Ellie chooses the wrong looting partner. You can't win every fight to the death.
RATING: High, for violence and character death.
STATUS: In progress.

If you should lose your way, maybe you'll go astray / Spiraling into space, you'll never find your way home )


SCENARIO: Day of the Dead
WHO: Charlie West and Rodeo Williams.
WHEN: AU, before the infection.
WHERE: A bar in Boston.
WHAT: Rodeo hits on the wrong man's date.
RATING: High, for Rodeo's filthy ways and character death.
STATUS: In progress.

I'm telling you son, it ain't no fun staring straight down a forty-four... )


WHO: David, Elliot, Rae
WHAT: A visit from Eli's ghost.
WHERE: Liberty Island, main hall of the safehouse and then Rae and Eli's spot.
WHEN: AU, January 12th, 2019, evening
RATING: SAD. Also medium for language.
STATUS: In progress.

The world carries on without you, but nothing remains the same;
I'll be lost without you, until the last of days... )


WHO: Allie and Ollie
WHEN: January 31, 2019; AU
WHERE: Liberty Island, "secret quarantine"
WHAT: Ollie succumbs to the virus. :/
RATING: High for character death.

When Allie heard the news... )


WHO: Leah and George
WHEN: January 30, 2019; after chatting with Evan
WHERE: Grand Central
WHAT: Leah confronts George on her selfishness.
RATING: Medium, because swearing.

★ ★ ★ )

Jan. 30th, 2012


WHO: Lucas, Alana, O'Brien and Leah.
WHAT: Some reuniting. (:
WHERE: Grand Central Quarantine.
WHEN: Sometime after this exchange.
RATING: Mediumish.
STATUS: Complete.

No big deal. )

Jan. 29th, 2012


WHO: Leah and Evan
WHEN: January 30, 2019; around 4:00AM (ass o'clock, yep)
WHERE: Grand Central infirmary
WHAT: Evan shares plans for an expedition or something. IDK.
RATING: Medium, because swearing.

A crucial expedition... )


WHO: Alana & Luke
WHAT: Chit-chat
WHEN: Late in the night of January 29th
WHERE: Quarantine in Grand Central Station
STATUS: Incomplete; Continued Here

Family time all the time. )


WHO: Charlie and Rae.
WHAT: The inevitable smackdown.
WHERE: Liberty Island, Charlie's makeshift shooting range.
WHEN: Sunday, January 29th, evening.
RATING: High for language and girl-on-girl violence.
STATUS: In progress.

Oh, she's so dull, yeah, rip her to shreds. )

Jan. 24th, 2012


WHO: George and Ollie.
WHAT: Taking a walk on the crazy side.
WHEN: Backdated to January 23 after they talk on her forum post.
WHERE: The streets.
STATUS : In progress.

She needed out. )

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