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Apr. 23rd, 2013


WHO: Jax and Nick
WHEN: April 24th, 2020 ; the wee hours
WHERE: one of the guard towers
WHAT: the aftermath of nightmares
RATING:: medium

it was nice here tonight )

Apr. 22nd, 2013


WHO: Rae and Silas
WHAT: A break-in! Onoez!
WHERE: Silas' place.
WHEN: April 22nd ;; nighttime
RATING: Medium?

She shook her head and curled into Topher a little bit tighter, closing her eyes and trying again to fall asleep. )

Apr. 21st, 2013


WHO: Charlie and Jake
WHEN: April 20th, 2020, late evening
WHAT: In search of something sweet, fattening or both at once
WHERE: the kitchen
RATING: low?

... )

Apr. 20th, 2013


WHO: April & DJ
WHEN: April 20th, 2020 :: Late Evening
WHAT: April and DJ spend sometime stargazing.
WHERE: The roof of Admin Building A
RATING: Medium, maybe?

☆★☆★☆ )

Apr. 14th, 2013


WHO: Leah and Evan
WHEN: April 15; 2020; morning
WHERE: Infirmary, then their apartment
WHAT: Leaving the infirmary.
RATING: Low/medium.

° o ° O ° o ° O ° o ° )


Who: George to Lucas and April.
What: Birthday presents.
When: April 13, 2020.
Where: Left outside the apartment in the middle of the night.

Gifts for her favorite twins. )


WHO: Brandon and Bea
WHAT: Talking about things, maybe?
WHERE: Outside the infirmary.
WHEN: April 14th; afternoon
RATING: Medium for language.

Whatever it was, though, Cin was happy to be outside for a little while. )

Apr. 13th, 2013


WHO: Rae (and EJ) to April and Lucas
WHAT: Birthday stuff.
WHERE: Left on their pillows in the morning and on the table in their apartment in the afternoon.
WHEN: April 13th, 2020

Pretend I posted this earlier. I spent mooost of the afternoon internetless. )

Apr. 12th, 2013


WHO: Leah and Vienna
WHEN: April 13, 2020; morning
WHERE: Roof of the admin building
WHAT: Lil' bit o' yoga, lil' bit o' advice-sharing, and a lil' bit o' false labor.
RATING: Medium, maybe.

° o ° O ° o ° O ° o ° )


WHO: Toby and Silas
WHEN: April 12th, 2020; afternoon
WHERE: One of the guard towers.
WHAT: Talking and stuff.
RATING: Medium (probs)

Yeah, it was a little reminiscent of the sessions in rehab, but he thought that was kind of the point. )

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