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Nov. 30th, 2011


WHO: Brennan Patterson and Eloise Stamp
WHAT: Brennan's out to check in (and maybe find his brother) and gets conned into an expedition to a lab.
WHEN: Forward-dated to few days from now (three/four?)
WHERE: NY Public Library
RATING: Medium? (May get bumped up later)
STATUS: In progress.

He never would have imagined that the trip.... )


WHO: Brennan Patterson and Lucretia Lewis
WHAT: Brennan is performing one of his rounds and Lucretia joins him.
WHEN: Wednesday, 30 Nov. 2018
WHERE: Liberty Island, outskirts of the safehouse
STATUS: Complete.

The fact the weather was cooling down was nice... )


Who: George and Kris.
What: Punking Evan.
When: Backdated a bit to November 27 in the early evening.
Where: GCS of course.
Rating: Pretty tame unless Kris is asking for something unreasonable as payment.

And it was more than a little weird for her to be able to identify him by the back of his head )


WHO: Evan and George
WHAT: George is not okay. Evan is not okay with that.
WHERE: Grand Central.
WHEN: 11/29, night.
RATING: Medium for language, perhaps?
STATUS: In progress

Evan was fully aware that he wasn't the perfect brother anymore. Not like he used to be anyway. )


WHO: David vs and Brennan
WHAT: While out walking, David encounters two things that scare him, a swimmer and Brennan. He's honestly not sure which one he's more afraid of.
WHERE: A pier on Liberty Island, not too far from the safehouse.
WHEN: Backdated to yesterday, afternoon.
RATING: TBA, medium?
STATUS: In progress.

It was nice to get outside. )

Nov. 28th, 2011


WHO: Rae and Jude. Brief appearance from NPC!Andreas.
WHAT: Initial meetings.
WHEN: Backdated to 11/22-ish? To when Rae was still in the infirmary.
WHERE: The Liberty Island infirmary.
STATUS: In progress.

Simply put, Rae Alghren was a lousy sick person. )


WHO: Ollie to Allie
WHAT: Brotherly birthday things.
WHEN: Forward dated to tomorrow.
WHERE: Left beside Allie's bedroll before he went out to do supply raiding.

Happy birthday to us! )


Who: Laney and Ollie, sorta
What: birthday present
When: forward dated to tomorrow
Where: his stuff
Why: because...don't ask questions!
Rated: very low
Status: just a present, so complete!
Warning: image heavy

Laying in a pile next to Ollie's sleeping area )

Nov. 27th, 2011


WHO: Eloise and Evan.
WHAT: Presents! Kind of.
WHERE: Grand Central.
WHEN: November 27, morning.
STATUS: Complete.

She set out in the early morning. )

Nov. 25th, 2011


WHO: Sarah and Rae
WHAT: One's not sick anymore, which means the other one needs to make fun
WHERE: Leaving the infirmary on Liberty Island
WHEN: Backdated to Nov. 22nd
STATUS: In progress

It was clearly her right to make fun of Rae now that she wasn't sick )

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