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Apr. 14th, 2013


Who: George to Lucas and April.
What: Birthday presents.
When: April 13, 2020.
Where: Left outside the apartment in the middle of the night.

Gifts for her favorite twins. )

Feb. 18th, 2013


WHO: Caitie and George
WHAT: Being caught practicing her ability.
WHEN: 02/18/20, morning.
WHERE: In the library.
RATING: Medium, maybe?
CHALLENGE: Envy vs. forgiveness

The last thing she wanted was for Maddie to think she was a freak. )

Feb. 2nd, 2013


WHO: George and Maddie.
WHAT: Completing a prank.
WHEN: February 3, during breakfast.
WHERE: April's place.
CHALLENGE: #4 Sloth vs. Diligence
RATING: Low/Medium?

`d`d` )

Jan. 11th, 2013


WHO: April. Open to reaction from George and Lucas (If the latter is with George when she stumbles upon this)
WHEN: January 11th, 2020; Afternoon
WHAT: The prank war begins.
WHERE: George’s room
RATING: Medium, maybe?

☆★☆★☆ )

Dec. 23rd, 2012



Read more... )

Dec. 17th, 2012


WHO: Jace and George
WHEN: December 17, 2019; afternoon
WHERE: The courtyard.
WHAT: Music and stuff.
RATING: Medium, maybe?

✧✧✧✧ )

Dec. 13th, 2012


WHO: George and Marigold.
WHAT: Bonding with the niece.
WHEN 12/13, night.
WHERE: Leah and Evan’s place in the Admin Building.
RATING: Low because Mari.
CHALLENGE: Aww! and Less than 250.

♠♠♤♠♠ )

Dec. 7th, 2012


WHO: George and April.
WHAT: Looting and trouble.
WHEN: [Forward-dated] December 8, midday.
WHERE: Ossining.
RATING Medium?

life was good by her standards )

Nov. 23rd, 2012


Who: George and Leah.
What: Looting for Christmas presents and Mari's tutu.
When: [Forward Dated] November 25, midday.
Where: Ossining.
Rating: Medium?

f f f f )

Nov. 19th, 2012


WHO: April, George & Luke
WHEN: November 19th, 2019; Afternoon
WHAT: Mistaken identity and an introduction.
WHERE: The Laundry room.
RATING: Medium, maybe?

☆★☆★☆ )

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