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January 15th, 2009

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Harold had been pretty oblivious of the warring conflict that had been going on around him for the past weeks. He felt the tention amoung everyone, and he was relieved when those strangers left, but otherwise he had been conducting himself as usual.
When the puzzle appeared under the glass dome he thought it was odd, but he quickly forgot about it.

That is, until one day when a large smiling man with a bag full of candy came and asked him if he and his puppies would like to go on an adventure. Harold, always up for something new, grinned with his sugar coated face and nodded.

Manny, for his part, had been preparing for this day for years. He did not believe, like so many others, that Here would last forever, and he feels it is his duty to be thinking ahead. Once he had been released from his prison and gotten his wits back about him, he started packing every single thing contained in his rooms and cubbyholes. Once done he selected a ring and asked the friendly widower who served as The Resident's hair stylist for so long to join him on his journey. He picked the young toddler because he realized that it would be easy for the boy to be left behind. If the boy had family waiting Manny would be content to part ways with his new bride. Finally he collected The Candy Guy (after a lollipop) and the unlikely troupe led by a toddler and his two dogs pilled onto an oversized bed. Manny reached for his lady with one hand and his bigger-on-the-inside bag with the other as Harold's fingers touch The Cube and Here is left behind them.

Off to a new adventure..

Spike departs.

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He didn't need much. Just the clothes on his back, and the bottle (or more) of liquor he'd decided shouldn't disappear into nothingness with the rest of Here.

He'd seen the note Dawn left, and was satisfied in the fact that she was already back where she belonged, and after a lot of thinking, he decided that he didn't have anyone to say goodbye to. Not even Buffy. It wasn't like they were from the same time, anyway, and he already knew that if he gave himself the chance, he'd do something stupid - like try to go back with her or have her come with him stupid. And yeah, he was typically a selfish bastard, but he had enough sense to know that wouldn't be a good idea at all.

So, it was with a swig of one of his many bottles and a smirk (after all, he hadn't been there long enough to get attached to the sodding place), that he touched the dome and was instantly taken back to the hell hole that he called Los Angeles.

Good riddance.

January 13th, 2009

Kara and Lee Leave. (locked kthnx)

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Where: Their room, and Galactica's Hangar Deck

Kara zips up the bag - she's filled it with bottles of ambrosia, socks, a few items of civvy clothes, her paints, some cigars and lots of chocolate.

She'll have enough to bet with in card games for months.

She looks up at the painting on her wall - she likes it but she grins. She's going home to the real thing. She is looking forward to it, but part of her is wary. She has no idea what they're going home to. How long have they been gone, are they presumed dead, how will people react to their return? And then there's this thing with her and Lee - what about Dee and ...


She has no proof he's a Cylon, none at all, so she has no idea how she's going to handle that. She sighs and picks up the bag.

They'll work it out.

She heads out to the living area to where Lee is waiting.

Leaving for the TARDIS

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Where: The Doctor and Jack's room.
Who: The Doctor, Jack, Martha and Lizzie (locked, plzkthnx)

The Doctor pulls on his coat, the blue suit he came Here in, and looks around the room. He didn't need to bring anything back with him, he had everything he needed.

He was quite eager to get out of Here. Too long in one place, surrounded by memories he'd rather try to escape from.

"Right. All set," he says.

January 12th, 2009

Time to say goodbye

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January 5th, 2009

Ginny and Hagrid can finally go home

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Ginny is down at Hagrid's hut when the note arrived telling them they could go home. )

Bobby takes his leave

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Bobby had been more than a little freaked out by the idea of Here self-destructing, and when he saw the sign in the lobby, he let out a whoop of joy and went out onto the front lawn of the Residence.

Raising his hands out in front of him, he used his powers to leave a last farewell to anyone still left. In ice letters eight feet tall and four feet thick, he spelled out the words:

Good Bye!

He figured anyone who knew him would know who it was from.

He went back inside and disconnected one of the gaming systems from the game room, got a case of the cakes he liked that had been discontinued in his world, then bolted for his room.

He didn't even hesitate once he saw the cube, and he was GONE.

Wearing Black and Feeling Blue (Departure)

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Abby frequently wore black, but now she felt it had a purpose. Thought the place was stranger and the people frequently stranger, she'd made friends Here and she'd miss them. Happy at the thought of going home, she tried to focus on that as she retrieved her tomato plants from the greenhouse and entered the Lobby, intent on packing them with her other things before she returned home.


To her family and he 'adopted' family: Gibbs and Tony and Ducky and Ziva. Reaching her room, she safely stored the plants in a box, made sure Bart, her stuffed hippo, and her laptop, with all her information about Here, was secure in her shoulder bag and touched the cube. Moments later, she was back in her lab. Abby let out a squeal of delight. She was home. ~ END

Saying 'goodbye'... (Departure)

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So much had happened in this place. She'd fallen in love and he'd disappeared. There'd been an explosion, where many were injured and over a dozen had people had died. People who wouldn't be going home.

Kitty Pryde had packed her things and left them on the bed in her room. Wearing denim and a dazed expression, she wandered the Residence, hoping to say 'goodbye' to the friends she had made Here. So many of them were from completely different universes that it was very unlikely they would ever see one another again.

At least the mystery of the waitstaff had been solved: Skrulls. Kitty hated Skrulls. All done now, though. All gone and sorted.

All that was left was memories. She took pictures with her cell phone as she walked along, wanting to show the team where she'd been all this time.

After a lot of photographs had been taken, including a few of some obliging people she'd met here who smiled and posed, Kitty wandered back to her room, strapped on her backpack of clothing and such that she'd acquired here, and picked up a tote back of special foods she'd gotten from one of the restaurants, as a surprise for the team.

Thinking of Tim Hunter and hoping that, wherever he was, he was safe, and hoping that Lee and Kara continued their relationship when they got home - and that Layla and Lucas would be able to stay together when they left Here - Kitty touched the cube.

Seconds later, she was in the main lobby of Xavier's mansion, a startled group of students gaping at her. She grinned.

She was home.


Obi-Wan Kenobi prepares to return to his fate... (Departure)

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After the revelations of the true nature of the staff and the Residence itself, he supposed it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen.

Obi-Wan Kenobi regarded the domed cube. He'd packed the few belongings he wished to take with him and decided to wander the halls and see if there was anyone left who knew him, anyone he should say goodbye to.

Of the woman named Emma, who had helped him when he first arrived in this strange place, there was no sign.

She was the one whom he really knew best. He hoped she was home and safe with her friends, whom he gathered were like family to her.

Sighing, he headed back toward his room, taking his time, wanting to assist anyone who might need it before he touched the cube himself. He didn't encounter anyone along the way, so he entered his room, took hold of his bag of belongings and touched the cube.

An instant later, he had left the place called Here and was returned to his own universe.


Martha wakes up and is confused. [Jack?]

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Martha doesn't wake up peacefully. She wakes up with a gasp, bolting upright and looking about her in shock, surprise, and confusion as she tries to remember just where the fuck she is and how she ended up here. In the next instant, she remembers being attacked and that was it, and she wonders in alarm just how long she's been sleeping. Not wanting to think on that for long, however, she decides that it's not important, and climbs off of the table she was laid out on, grateful to find that she was still clothed as she hadn't any time to waste.

Crossing the room, she went for the door, opening it and peeking outside. Looking to her left and right, she sees no one, and decides it's her best chance, sprinting forth. She doesn't know where she is, as it's not the Residence, and she has no bleeding clue where she's running to, but she'll be damned if she stays in one place for too long, having learned enough from That Year.

It isn't long before she can hear whoever had her captive yelling of an escaped prisoner, and she decidedly doesn't let it get to her, reminding herself that if she just keeps running, they won't catch her. She just has to keep running. She trips a bit, but she doesn't fall, thankfully, and she realises with shock that the Residence is actually up ahead. If she wasn't running in fear, she'd be amazed at the fact that they are no longer closed off.

Eventually the ones pursuing her give up, for which she's grateful, and she slows down to a jog, and then to a walk, breathing heavily as she runs out of adrenaline, curious as to just what is going on as she gets closer to the Residence, until finally, she's sure she's reached the point where it used to start. She doesn't stop however, until she gets to the lobby, and even then, she feels like collapsing. And she does, sitting on the floor as soon as she gets inside the door.

"What the hell is going on?" She's asking herself, but she really wishes that someone cold give her an answer.

Dawn leaves.

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Ever since the initial self-destruct message, Dawn had been in shock. She hadn't left the room not once, maybe in fear of what would happen if she left the room. She hadn't even left to find Murphy and make sure that he was okay. As soon as the the Manager's message, telling of the cubes to return everyone home was made, she started to find some way to gather everything she'd owned in the place she'd called home for what felt like years together, and made her way to search for Murphy before they left, only to find the note on the door.

She didn't know if she was disappointed or relieved that he was already back in their world, and went back inside, closing the door behind her. Leaning against it for a while, she decided it was a good thing, maybe? She had no problem with who he was, and he had no problem with who she was, but she had no idea if they could've lasted together back home. Maybe, if she was lucky, she'd run into him again. It could happen, right? She had to believe it could happen. With that thought, she tucked the note into her back pocket, and left her room again.

She had more than enough faith that Spike, Buffy and Faith would get back to their times and/or worlds safe, but left notes so that they wouldn't worry about her and get out in time, and then she ran back to her room as quickly as possible. With all her belongings in hand, she touched the cube, and she smiled a bit as it finally occurred to her that she was actually going home.

And then Dawn was gone.

January 4th, 2009

Layla OTA to Lucas and whomever

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Layla had all the seeds she could manage, plus a dozen or so books on botany and herbalism that she couldn't find back home in their room. She packed every dress and gift that Luca got her and visa versa. She had a tiny hammock made for the fox and chipmunks and a place for any of her special plants. They had Jamie and all of his goodies packed as well, now she was making the rounds, with Jamie and the animals in tow before she and her husband left. Calling her mother before she left, and finding out that they can indeed open a portal, using a device that Mr. Medula has made. She finds herself saying goodbye to many people, tears in her eyes.

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Harmony wouldn't miss anyone here and being a new found Vengeance demon was no fun stuck here. She would miss Spike, but he didn't seem to give a rats ass about her. So, with everything she came there with in tow, as well as a raided Boutique and a butt load of free bootie, she sat on her bed and picked up the dome, touching the puzzle, she was gone.

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The real Max didn't make it back from the cryo chamber. Her's malfunctioned while the fake one had taken her place. Having been so upset with Sam's sudden absence. Thinking may be he died at some point, now she can rest in peace and be with him Here.

Open to Robert O'brien.

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Ana has no home to go back to, so she goes to find Robert. She is taking a leap of faith here, but she is going to go with him. even if they must go separate ways once there.

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Emma saw the notice and with everyone running about, and her legs still not working right. she packs her bag, with all her belongings that she got from Here, looks around, then lifts the dome. She is finally home.

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Murphy doesn't wait, there is a cube to be had and a time to go home. He leaves a note with Dawn's room, since she has not been around, he also leaves a note for Lucas and Layla saying goodbye and goodluck. He's seen Abby recently, so he doesn't worry. With his guns and such in his bag, he puts his hand on the cube and is gone.

January 3rd, 2009

Saying goodbye - Locked

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The Cube had appeared both in Peyton's and in Brooke's rooms and they knew they were going to go home soon. But before tht they needed to say goodbye.
That's why now they were in front of Lucas and Layla's room, knocking on the door.

January 2nd, 2009

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Who: Sparhawk and Elaine
What: Endings and Beginnings
When: After the Announcement
Where: From the Residence Stables to Elsewhere...
Rating: RCSC for Random and Crazy and Sexuality and Crack

All Good Things... )
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