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So I decided to do (belated) spring cleaning before I see about dipping my foot back into doing RP stuff here, and I sorted out all of my blogs. Some of these have complete layout and icons and whatnot, some are just the usernames and icons, some are just the usernames, but these are characters I no longer have an interest in playing and will probably never pick up again:

notameatsuit --> Dean Winchester, Supernatural
palmergoesfirst --> Christine Palmer, MCU ("Doctor Strange")
digglesworth --> John Diggle, DCTV (Arrow)
bemyownman --> Finn, Star Wars
oddcarterout --> Zoe Carter, Eureka
travelinglemon --> Martin Crieff, Cabin Pressure (voice actor facetwin - Benedict Cumberbatch)
princekheldar --> Prince Kheldar, The Belgariad/The Mallorean (this one is totally set up with modern day Adam Driver icons, so if you want it you can probably change it for one of his characters and just rename it)

These are just random ones I just don't want and don't want to pay to rename right now (because hey, I'm living in a car and just barely scraping by):


And once I grab the info, these are OC journals I'm going to dismantle:


Let me know if you just want an empty blog or the journal as is, minus my posts. Hope someone can use these!