17 August 2011 at 12:10 am
[The view is of a well-dressed man.

Well-dressed in his view. Eccentric might be more of what you would choose. Regardless, he is there, in his collared suit examining his communicator quietly.

His welcome basket had either been tipped over, or tossed on it's side; the food scattered everywhere. The picture frame was face-down, but the card and note were carefully off to the side, the card standing up and open. Everything else like the batteries was out of sight save the blanket; folded at his feet with the first-aid kit resting on top of it.

Currently, he's not really looking at the video feed, or listening to the audio; he's applying his own filters, having found the brochure most helpful on the...basic, functions of his communicator. There is an instance he stumbles, and clutches his mouth; but it passes without the man adding to the scenery in his own special way, and he resumes his work.

Bother him. You must.
17 August 2011 at 12:21 am
Maes Hughes
Alright, the game's up.

I don't know who did it but if you want to own up, now's the time to do it.

[Serious glint!]

... Put the photos back in my room. The poster too. [Who cares about belongings like boots and jackets and all that.] I know my daughter is absurdly cute, irresistibly adorable and the sweetest thing to lay your eyes on in the universe but you don't empty a man's room of his beloved treasures like this. It's just cruel.
17 August 2011 at 12:53 am
Kid Flash [Wally West]
[A green-eyed redhead in a bright yellow and red suit is not amused--oh no. He is frowning into the screen and all but pouting.]

So we're stuck in a place where people waste food and there's clearly not enough to go around. I mean, there's not even enough refrigerators in the kitchen!

[As proven by the fact he's already emptied out one of them in a need to straighten out whatever messed up energy drain his body is going through--and it didn't even help.]

There's the convenient store, the pizza parlor, ice cream parlor, ramen stand, and the kitchens at the shelter, right? Anywhere else a guy can find food around here?
Location: Shelter / Late Morning
[ action | voice ]
17 August 2011 at 02:07 am
Gabrielle, Bard of Potidaea
[Having ignored the strange device for now, Gabrielle can be found wandering about Sector 5, confused. Her staff is gone, which bothers her immensely, and she's alone, which doesn't bother her quite as much, but enough, because she wasn't alone before whatever it was that happened... well, happened.

She watches everyone carefully, the alertness of a warrior now trained into her during her time traveling with Xena and learning the skills of an Amazon princess.]


[now with voice... Everyone can now listen in on what she's saying and possibly hear a little bit of Seiji's part of the conversation until otherwise noted.]

You mean like this?


[And another voice a little while later...]

Uh... hello? Yeah. If there's someone out there named Xena... a bit less than a head taller than me, long dark hair, wears battle armor... can someone help her figure out this [And she stumbles a little on the word, but gets it.] c o m m u n i c a t o r... and have her get in touch with me? Tell her Gabrielle's looking for her.

Mood: confused
[ action ] - backdated to before Hughes posted because... yeah...
17 August 2011 at 02:12 am
Elysia Hughes
{OOC: Since, well, after she finds Maes and Maes finds her, they'll be inseperable, I'm timelining this to before his post so she hasn't heard it, yet. It makes things neater.}

[Wandering around near the beach and the neighboring streets, Elysia has managed to get herself some colored chalk, and she's leaving chalk drawing everywhere. Some are badly mangled looking alchemy circles. Some are odd drawings that look roughly like a large set of armor. There are a few that look like a short blond kid with a braid. This one looks like a man with glasses. There's a lady over there. They'll be all around the beach area, and eventually, you might find the source scraping away with the chalk as she makes a new drawing. She's humming to herself rather pleasantly.]
Mood: content
[ video ]
17 August 2011 at 02:18 am
Aina Sahalin
I don't care who you are, I will not answer any of your questions about the mobile armor. I demand to be allowed to contact my commander and notify him of my capture!

[It was a long shot, for sure. The message didn't identify this place as a Federation prison, but what else could it be? She wondered if they had imprisoned Shiro as well, as they had been together on the mountain. Surely they saw the Apsalus! This could be bad, very bad for the plans Gineas had.]
Mood: anxious
[Video/Voice | Open]
17 August 2011 at 02:33 am

[ The word is said with a tone of wariness and humor. Chuckles. There were far worse fates a mechanic-engineer working for a "terrorist organization" can meet. ]

A "life sentence." I don't think you'd get much out of me at this point, even if I still am bursting with youthful energy.

So! Any recommendations on how to pass the time?

(( OOC: Ian Vashti of Gundam 00, Season One with AU leanings~ ))
[ Action ]
17 August 2011 at 02:46 am
[ The day so far has been noise, noise, noise. But those who enter Marina’s pizzeria will find the atmosphere strangely… quiet. Overtly quiet. Perhaps it’s peaceful to some – to others, it may be eerie or suffocating. Whether or not you resist or adhere to this silence, most sounds fall short quicker than they normally would. Outside, the clamor returns.

Others may be enjoying their meals at the various tables or coming to pick up orders. One of the aforementioned diners happens to be an older gentleman, something of a rarity in Marina. His dark hair is slicked back against his skull and his skin seems tighter still against his bones. In business attire, he looks much like a man who’s affording himself lunch after an important meeting. A metal-tipped cane leans against the table’s side.

Largely, he seems like no one particularly interesting, just one of the many shades Marina has pass through from time to time. He cuts his pizza apart methodically, his gaze technically on his plate, but far away. He never cuts anything bigger than a bite from his pizza, and takes time after every third bite to dab delicately at his thin lips with a napkin.

His communicator is sitting, abandoned, on the table. Don't worry, though. He'll be able to understand anyone who dares to approach him. ]

(( OOC: Tags will be slow-going since today is a busy day for me! For anyone who isn't familiar, this is Death, from Supernatural. ))
[Action/Video | Open | Education Center]
17 August 2011 at 04:29 am
Frankenstein ℘ Principal Lee
[ "Principal Lee" found it quite strange that the library only contained general information. Too general. Almost sanitized.

Though he has to admit, the cleanliness of the place was impeccable. If it weren't for the buzz offered by this strange device on his head, the silence would make things perfect.

He cannot sense Master. He could be glad, but he was worried since he cannot keep an eye on him.

This is troublesome. Very troublesome indeed. The video feed then opens to a handsome face, framed by well-kept golden hair. ]

I do beg your pardon, but would there be a place here where ramen is served? Or perhaps some good tea?

[ Bit of a bashful kind of smile~ ]

I find myself having a bit of craving, you see.

(( OOC: Here be Frankenstein of Noblesse. Pardon as replies may be slow ;; ))
17 August 2011 at 07:58 am
Mary Poppins
[There is a woman with a little black hat on her head looking rather unamused into the screen.]

Oh no. This won't do at all. I'm sorry, but I do have an appointment to keep and I must say that this does not look like 17 Cherry Tree Lane, home of one George Banks and his children Jane and Michael Banks, does it? Obviously not.

[Oh well, she will make this work as she must.] The basket was rather kind of you, but I do have a bag of my own for carrying things in. Much bigger, too. Since I'd hate for it to be wasted as rubbish, who might I give it to for re-use?

Come along, someone do speak up.
Location: Late Morning
[video/action // public]
17 August 2011 at 08:12 am
Rock Lee
Th-this is outrageous! Not a single shinobi law states that it is a crime to break civilian laws in pursuit of your duty to clients or country! I should know, I memorized the whole Code in Academy.....

And--and even if it was, any criminal case involving a ninja, especially on duty, should be brought directly to the Hokage and a jury of peers--and there is no chance at all that they would convict anyone just for obeying their orders! Right? Just who is responsible for all this, anyway?!

[A minute or two passes, and he falters, looking around and growing increasingly unsure of himself.]

Is anybody here? Does this thing work.....?

[The uncertainty takes the wrath out of him; he fiddles awkwardly with the communicator, and paws through his welcome basket again, shaking out the blanket and towel to check for hidden objects before rolling them back up, peering through the sunglasses just in case, inspecting the food in an effort to sniff out poison. It's flipping through the brochure again that an idea strikes him--he gasps and drops the paper, staring at it for a long moment before snatching it back up.]

Of course! What kind of prison would have an insecure and inefficient set-up like this? And even if it did, there is no ball and chain! This is all just a scheme to keep people from struggling, is it not?! It is to keep me quiet so I do not realize what is really going on! This is a genjutsu! So that must mean the real culprit is hidden here somewhere..... and everyone else must be, too! Has Neji-kun seen through it yet.....?

[He's completely forgotten about having turned on his communicator by now; Lee excitedly stuffs his brochure back into the basket and surges to his feet, taking a few brisk steps away before doubling back to grab the basket again. Only then does he stop to consider a moment longer, forming his hand into a genjutsu release seal and frowning. Of course he wouldn't be good enough with chakra to dispel a genjutsu of this strength and scale.....]

If this is here, it might be a key of some sort..... What a strong genjutsu..... Just you wait, fiend! Once I find you, I will defeat you and rescue my friends! You had best get ready for the fight of your life!

Neji-kun! Tenten-chan! Gai-sensei! Hold on, I am coming!

[And with that, Lee charges off to go meet his destiny! .....Or perhaps just waste his time and go bother people. Either way, it's more or less the same thing.]

((OOC: Rock Lee from Naruto, no specific canon point, but presumably from sometime after the Rescue Gaara arc. Go ahead and ask if you want a specific time period. Also, tags will take place later today, after my appointment, sorry!))
[ Video | Open ]
17 August 2011 at 09:27 am
I am Bak Chan, the great inventor, and I demand to know how this device works! [ he's got the audio part down pat, that was already incorporated into the Order's standard uniform. But the video screen? How did they make it so small and compact? ]

((ooc: Fail Bak, so much fail… I'm also tossing this up before work so I may not be able to get to these until after but I'll squeeze in what tags I can. Sorry!))
17 August 2011 at 09:35 am
Anissina von Khrennikov
Someone moved my things! Those are very sensitive experiments and they aren't ready for distribution yet!

[Remember the dream event? Yeah, that was Sam and Dean moving her things. Sorry about that. Well, not really sorry...]

I'm not angry. [She's clearly very angry.] Just announce your guilt and I'll deal with you accordingly.
17 August 2011 at 09:57 am
Wolfram von Bielefeld
[ Wolfram has been paying close attention to the network today. With the huge amount of arrivals, he had been hoping to listen to the voices of people of his world. Sure, there was Anissina, but he was hoping to hear the voice of someone else. Several someone elses, actually.

Along with listening to the network, he's been wandering all over the prison to maybe run into someone from his world. Maybe they just don't know how to use the communicator. Or maybe they broke it unwillingly. With that in mind, he walks and walks everywhere, hopeful to find someone. ]

{ ooc: post done mainly for KKM 4th wall-ers but anyone else is welcome to run into him anywhere! Just be warned, I'll be turtle slow with tags today and tomorrow, sorry :c }
17 August 2011 at 10:55 am
Barney Stinson
Prison? Ri~ght...

[Proclaiming in his proclaiming voice.] If it's a crime to be as understanding and giving as I am to women, [Holds his wrists out] then lock me up and throw away the key! [Proclaiming voice over.] But really I have a thing to be at later, so can we wrap this up?

[He brushes nonexistent lint off his suit. This is just to draw your eye to how good his suit looks. You'll notice he's at the club. Bars are Barney's natural habitat after all.]
[video | action]
17 August 2011 at 11:36 am
The Tenth Doctor
[The Doctor is standing in the park, a lonely figure in his long brown overcoat and scuffed trainers. He looks tired, his shoulders hunched just that little bit, his features haggard and drawn. The weight of centuries is clear in his eyes as he takes in his new surroundings, mouth drawn in a deep frown.]

Strange. Didn't think I was bad enough to be hallucinating. Then again, hard to say with radiation poisoning. Anything could happen. Still ... I doubt I'd be hallucinating this, of all things. The grass is completely the wrong color.

[ooc: Also! I wanted to apologize if I've been slow/lackluster with Zack, Cloud, Ukitake and Kurama or if I continue to be. Had a family emergency that has ended up demanding a lot of my time and energy. I am usually much more on the ball.]
[Action | Open]
17 August 2011 at 02:00 pm
[Sometime around noon, very cute little white animal can be found wandering the dome. Though he wears a communicator, he hasn't really made much of a fuss about being here, or spoken up often at all. In fact, despite showing himself publicly, he seems pretty content to keep to himself.]

[Unless, of course, you're a teenaged girl. In which case, you may find him in your path, seated on his haunches or walking quietly behind you. Unblinking, a smile on his cute little face, his tail slowly swishing back and forth, back and forth, waiting politely to make conversation...]

((OOC: I apologize forever.))
action / audio ;
17 August 2011 at 02:14 pm
[ action ]

[and in the education center today, you might hear the sound of a rather pleasant piece on piano. those who walk into the room will find one (1) mop-head as the source of the sound, looking rather distracted...

before he heaves a giant sigh and slams his head right on the piano keys.]

[ audio ]

[and all you get on the network today is the sound of a really. bad. piano chord.]
[Video | Action | Open]
17 August 2011 at 04:25 pm
Tohru Honda
Looks like suddenly the population doubled. It seems a lot more than normal!

[She looks a bit daunted. Not that she's been here all that long to make an accurate guess, but in comparison to the few other times new arrivals have appeared, while they all seem to pale in comparison. For a moment she looks vaguely troubled.]

I was wondering...this morning during the morning announcements, Acumen suddenly just vanished mid-sentence. Is that typical...? It just seems strange...

[... Anyway, it's about time she get down to business and make herself useful. She gives a shake of her head.]

Regardless, since there are so many new faces, I decided I should try and do what I can! If it comes to explaining the mechanics about this place I'm... [Admittedly] probably not a very good resource, but if there's anyone who needs help at all, please let me know! I can at least explain about housing. Or any of the bare essentials that someone might have questions on.

[Her eyes widen suddenly, as though just remembering something.]

Oh! That's right! I nearly forgot, in all of the excitement. [Lifting a pan into the view of the screen, she smiles sheepishly behind it.]

I made riceballs! It's not much, but I figured with all of the commotion, maybe everyone could use a little pick-me-up, you know? There's plenty, with all kinds of different flavors, so don't hesitate to stop by. I even made a little stand outside, over in sector five. [Too much time on her hands, maybe. But she wants to try and help make a difference if it's possible.
17 August 2011 at 04:30 pm
Misha Collins
[Have a very familiar looking guy in a dusty trench coat staring seriously into your screens. His eyes are intense and his face is furrowed with the weight of something unknown.]

Wherever this may be, I cannot remain here. There is a war being fought and I must return to it. You do not know the consequences you bring by holding me here. The wrath of Heaven--

[--and he breaks off unable to keep a straight face at that moment and laughing--nervously.]

Okay, okay. I'm sorry. If bad acting is a crime, I will be perfect for every take from now on. Really, I need to get home. If I don't get back, they might give Cas a new body or even write him out of the script altogether! Acting is not something that waits for anyone.

[He holds up a square device about the size of his palm. Some may recognize it as a cellphone.] And doesn't anywhere in this place get internet reception?

{OOC: This is not the real Misha Collins. This is a characterized version of him from season six of Supernatural. Spoilers for that series may be mentioned in some of the threads.}
Location: Afternoon
[Video//Action | Open]
17 August 2011 at 05:00 pm
[A bored looking man with a sly smile and a penetrating stare appears. You might see flutters of cloth flying everywhere, as he's in the clothing store tearing clothes off racks for no apparent purpose.] No, no, no. Nothing moves right.

Well! [his demeanor shifts, suddenly amused as he addresses the camera though by his voice you'd think he was the most bored he's ever been.] I guess we'd best get on with it, then.

What are the seven words that will make a woman love you?

((OOC: From the novels The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, Master Fucking Elodin! Enjoy~ And sorry about the username, it's canon. ^^))
[video | action] OPEN
17 August 2011 at 05:38 pm
[All you can see is a bared midriff when the video comes on, before it pans up to the face of a young woman looking down at the communicator in her hands, and inadvertently giving everyone a close view of her rather generous rack in the process]

Even if I didn't want to believe what this little magiteck device told me, this place clearly isn't Ill Fan. In fact, it's far beyond anything La Schugall's capable of. Well, for now at least; humans progress pretty quickly.

There are some here too, right? Could I ask for information about leaving this facility? I seem to have found one exit, but--

[She shifts the screen down so that it shows the air lock just under the water's surface, built into the dome wall. You know, the one across from the beach area. Turning it up towards her again after a minute, she tilts her head back and stares up the full height of the barrier with a frown]

But the problem is outside this... It'd be tricky to handle an entire ocean even if I could ask Undine to help me out.

[[ooc: Anyone who wants to action it up, Milla's out walking on the beachfront water]]
17 August 2011 at 07:29 pm
Luna Lovegood
[here's your stringy, blonde-haired Luna complete with radish earrings and a dreamy expression on her face.] This is a much nicer place than I thought it would be. True, I wasn't expecting very much, but now I'm glad I didn't. It wouldn't be a very pleasant surprise if I expected this. [a long pause as she looks off screen at the ceiling]

I have always wanted to live in a bubble, just to see how it's like. Do you suppose we'll start floating if we wait long enough?

[Luna's stretched out on the grass in the park. She's right there - and totally being a hindrance, but hey!]
[Video | Action | Open!!]
17 August 2011 at 07:32 pm
[It doesn't take the vampire long to figure out his device or just how to use video. He's such a damn ham after all and since he's one of the few that can be captured on film, he was going to take advantage of it. But he is somewhat musing to himself before he realizes the camera is on.]

Criminal they say. Now that's just rude. [He sounds a little offended here and there's even a slight pout to go with it. But he turns his piercing rusted gaze back to his lovely audience. You could swear those dark browns have a tinge of red, but it's hard to tell in the dark of the movie theater. However he is incredibly handsome if not beautiful for a man. He definitely doesn't look his age that's for sure. He flashes a charming smile and switches to something sugary sweet as he speaks.]

Is anyone out there willing to help a poor lost soul? I'm new here and wouldn't mind someone to show me around the place. I assure you my company will be worth your while~ [And a wink to go with that seductive smile before the feed shuts off.]

((ooc: Once he's figured out he can roam about in the sunlight he'll be out exploring. Anyone is welcome to find him in the Movie Theater walking around too.))
Mood: cheerful
17 August 2011 at 07:44 pm
Tirion Fordring
[The image of an older man in ornate, gold-inlaid armor pops up, somewhat lopsided and out of focus because he's not quite sure where he's supposed to be looking. Regardless, he doesn't look pleased.]

Who is responsible for this?

[His tone is calm but deadly serious. One matter at a time, starting with the most important. Followed, after a moment, by the next:]

Where is my sword?

[ooc; Pre-Icecrown Citadel, if anyone happens to know his canon. \o/]
[ Action | Open ]
17 August 2011 at 07:52 pm
Lockon Stratos [Neil Dylandy] (GnD)
[ Lockon had his priorities. The first thing after worrying about where to find food was, of course, clothing. His worn-in 1920's era corduroy slacks and pullover were only getting him so far, and the fact he could find actual tight-fitting blue jeans and t-shirts was like a dream come true. There were some more traditional clothes around, too, in the Eastern style that he was used to seeing but he stayed far away from that section on principle.

The less he thought about winding up back in that city, the better. So far, a lot of people had their complaints and were disoriented, so he avoided the network for the most part -- especially since the one person he expressly recognized from there didn't remember him -- and just decided to make the best of his time here.

About the only thing that bothered him was the tattoo's ink crawling along his skin, tendrils of black poking out from under the sleeves and the collar of his shirt, but he's so used to it by now that he knows he won't have to worry about its presence for several more days. There's so much more to do here; so many more things to see and try. He could get used to this. ]

[ Right now, his back is turned toward the entrance as he sweeps a new cabbie hat onto his head and adjusts it in the mirror, appreciating the one habit to come of the ukiyo that he casually enjoyed: hats. ] Not bad, if I do say so, myself...

((OOC: Because I am an awful person, here is (1) alternate Lockon Stratos / Neil Dylandy, same timeline as the other, but with his eyepatch and memories of Guys and Dolls. Have fun~))

((ETA: Twin violence in the thread with Anew and Lyle, so I guess some warning for that? Also, no new threads please! Kind of overwhelmed as it is.;;))
[Video | Open]
17 August 2011 at 09:11 pm
[One never knows when they may be caught, particularly when they lead a pirate's life. And even one such as Emeraldas, who can command fear with her name and whispers of her deeds, is only human in the end. And ever human must fall at some point, no matter what their strength.

So Emeraldas had dealt with this imprisonment with ample grace and little complaint, after a preliminary scuffle with guards and such at the start. Now that that had been dealt with, she had taken her time wandering this oddly plush prison and finally paused a moment to look over the communicator device given to her.

There was one aspect that weighed heavily on her mind. Aside from the idea of prison, of being underwater or any other one of the myriads of details.]

What has been done with my ship.

[OOC: Emeraldas, hailing from the OVA series Queen Emeraldas and a hodge-podge of other series. Here's some info.]
[action/ the Shelter | video]
17 August 2011 at 09:12 pm
FLYNN RIDER (aka: Eugene Fitzherbert)
[Waking up splayed on his back with not a horse leaning over him but instead a bundle of text rolling past his eyes he sits up abruptly and scrambles back against the nearest wall. Slapping his hand against his cheek.] Whoa, whoa-- whoa! Nonononono...

This is not good. Not good at all. [Prying the device off his ear, he fumbles with it in a bit of a panic-- jabbing the buttons and unwittingly hitting record.] Prison? -- What is this even-- oh what did it just say? Forever? Under the water. Eugh, I think I just got sea-sick.

[Looking around, slooowly standing up. And dusting himself off. Not panicking, nope. Just leaning against this wall for a while, heheh. Learning how to breathe again--ohgodprissssson.]
17 August 2011 at 09:29 pm
[Have one (1) Dwight K. Schrute, staring quite sternly into the recording device.]

I demand to speak to the authorities here, immediately. There has been a grave error made in my imprisonment, as I am no criminal. If I could be called anything, it would be the exact opposite of a criminal... an anti-criminal, perhaps. You see, I happen to agree with your apparent stance that those who show blatant disregard to order and authority deserve to receive a swift, unforgiving sentence... and I am impressed with your subaquatic engineering and construction abilities.

I, however, can certainly pose no threat to the integrity of any timeline.

[Here he pauses, in thought.]

Unless... my timeline is destined to fall into an apocalyptic state, with humanity overrun by the hordes of the living dead. Were humanity destined to fall into ruin, I suppose I would pose quite the threat indeed, as would any Schrute. In such an event, any individual who had the ability to avert the destruction of the human race would have to be removed to preserve the timeline and its intended course...

[He trails off, looking down for a moment. Eventually, he looks back up, stares into the camera for a few additional seconds, and ends the transmission.]
[ Action | Open | Butterfly Pavilion ]
17 August 2011 at 10:02 pm
[ All this chaos is proving to be too much for an old panda -- the foreign beings that stand on long legs and only have hairs on the top of their heads, the strange device of some kind of sorcery propped on his head.

It was perhaps a blessing that he had his flute on his person and so he looks for a quiet spot among the trees in the park -- something that can substitute for his meditation room, or at least until he finds one -- just so he can play a little tune to calm his own poor nerves.

With the noise (from the communicator) on the ground by his tail, Shifu searches for inner peace again... ]

(( OOC: here be Shifu from the end of the first Kung Fu Panda movie. :3 ))
17 August 2011 at 10:18 pm
Yuuki Kuran
Eh... there really are a bunch of people today.

[Lifting a hand she scratches the back of her neck, turning around to glance at the many other people in the park. There hasn't been this many new arrivals at once for a while, has there? Despite looking a bit daunted by the numbers, she practically glows, beaming. Her appearance is brighter than recently, less tired and worn. She's confident back, straight as she stares into the device cheerfully.]

Morning, Marina! Today I wanted to make an announcement. I wonder if this is a good time...with all the confusion. But if we're all stuck here for a while, might as well--!

[Lifting up a colorful sign, it's adorned with many different rainbow colors and bunnies, with the word 'Ethics' written in the center of it all.]

Ta-da! Starting in a couple of days I'll be teaching my very own class. [They'll let just about anyone teach, huh.]

I'm teaching ethics! The program was put together by the president-- ahh! [Looking embarrassed] I mean-- [She falters again, nearly saying 'Headmaster' before catching herself] Kaien Kurosu, and I think with everyone's unique backgrounds and the diversity represented it could be a really good thing.

[Giving the peace sign she flashes a wide, toothy grin, fangs clearly visible as she glows.]

Everyone should attend! You don't have to worry about it being crazy hard like math or something. It'll be fun. And... Oh yeah--!

[Lifting a finger into the air, just remembering:]

I almost forgot! It's mandatory for those on the defense force.