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September 27th, 2013

Still taking prompts for holiday fest!

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Hi, all Snupin lovers!

We are still accepting prompts for this year's Holiday Fest, so head on over to the prompting post on LJ, IJ, or DW to give us a prompt!
Or two! Or five! Or ten! Up to ten in each of three categories -- FIC, ART, DDO.

Prompts are free and can be anon! No obligation to participate nor to respond back at posting time if you don't want to (but we hope that you do!). Pretty please?

Come one, come all. Let's show our Snupin love!

-the elves, on behalf of Santa


March 10th, 2013

Happy Birthday, Remus + March Challenge, etc.

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First, Happy Birthday, Remus Lupin! You're 53 today, which in Wizarding years means you just might be entering middle-age. Let's assume Severus has cured your lycanthropy by now. ^_^

Remus' birthday is always on-topic all March long, but in addition, the challenge for the remainder of the month will be:

Lambs and Lions (Twilight crossovers optional)

Let's face it, before vampires sparkled, we had a wolf who wore lamb's clothing and a snake hiding a lion's heart. Or something like that; it all depends on how you interpret Remus and Severus. And that's your challenge for the month, to think outside the box and interpret Lambs and/or Lions to write a drabble or story or create art, essays, discussions or any other posts you can imagine.

Challenge ends March 31, but, as always, if you post later, your entry will always be welcome.

As a reminder, we have "zmember" tags now. If you want to go back through the community and tag your posts with "zmember: yourusername", or just start using the tag from now on, please feel free. You'll have to poke me if you weren't in Snupin Santa to make the tag "real". Tags that aren't validated by me will remain invisible until I mess with them, but if you add it, the tag is still there, if invisible. Also, once a tag is visible, any member is welcome to add zmember tags to old posts you might visit.

Finally, I will continue to make challenge prompt tags, even when there's only one entry, such as February's "Kiss, Kill, Combined". If I missed your entry, please let me know!

love, lore

November 2nd, 2012

Snupin Santa assignments due, round 1, and other notes

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It's November 2. If you're new to Snupin Santa and you haven't turned in your gift yet, you're overdue and you need to get in contact with us at Snupin_Santa @ yahoo .com (logical spaces removed). Short extensions might be granted on a case-by case basis.

And let me give everyone a little hint to keep me and the elves from getting cranky - you're requesting an extension, not informing us of your new due date.

Past participants, you have 14 days to get your work in. I'm going to say this up-front: don't expect more than a short extension. I'm not nearly as cool as McKay or Cedar. I can't pull a fabulous pinch hit out of thin air AND get everything looked at and uploaded, even with help. Plan to be on-time. Anyone requesting a second extension will have to send in what you have so far along with the request.

All that said, don't get scared and clam up on us. People who stop communicating usually are not as bad off as they think they are. We can be as encouraging as we are tough, but only if you stay in touch. ^_^

Questions, issues? Ask away!

love, lore

September 17th, 2012

Last call for SnuSa sign-ups!

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So I was horrible and distracted lore from closing sign ups with drabble night last night so she decided to close sign-ups around 6 P.M. eastern time which is in about three and a half hours from now. If you want to sign up I'd get over there and do so sooner rather than later just to be safe. If you need help coming up with prompt ideas or you have questions about how SnuSa works I will be in chat for the rest of the evening (info on how to get into chat below) and barring that you can comment here and I will reply as soon as I see it. :)

Sign ups:

chat go here: and fill in the options as shown.

Connect: SlashNET [webirc] (this has a pull-down menu so just find the one that matches)
Nick: (whatever you want to be identified as)
Channel: #lupin_snape

That should get you in without a hitch, if you have problems let me know and I'll try to troubleshot for you. :)

September 16th, 2012

Snupin_Santa sign ups are closing soon!

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Sign ups will close in 12 hours or less so please sign up soon if you want to play! That said if you have questions about Snusa, need help coming up with prompts, just want to chat and/or bounce and squee about how excited you are about SnuSa starting feel free to pop into chat. I will be there all day while I do some writing both for school and for fun. :) For those of you who are unfamiliar with our chatroom go here: and fill in the options as shown.

Connect: SlashNET [webirc] (this has a pull-down menu so just find the one that matches)
Nick: (whatever you want to be identified as)
Channel: #lupin_snape

August 26th, 2012

Quickie mod post, including Snupin Santa prompt changes & Volunteer email request

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1. Don't forget to sign up for the Remix fest. If anyone is feeling like taking on some drabbles, any of mine in my fic memories on IJ or LJ that isn't a collaboration are also available to you. It would be an afternoon's work to rewrite 100 words, and don't forget that there's some drabbles available to you on the sign-up post.

2. If you said you'd help out with Snupin Santa, please send me an email with your preferred email address to lupinsnape @ (no spaces). I'll write you once via LJ if you said you would help and I don't have an email from you. After that, you're off the hook! I have numerous volunteer positions open along a variety of skills, so don't be shy!

3. Snupin Santa prompts need to be diverse, prolific, and short. If you want to start preparing for sign-ups, think less than 100 words per prompt, 2 art prompts, 5 fic prompts, all along a range of ideas. So, not all AUs or ARs or crossovers, not all angst or all comedy. And you will need to put in all 7 prompts, but they can still be in desired order. Streamline your sign-up as much as you can.

If you're wondering why the change, the poll indicated that our numbers might end up to be just over 30 people. Still a nice exchange, but the fewer people involved, the harder it is to match people with highly specific requests. Think flexible. Think fun and holidays. In the past we've been laser-focused on giving the perfect, highly detailed, gift to each other, which worked when we had 50 or more people participating. Now is the time to remember that our gifts to each other also entertain hundreds of others. The participants will be giving the gift of Snape/Lupin to the whole community for the holiday season, which will work best if there's not too many tough matches.

In other words, I want to keep everyone who signs up around, and if I have to shoe-horn a bunch of matches, we'll probably end up with a lot of troubled creators and pinch hitters. Let's take it easy on each other come prompting time. And all this said, feel free to start writing up your prompts now. I might not give a whole week for sign-ups. ~_^

love, lore

August 1st, 2012

Remix note & Snupin Santa Poll

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ETA: As no one is cross-posting, be sure to follow the Remix Challenge for August and September with the Remix Tag on LJ or by adding the LJ LS Syndication to your flist here.

Right now, Stasia is taking your 2007 and earlier stories and art that you will allow others to remix. Offering your work doesn't mean you have to make claims later.

I'll be honest, I have an insanely busy Fall, but I don't feel right asking anyone else to take on Snupin Santa this year. That said, if you'd like to run it and were waiting for me to ask, step forward! I make great support, and so do many others behind the scenes.

I need you all to answer the LJ poll objectively and with as much internal honesty as you can muster. The only way I'll mentally survive my Fall work and Snupin Santa (and HP_Halloween) is for it to run smoothly.

Take the Snupin Santa Poll on LJ or reply screened here.

Comments are screened. Sorry to sound so dire about this, but I think you all know by now that I can get really burnt out and bogged down with the bigger events. I'm laying my cards on the table, and I hope you will as well. You're all terrific community members, which is why you make the work involved in these things totally worthwhile. *smushes you all with hugs*

Other notes: Comfort Fics can still be added here. Prompt: Remix tag made - use it when the time comes, please! We had a Remix Exchange in 2010 if you need to see the idea in action.

love, lore

February 4th, 2012

Snupin100 - did you know?

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First, a couple notes on Love/Not Love - Weekend posts are still open if you want to jump in with a drabble or drawable or little fun post about anything Snape/Lupin and love or not love (sign up here!). Also, please post your entries directly to the community. You're welcome to simultaneously cross-post to your own journals or elsewhere, such as fulfilling another community's challenge with Snape/Lupin. Speaking of...

Snupin100! Did you know there's a weekly drabble challege community for Snape/Lupin? Snupin100 challenges go up on Tuesdays, and drawables are as welcome as drabbles. Drabbles must be 100 words, however, you can put together a set of drabbles to make a whole ficlet or story as long as each drabble in the set also touches on the theme of the week. You don't have to use the exact challenge words in the drabble, but we should be able to see how your drabble or drawable came out of the challenge. There's no set rules for drawables, but most artists sketch anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour, creating as much detail as they can in the time limit they set themselves.

Cordeliadelayne has been faithfully maintaining Snupin100 on both LiveJournal and InsaneJournal. There's a few faithful that frequent the communities, and I'm sure you've all seen Alisanne's cross-posts, maybe without registering the source. I'm going to try and remind us more often about Snupin100. It's a terrific place to debut if you're interested in writing fic or drawing Snape/Lupin. And you're always welcome to cross-post your Snupin100 work here, too.

This week's challenge, which ends Tuesday, is Shattered. If you're one of our daily posters this month, you're certainly welcome to write or draw (or icon/photomanip) for the Snupin100 challenge during your week, fulfilling both challenges.

Again, Snupin100 can be found on LiveJournal or InsaneJournal, take your pick.

I'm going to try to post once on the weekends this month, but I sure would love to see the days taken up by others - hint hint! If anyone wants to start a Super Bowl chatter post tomorrow with at least faint smackings of Snape/Lupin to begin it before you all go wildly off-topic, I won't object. Also, chat is always open to you, and there's no need to be on-topic if there's not an official chat on, although we do ask that you let Snape/Lupin conversation have the floor if someone brings it up. Also, Azure_Rosa is asking about this month's Drabble Night - so if you're interested in participating in a Drabble Night chat, contact her here.

Have a SUPER weekend, everyone! *hugs communities*

love, lore

January 31st, 2012

Mod post: Annnd away we go! +Crack Broom

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February is just a few hours away (or it's already February where you are, cool!). We filled weekdays in February for the Love/Not Love challenge, but if you still want to join in on the fun with one post in February, reply to the original post with a weekend date in February. I would love to fill the whole month, especially if the interest is there!

I'll be giving the participants reminders, at least on a weekly basis, and, if I have time, I'll try a daily reminder, too, in a reply to your sign-up. I have a feeling most of you will be on the ball, but I know some of you appreciate reminders, so I hope all of you will think of me kindly as I poke you with sticks. ^_^ If you need inspiration or want to offer posting ideas, there's a post for you here on LJ and here on IJ.

Finally, remember, you can post at any time during the month, whether you're signed up for the challenge or not. No challenge has ever or will ever keep you from other community posts. And we always need people to post links of Snape/Lupin content from other places, so please never hesitate to do that, too!

Also, quickie reminder about the Crack Broom, which is an HP reccing LiveJournal. I know that many of you signed up to rec a long time ago, and maybe you've forgotten or you're not even watching the community anymore. Snape/Lupin has missed several months now, which is a shame, because it's really a terrific place to promote the community and pairing. Our next reccer on the main list is [info]bluestocking79, and if you think you signed-up, you can check the main list to see which month you have this year. You can also let the mods know if you need to switch months or drop out. If you're interested in reccing, though, you can sign-up here. I hope we can fill the Crack Broom with lots of great new recs this year. I'm always available if you need help figuring out the community and how it works.

Have a wonderful February, everyone!
love, lore

December 29th, 2011

Mod Post: Pointing out some things....

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So, I know I've been Missing in Action this month for a variety of personal reasons, but there's a few things I wanted to point out to you before it's too late.

1. You know the Recs Gathering post on LiveJournal and InsaneJournal that the lovely [info]knowmefirst has been keeping?

The reason we gather recs is so when a story or piece of art receives three recs, we can send a message to The Daily Snitch and Snapenews, and they will post the piece as a "hot rec". Those two newsletters are followed by thousands of fans. If you like a Snupin Santa entry, rec it and let Knowmefirst know about it at one of the links above. She'll send an email to the newsletters with the three (or more) links so that the work can reach a wider audience. It's not too late to rec - holiday reccing often keeps going until master lists are posted.

[info]bonfoi helpfully posted a recommendation template here. Also, I hope you all know that Hot Recs are accepted all year long at the newsletters, not just during the holidays. If your work ever receives three recs, you're welcome to submit the links to the newsletter yourself! As you can see, the newsletters don't say who submitted the hot rec. ~_^

And did I mention what great fans have come to the community through seeing recommendations in other places? *hint, hint, all!*

2. As we near the end of the exchange, your Santas are near prostrate with exhaustion. You might see some much-deserved small gifts and many thank-yous posted for Cedar and the other helpers. The fun doesn't stop just because December does!

3. Severus' birthday is January 9! As usual, the day will be open for any and all Severus-centric tributes. Posts might include stories, drabbles, icons, art, photomanips, Candid Captions (see our tags if you want to try one of those), discussions, etc. This is also a good day to share Severus-only recs or other work (but not other pairings). So, Mark your calendars! (and for anyone who needs reminding, Remus' birthday is March 10)

November 11th, 2011

Snupin Santa Deadline Reminder

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The deadline for reoccurring participants is fast approaching (November 15). Please contact the Snupin Santa mods if you need an extension sooner rather than later, they'd much rather know that you've got it almost wrangled but need a bit more time than run around like mad things trying to find a pitch hitter on such short notice! Feel free to post beta requests to the comm, but try to keep the details to a minimum, we don't want anyone peaking at their presents! ;) Best of luck to you all and Happy Holidays! :D

September 30th, 2011

AIEEE! Decade of Snape/Lupin Year-long challenge reminder!

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Sheesh, why does the end of the month sneak up on me so hard?! You have 24 hours to post your offering for the month. So many of you caught up in the June Free month - I hope you're hanging in there! Just one more month to go, everyone! Are you excited?!

love, lore
P.S. If you know how to juggle the time zones, I'm not going to know. I tell you this in the name of this late reminder!

July 29th, 2011

Mod Post: Year-Long Challenge reminder, BLU update, Snupin Santa

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Last chance to post your Year-Long Challenge piece! Sunday is the last day of July, so be sure not to miss it - only three months to go!

If you're not posting monthly, you're also running out of time to participate just to celebrate the pairing's decade in existence, so be making your plans. The celebration ends in October.

As always, if LJ is down, you're welcome to post on the InsaneJournal or Dreamwidth Lupin_Snape communities. The posts will count toward the Year-Long Challenge, so no excuses if LJ is down.

BLU is getting closer to a release, however, if I wrote you in the past few days about your BLU submission, please respond. If you haven't heard from me and think you should have, that's also a good reason to reply here or send me an email at lupinsnape at

In return for your patience, everyone, I promise that we will stagger this release so that you'll all have time to savor each piece.

McKay is stepping down from Snupin Santa duties this year. She founded the exchange and has been an excellent mod for 6 years, and she has our deep respect and thanks for her time and effort.

I've never been a particularly brilliant exchange mod, and I'm not sure we have enough interest to even run another year. For now, why don't you leave me your thoughts either in reply here or an email to the mod mail. I'm not saying this to drum up a bunch of, "I'll participate, promise," responses. I'd like your honest opinion about Snupin Santa as it exists, how you feel about participating in holiday exchanges, whether you want another round or to end it, and what other ideas you have or have seen that might interest you or others for the holidays.

We'll do something for Christmas, and we will likely continue to utilize the Snupin Santa structure in place, but further decisions right now are up in the air.

I'm saying this so you can feel a little free-er, of course, to spread the Snape/Lupin love to other holiday exchanges, which are beginning their sign-ups now (OMG)! Whatever we decide to do on the community, it won't be organized in August, so you'll have time to knock out a couple other exchange pieces before we get started (haaaa).

Hope you are all surviving the summer heat or wintery ice! *HUGS COMMUNITY*

love, lore

June 30th, 2011

Decade challenge - last chance to catch up!

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Today's the last day you can catch up on your Decade of Snape/Lupin Challenge. Last day to jump in with 7 entries, or make up those missing months. There will be no more second chances. And remember, winners can direct money to the charity of their choice within reason. Need a link? Check the IJ and LJ community side-bars.

BLU is...coming along? If it helps, posting, when it starts, will be slow so you all can enjoy the art and fics more thoroughly, rather than it all going up at once. I hope that will make up for the extra time it's taking.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Summer or Winter! *HUGS COMMUNITY*

love, lore

May 30th, 2011

Mod Post: BLU PH, Year-Long Challenge, Crack Broom, & other June events

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I need one more BLU author. I hope it will be the last, but.... Anyway, I would prefer a new author over someone who has already written for this round, but I'll take all offers at lupinsnape @ gmail. com and will make the assignment by June 1. I can give up to three weeks to write 5000 words, but two weeks would be better. Image is G-rated and includes Minerva if that will help inspire someone to sign up.

The end of the month is coming. Did you get your Year-Long Challenge post done? June is the only catch-up month (and you can even jump in to the challenge in June if you missed the start), meaning if you missed posting in other months, June is the one month I'll allow you to make multiple posts. Your total number of posts by the end of June should be 8, and each should be marked with the project: a decade of ssrl tag.

If you would like to add an author tag to your posts, you can use "zauthor: username" as a tag and I'll approve them as I see them. I think we've reached the point in the communities where anyone can feel free to tag work with a "zauthor: username", "zartist: username" or "zcontributor: username" tag (contributor for other creative and participatory pursuits like games and puzzles, longer rec lists, etc.). This includes going back to tag your old posts, if you wish, and includes IJ, LJ and DW Lupin_Snape communities. I don't think new tags will show up until I visit them, so be patient.

One artist has posted for the mini-BLU challenge. If you'll remember, writers can drabble/ficlet to art pieces for the Mini-BLU and the art and drabbles will appear on the site. Deadline is June 6 for art to be posted, and I'll give to June 8 for drabbles on anything posted on June 6.

The Lusty Month of May is near the end at Pervy_Werewolf. There were quite a few Snape/Lupin stories going for the month. You should pop on over there and check it out - but be sure to comment!

June is "open flying" at the Crack Broom recommendation community. That means anyone can make a Snape/Lupin rec over there in June as long as the work hasn't been recced before. Also, if you're wondering where you are on the reccing queue for the pairing, you can check out the Big Queue list. If you'd like to sign up to rec for a future month, you can do so here. (And I asked to be taken off of May, in case anyone checking the queue is wondering. ~_^)

And that's it. I guess I did the June update early. There's no official challenge in June other than Mini-BLU and catching up for the Year-Long. If you need inspiration, I invite you to check out old Mod Posts. I've decided that running a H/C fest is going to be too challenging for me this year, though, so July and August challenges are open to suggestions (or volunteer mods for challenges) right now.

Thank you all for your participation here. We're getting smaller and having to adjust, but our members are still the best around, and I never forget that. ♥

love, lore

April 28th, 2011

Mod Post: In case you missed it....

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An important mod post you might have missed -


Two Highlights:

1. BLU pinch-hitter needed.

2. Mini-BLU is the challenge through June 10. Artists, did you miss out on the main BLU? We're taking your drawables and writers, your drabbles for them.

love, lore

March 1st, 2011

Mod post: BLU extension, reminders....

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Some quick, no-link notes:

I will allow March 1 posts for the year-long challenge, as I didn't get a reminder out in time. The catch-up month will be June. After that, no more fudging. ~_^

I extended the Big Bang 2 art and writer sign-up deadline to March 13. At this point, I think we need writers, if all the artists that have been in contact with me submit. But I would welcome more art, too!

February kiss prompts can continued to be filled until March 10, which is Remus' birthday. We'll do another discussion topic that day, then I could use ideas for a short March challenge.

Snupin100 is celebrating its 300th week with a contest that I am announcing way too late. If you want to go and leave a comment for the drabblers, though, you could still count yourself in on the celebration.

Sorry for the mod post delays, but Real Life bit me in the hiney this week already!

love, lore

January 30th, 2011

Mod Reminders: Year-Long posts due, Art Focus BB sign-ups, Syndication from LJ, LDWS, etc.

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You have one more day to post your Year-Long Challenge: A Decade of Snape/Lupin offering before a new month begins. Don't forget to use the project: a decade of ssrl tag when posting if you want all your entries to be found. Remember, you're playing for fabulous prizes donation dollars (even better!) here.

As I said before, I am seriously considering offering an anmnesty month in the summer sometime, where you can catch up if you missed posting, so hang in there!

So, artists, I know I said you didn't have to sign up for the Snupin Big Bang Art Focus until the art deadline on March 1, but if you are considering participating and are now biding your time, please consider signing up just to ease your mod's mind. The worst thing that will happen to those signed-up is that they will be sent an email, PM, or reply on March 1, asking if they're still in. If not, there's no problem in saying so.

Writers, the same goes for you, too, if you would be so kind. Again, our timeline:

* Artist and Writer sign-ups currently open
* March 1: All sign-ups close and Art is due!
* March 15: Writer assignments out
* April 15: First Draft writer deadline
* May 1: Final Draft deadline
* Reveal: June 1 or when all art has a matching story

P.S. - Artists, you can submit up to 3 pieces of art, and any rating is acceptable. A range of ratings, if you're submitting 3, would be terrific! (Just stating this from the rules because I've had some questions about it)

I want to remind you all that there is a Syndication Feed of the LiveJournal Lupin_Snape community available for you to add to your reading list. We have many members who only post in one place or the other. If you wish, there is also a Lupin_Snape Dreamwidth for you to use as a backup or additional posting place.

The Snupin Last Drabble Writer Standing competition starts this week on Wednesday (Feb. 2). There are still slots left for sign-ups, and I believe you can enter up until the first assignment goes out. You should read over the rules for a secret sign-up word. And the community is going to need readers and voters, so be sure to watch the community if you're interested.

There is an HP Themes community that links to works that fit a given theme each month. We did a version of this for a while with our thematic lists. This month's theme is "formal courtship", but you're welcome to give new links on any of the older themes as well.

A search back here could use your help. My brain is refusing to cough this story up!

NOT that I want to distract anyone from the Big Bang or Year-Long Project, but if you are an exchange junkie, HP_Spring_Fling is taking sign-ups until February 1 here. If you ask for Snape/Lupin as one of your choices, it might ease the pain of possibly losing your participation here.... *whistles innocently*

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll think of 10 more things before I post. Don't forget your Decade entries! *HUGS COMMUNITY* I'm so glad that you all have gathered here!

love, lore

January 24th, 2011

Mod Post: Snupin Santa wrap, LDWS contest beginning, Etc.

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Last of the [info]snupin_santa wrap-up:

-> Snapealina won the official guessing poll! In statistical news, more people mixed up McKay/Scribbulus_Ink's and Arionrhod's entries than any other, but the most outright wrong guesses went to "Lost and Found and Hardships of a Teenage Metamorphagus" by Dungeons_Master.

-> Speaking of Statistics, the absolutely fabulous [info]swissmarg put together a lengthy set of statics on the Snupin_Santa exchange, and even compared it to other exchanges. Did you know that we had no G-rated fics? Or that our art-to-fic ratio was 42%? If you're a math nerd like I am, you can't miss her stats post! (Don't forget to comment, plz)

Last Drabble-Writer Standing (snupin_ldws) sign-ups are this Wednesday, January 26, 6 p.m. EST. There is a 16-participant limit, so be ready or find a proxy. I volunteer to be one if you can't find a friend who will be on. Just contact me.

Despite all my nattering at the poor mod in the info post I linked, I know [info]isisanubis has a lot of experience running LDWS contests. I'm confident that you'll be in good hands if you want to play along in any capacity; the community needs readers who will vote, too, as well as writers.

I've added the tag "drabbles: LDWS" on both Lupin_Snape Communities for the posting of LDWS info and re-posting of any contest drabbles.

End of the month is coming soon. Have you submitted anything for the Year-Long Challenge: A Decade of Snape/Lupin yet? I am thinking of allowing a one-time catch-up month in the summer, so if you've missed a month already, don't give up!

Reposting & Commenting month continues! I am still happy to gather up recs for the newsletters if you're making them. Art Big Bang announcement next (or, technically, above this one)!

love, lore

January 7th, 2011

Mod post: Recs, both Snupin Santa & Crack Broom, Snape's Birthday

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It's never too late to make some recs. A just made a huge post of [info]snupin_santa recs here, for example. I know the reveals are upon us, but reccing doesn't have to end with the reveals! In fact, I will continue to monitor the rec posts and send hot recs to the newsletters if you'll keep reccing and using them even after the reveals. LJ rec post || IJ rec post

Last chance for the guessing polls!

The Crack_Broom has moved Snape/Lupin back to permanent posting status. Huzzah! Ellid is reccing Snape/Lupin there this month. Those of you who signed up to rec can check out where you stand in the Big Queue here. If anyone is anxious to move up in the queue, I have May of this year and would be happy to drop back, especially for someone who's never recced there before.

Snape's Birthday is January 9. As usual, it snuck up on me! Stealthy Snape! I'll be opening a discussion topic or two that day, so we'll celebrate by making Severus' ears burn. Be thinking of/finding links to your favourite Snape-centric works!

It's Reposting and Commenting Month - don't forget!

love, your spasdic mod lore

December 31st, 2010

Last Call for Dec: Year-Long Challenge + January challenge, SS wrap, Art BB

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Today's your last day to get in a post for the Year-Long Challenge: A Decade of Snape/Lupin.

Remember, you can mix and match your entries. If you're looking for quickie ideas, you can consult a suggestion list here. Don't forget to use the community tag for your entry - project: a decade of ssrl.

January's challenge is relatively simple: Reposting & Commenting
Time for some rest and catch-up! If you have a piece that has only appeared in another community or your journal, you are welcome to repost it to the community in January.

Members, as always, this would be a good month to leave comments on the pieces you view. Nothing makes a creator's day like a spare "read and liked" from someone new.

--->In that same vein, it is customary to thank the mods of [info]snupin_santa before or at the reveal. I didn't write the particpant list this year, but I wanted to remind everyone of this tradition.

--->I'll be opening the Art Big Bang sometime after the Snupin Santa reveals. Again, artists will be turning in art and writers will be creating stories for the art pieces. I haven't nailed down exactly how this is going to work. If you've participated in an Art BB or want to weigh in with your thoughts, you can reply here or contact me in any number of ways that you know. ^_^

Have a safe, joyous New Year, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

December 16th, 2010

Mod post: Calendar & Anniversary art, important reminders, etc.

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Hello! First, how is [info]snupin_santa going for you all? We're just at the mid-month comment drop-off, which I know is the fault of all these darn holidays (*wink*). If you're reading without commenting, please consider leaving a "Thanks!" or "Looked at this" or "Enjoyed" or any other little response to what you read or view for the rest of the month. You could help combat some of the comment drought to come and make a creator very happy.

Also, if you're rec'ing, even if it's the gift for you, please let McKay know here on IJ or here on LJ. We haven't had many gifts make the newsletters, which is a shame, as we've usually had several appear in them before this time in years past. You don't have to get fancy to post to McKay's round-ups; a pasted link to the rec and the title of the gift will be fabulous!

December Calendar Art
by [info]sandywolf


Isn't it cute? I love the bold colors!
As always please feel free to leave Sandywolf comments here or at her journal.


Many of you remember [info]aleoninc, right? Well, she's been having computer problems, but did see the 10-year Anniversary celebration for Snape/Lupin and wanted to contribute.

Lupin and Snape looking at each other, bordered by a striped grey and turquoise blue scarf

She says [posted with permission] )

What a sweetheart, right? I made two icons from the art. Please feel free to take or make your own!
Icon of Lupin and Snape looking at each other with a scarf around them, labeled 'Lupin/Snape: Decade'     Icon of Lupin and Snape looking at each other with a scarf around them, labeled 'Lupin/Snape: 10 Years'

As always, you can leave [info]aleoninc comments on her art here!


The Crack_Broom, an HP recommendations community, has a free-flying month this December. That means you can post one rec this month for anything not already rec'ed in the past, fic or art. If you are not already a member of the community, you need to leave a reply on the free-flying post saying you want to be added. I believe your rec post will then be queued and approved by the mods. Form for rec'ing Art or Videos. Form for rec'ing stories.

Lupin/Snape is not a regularly rec'ed pairing anymore, but it might return to monthly status some day, especially if we continue to sign up for "Featured Pairs" and make a strong showing in open months like this one. My only suggestion is that you avoid recommending anonymous art or stories because the creators will not be able to respond right away and you might forget to go back and edit the post. Free-flying month is a great way for a new rec'er to try posting a rec. Consider it a dry-run if you're signed up to rec in the community and have never done it before. Finally, you don't have to make your one rec Snape/Lupin. It just would be nice if there was more than one Snape/Lupin rec in December. ^_^


The Year-Long Challenge: A Decade of Snape/Lupin continues! Remember to post before the end of the month if you're in the running for the entire year. If you'd like to contribute to the challenge without committing to a post each month, feel free to post at any time and use the "project: a decade of ssrl" tag!


Fandom-related news: If you have a Delicious online bookmarking account, it looks like it is going to be shut down soon. I know many of us use Delicious for rec lists or as personal bookmarks. There doesn't seem to be many helpful "here's what you can do to move on" posts yet, but you can export your bookmarks to an HTML file at the very least in the meantime.

So, lots of graphic treasure for everyone, reminders to give the gift of comments and the decade challenge, and a fandom-related heads-up. All in a day's work for a mod. Have a wonderful holiday or break to everyone who is getting one. And happy End of December and New Year to everyone else! *hugs community*

love, lore

November 19th, 2010

Mod Post: November Calendar, Year-Long Challenge, BLU2, etc.

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If you want to get in on our Year-Long Challenge honoring a decade of Snape/Lupin, time is growing short because you have to make your first post to the community by the end of the month (tag is project: A Decade of SSRL).

In summary, for every person who completes the challenge with 12 posts, one each month, from now until the end of October, 2011, I will make a donation to the charity of her or his choice (within reason, see original post for details). Depending on how many "starts" I see this month, I will up the amount (originally $10) I will donate for your contributions.

This challenge is perfect for lurkers and those who would like to give back not only to fandom, but to a good cause. If you're looking for ideas for monthly posting, I suggest the following:

Discussion topic - post one topic each month
Poll - Something fun and Snape/Lupin-y
Rec - Focus on stories, drabbles, art, an era or plot, or leave yourself wide open to whatever catches your eye
Thematic lists - a list of stories or art built around a new theme each month - list does not have to be exhaustive.
Pictures - places, objects, scenes you create with action figures - whatever reminds you of Snape/Lupin
Icons - Text only or images.
Drabbles - 100 words for 12 months, not too hard!
1-sentence fics - Even less than a drabble
Memes - a set of questions for everyone to answer each month
Videos - There's many Snape/Lupin videos out there if you look, and if you run short, Snape-only or Remus-only could fill out your month.
Music - No need to offer downloads, just links to videos or online plays or just the name and title of a song and why it reminds you of SSRL
Candid Captions - Can feature both men or Snape and Lupin alone
Recipes - Foods that remind you of Snape/Lupin
Audio - If you can record it and post it, we'll listen
Puzzles - Our Funtime project proved that there's a host of puzzle you can create and post or link on the comm.
Fic Search - This would be like a game where you know the fic and describe it and we see who can find it first; a fun way to rec!
Essay - Your thoughts, brief or not, on any Snape, Lupin or Snupin subject
Random - Choose one of each of these or any other ideas that you might have and just post once a month!

Need help brainstorming an idea of your own? Post here or check out the community side bar and visit our Chat Room in the evenings. There's usually a few people there that would be glad to talk ideas with you. Just remember, your first post needs to be up by November 30.

If anyone is inclined to offer a Snape/Lupin image for [info]snupin_santa icons, please contact me at the mod mail. You could offer existing art or new pieces. The same goes for any 2011 Desktop calendar images! Speaking of....

This lovely November calendar is brought to you by the letters [info]chazpure. Please be sure to leave her comments here!

Finally, as I will keep reminding, we are moving forward with a BLU2: Art Big Bang. While details will be fleshed out in January, we will be accepting multiple images from Artists. Writers will then volunteer to create a story for the submitted images. Artists will have about 1.5 months to work if they wait until the official announcement in January. Or, hint, hint, they could get started now.... ^_^

I hope everyone is getting excited for [info]snupin_santa! I know I am! Come on, December!

love, lore

October 26th, 2010

Mod Post: Halloween Calendar, 2011 desktops, reminders

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Have you seen our Snape/Lupin 10-year Anniversary and Year-Long Challenge? If not, check it out!

October Halloween Week Calendar art by [info]littleblackbow

768 wide
1680 wide

I know this is coming pretty late in the month, but it will be offered again next year as a 2011 desktop choice. [info]littleblackbow did a wonderful job, so I hope you will all leave her comments here!

I am taking general Snape/Lupin images for 2011 from now until the end of the year.

Instead of sign-ups and deadlines, I am making an open call for 2011 images. You can add a calendar to your image and set a month for it, just be aware I might receive more than one calendar for a certain month and will be putting up all I receive for that month. Offering an image also means you're giving permission for the image to go into an ongoing library of desktop calendar art for future years. I'm imagining that the day will come, maybe even this year, when we won't be able to drum up 12 separate images.

If you have participated in a previous calendar and would like your art to enter the ongoing archive, please drop me a note in some fashion (reply here is fine). I'll eventually try to contact everyone personally who doesn't contact me.

It would be nice to have all the images by the end of the year, but if you're running late or suddenly inspired, I'll accept work at any time from now on (although I hope you are managing your time so you can create art for the Snupin Big Bang Art Focus-hee!). If anyone (or more) wants to produce desktop images for the year-long challenge, please feel free!

Spooky Snupin ends on Halloween!

Snupin_Santa new participants have a deadline coming up on Monday!

I'm loving the late Fantasy Fest entries, and I have started to look for my lists on my hard drive so we can get the Master List up soon.

love, lore

September 19th, 2010

Mod Post: Icon & Spooky Snupin reminders + cheers & thanks!

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I have to open with a resounding cheer for the return of the [info]snupin_prophet! If you're new to the pairing, you should subscribe to and support the Prophet with links because it is an invaluable round-up of our pairing on a twice-monthly basis. I hope everyone will pitch in with their links and comments; fandom rarely gets something good and useful back after a hiatus. Welcome back and thank you, McKay and Bonfoi!

Prompts are still needed for the Spooky Snupin challenge in October. Comments are screened, but I can tell you that we definitely need lots more prompts to give participants a wide range of choices. Remember, prompting does not obligate you to participate, so don't be shy. Prompting on LJ || Prompting on IJ

Icons! You want one made for you? It's not too late to ask here on LJ or here on IJ. I have to specifically commend [info]blue_cage for her efforts. There are icons there already as specific gifts and some for all to use, so be sure to check the posts out.

Tagging: [info]red_day_dawning has volunteered to catch up on tagging for the community, but you can help her out by remembering to tag your own posts. Many thanks to Red for her help!

love, lore
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