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Harley Quinn [userpic]
Going to sing that man right out of my head, er I mean hair?

Harley Quinn was on the outs with the Joker... Again.
This time he vowed if he saw her again he was going to carve her head like a Jack-o-lantern and stick a candle in it so everyone could see her shining smile.
So Harley decided it was time to leave her Puddin and...
Okay, she hadn't gotten that far in her plans on what to do without the Joker in her life but she was trying.

On the run from him she ducked into a darkened store shop doorway and peeked around the corner to see him coming her way down the sidewalk. She gulped when she saw he was carrying candles in one hand and a long butcher knife in the other.

"I guess Mr. J. wasn't kidding about the the carving thing this time." Harley muttered to herself. "And its not even October." Harley clamped a hand over her mouth as she saw the Joker's eyes zero in on the store doorway she was hiding in. "He heard me." She nearly squealed in terror.

Turning she planned on breaking down the store door and hiding inside. With luck she could elude the Joker until Gotham police arrived to investigate the break-in.
Turning she raised her hand to smash the glass door to find...
The store was gone.
It was no longer night.
And she was standing in an open doorway to what looked like a bar/cafe.

"Have I gone off my rocker... Again?" Harley muttered to herself and turning she no longer found the dark streets of Gotham behind her but a sunny parking lot to the cafe. "Well... What you know about that?" Harley asked no one and with one last look at the parking lot to make sure the Joker somehow didn't find himself with her in her delusion, she decided to go into the cafe to relax.

Entering the cafe she started to read a sign that was near the front door but spotted another sign a slight distance away that caught her attention more.

"Karaoke Day. All singers drink free."

Making a beeline for the stage, Harley climbing up on stage she scanned the playlist on the machine and gave a sad chuckle when she found a song she knew the lyrics to well and pressing the buttons she made her selection.

Turning she bowed to the audience, which to be honest hadn't really reacted to her strange costume or seemed to care she was the infamous Harley Quinn and continued eating and drinking with only a few looking in her direction curiously.

As the music began, Harley started to sing.

I'm Crazy for feeling so lonely
Im crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue

I knew
Youd love me as long as you wanted
And then someday
Youd leave me for somebody new

Why do I let myself worry?
What in the world did I do?

Oh Crazy
For thinking that my love could hold you
Im crazy for tryin and crazy for cryin
And Im crazy, for lovin you

For thinking that my love could hold you
Im crazy for tryin and crazy for cryin
And Im crazy, for lovin you

As the music faded away, Harley wiped away a slight tear and proceeded to a empty table to wait for a waitress to serve her.

imp_act [userpic]

A portal suddenly opens near the entrance to the cafe and three imps come flying out to land.

Imp #222 looks around. "You know I think this is the first time I have actually been to the cafe."

Imp #1: "Aye, verily and forsooth, I believe it is mine first time too."

Imp #444: "Oh god. What's with Number one this time?" He asks.

Imp #222: "Oh he's been talking to Shakespeare at the Academy again and he's stuck in Old English mode. Just try to ignore him."

Imp #444: "Why can't he talk to Elvira at the school? At least that way we could get some decent dirty stories out of him."

"How sharper than a hound's tooth are unappreciative brothers?" Imp #1 replied.

"Look you two knuckleheads. Don't ruin this for me. I'm hoping to pick up a little chickadee here at the cafe tonight for some fun. Know what I mean?" Imp #222 tells his brother imps.

"Chickadee? Who the hell have you been talking to? W.C. Fields?" Imp 444 rolls his eyes at Imp #222. "And chickadee? That sounds rather fowl thing to do."

"Oh Gods. Not puns. Anything but puns! I always refused to go with Imp 13 to the cafe cause I feared he would...." Imp #1 starts to say.

"Pun..ish you?" Imp #222 says with a smirk.

Imp 444 facepalms and then looks around the cafe. "Where is our waitress? I'm going to need a lot of drinks to get through this night around you two I just know it."

"Perhaps we should be seated before you start complaining about lack of service." Imp 1 grumbles still upset about the bad puns.

"At least we got him out of Old English mode." Imp 222 says bumping Imp 444.

Silence [userpic]

There was a not so oddity in the cafe. Or at least something rarely seen as of late. A goddess on her favorite purple couch in the lounge with a penguin sitting near her. Not that anyone could tell by the fact she was currently wearing a set of green pajamas that looked like a dragon or a lizard of some sort. (It was quite possibly a dinosaur, but who even knew with her.) She was also laying down face first on the couch, so that her head was engulfed by the head of the pjs. Meanwhile, her trusty sidekick and familiar, Sigmund, sat on a glittery purple ottoman right beside the couch and played some sort of first person shooter on the gaming screen in the lounge. How a penguin was playing it was anyone's guess, but it was happening. He even had a headset that he was not so politely squawking into at other players online. Every so often he would squawk a little louder than normal and Silence would move slightly on the couch, proving that she wasn't some inanimate object left behind, and yet she didn't bother to actually do anything else.

It was just that kind of time.

Just like it was also a time for random gummi candy rain. Really. When anyone wandered too close to what was unofficially deemed as Silence's Couch, a shower of gummi candy would rain down upon them until they walked away.

Current Mood: silly silly
Amanda [userpic]

Nikita Mears. It's a name that had never escaped Amanda's mind for good reason. She imprisoned her for the rest of her life, or at least tried to. Amanda...or rather Helen, had a friend that no one knew of. Well not a friend, one last asset, another double her company made. A double of Nikita herself. Her Nikita. A double she created under the noise of The Group she use to work for as well as under the noise of the real Nikita.

She programed her well. If Amanda didn't give her a signal after a while, Nikita's double's job was to find her and discreetly help her escape. Nikita would stay with Amanda after as her guard. This Nikita knew of the original and wanted to kill her herself. This Nikita was devoid of humanity, but programmed to be one hundred percent loyal to her. Amanda cannot wait until she sees the look on Nikita's face when the time is right.

Amanda would take on a new identity and had a few hundred million in a Swiss account. Not nearly as much money she had when she had access to The Group's money, but still more than enough to get on by.

It's been over eleven months since the real Nikita locked her in that prison cell. By then, she had a doctor heal her wound, she lives in a home in the tropics, well hidden from the world with modern conveniences and with her Nikita living with her. However, they were not sipping drinks in bikinis on the beach, they were sparring. Amanda felt they needed to keep their skills up so she sparred with Nikita. That night after she put her bodyguard, Nikita to bed, she had on a sundress and walked to the ocean and viewed the night sky. It's much more visible away from civilization. The stars and moon were much more pounced. Amanda was starting to loose her interest for revenge against Nikita. She had her Nikita and everything was perfect.

She sighed and she walked back towards her home. As she opened the door, she found herself entering what appears to be a diner. She turns to walk out but notices there's no door. Of all the times she would be without her Nikita or at least a gun. She felt the coldness of the ground against her bare feet and started to shiver.

The world, or rather her world is about to go on the brink of war. The Circle of the Black Thorn, The Order of Aurelius , and Glorificus's Minions had made an unholy alliance with North Korean and Iranian Governments to start World War III. Lilah Morgan, the head of The Initiative as well as well as Rutherford Sirk, the head of the Watcher's Council were speaking to the high military brass in DC along with Barack Obama himself and members of the European Union on what to do. Lilah never felt so much pressure put on her in all her life. How did it start? What was the nexus, the turning point, the thing that triggered these events? As simple enough, it started from the death of a young girl.

In the second week of December in 1998, a young girl Buffy Anne Summers left Cleveland and went to the primary Hellmouth in Sunnydale to help Rupert Giles and the White Hat Resistance group stop the then-leader of the Order of Aurelius simply named The Master, from opening a factory. He snapped her neck, killing her. This action caused the Watcher's Council to take a more active role in fighting evil. All watchers who were without a potential slayer under their wing were ordered by Sirk to track down every vampire and demon and slay them all. If a vampire is found, stake it. A demon who is committing acts of evil, kill it. It was time the council did more than just watching. A few days after Buffy's death, Lilah would start working with the council because she was working for The Initiative at the time.

Since then, a few events that occurred as the result of the death of the slayer, war was inevitable. Lilah was scared. Not for her own life, but for her family and friend's lives. She is here to make sure they have a future. She was sitting in a military dark green blazer with her general medals and declarations pinned on the blazer with a matching conservative skirt, nylons and heel with her long brunette hair down. She wasn't talking much, she was just there giving reports and listening in for orders on what their next move might be. Her only words mainly consisted of "Yes sir." "No Sir." And various similar responses.

Lilah was definitely looking forward to stop the apocalypse. But she was also tired of the endless war between humanity and demonic armies. When she heard about some losses, she put her elbow on the table and rubs the bridge of her noise as she closes her eyes, tired. Once she opened them, she found herself in a diner. She got up from the chair she sat in and accidentally knocked it down."What the Hell?!" She yelled out. She figured it out quickly what happened to her, some kind of inter-dimensional travel. But how? There was a mystical barrier put up by the finest witches and warlocks on Earth. It would have been impossible. And of course she was without her gun and stake since the meeting was required that all attendees must be unarmed. She's heard of this occurrence happening on Earth once, though not to her. Shortly before Buffy's death, a young girl named Cordelia Chase teleported from a world where Buffy was the slayer who watched after the Hellmouth on Earth. She then kneels down and picks up the chair she dropped and looked around and was highly alarmed and alert. She laughed and sighed as she rested her elbow on the table with her hand on her forehead, trying to figure a way out of this latest mess she found herself in.

Natasha Antonia Stark [userpic]

Natasha Stark, the woman who is the owner or Stark Industries was in a test flight of her new armor, the Mark XLIII Iron Madlen suit. It looks similar to the Mark VII with a few modifications.

Since her operation, she's no longer in need of an arc reactor in her chest, so each suit is powered by an individual a.r. She spoke with JARVIS, her personal computer that happens to be one of the best AIs on the planet. "Is it ready to go into space?" JARVIS replied. 'WE HAVE NOT TESTED IT YET IN ZERO GRAVITY AND ZERO OXYGEN CONDITIONS.' She nods. "Understood." She increases speed to mach 5.

The suit gains altitude. Four miles, five miles, seven miles, now ten miles above sea level. Natasha's suits never flown so high before. Her other suits would have froze up by now. Now at 50 miles above sea level. 'SUIT IS STILL STABILIZED AND OXYGEN IS STILL AT AN ABUNDANCE LEVELS.' She smiles. "Awesome! Keep going!" She continues to fly until she's now 64 miles, just a bit under two miles higher than one needs to be in space. 'NATASHA, WE'RE NOW IN OUTER-SPACE.' JARVIS reported. "Excellent. Now let's test this suit upon re-entry to see if it will handle the heat."

She makes a noise dive back to Earth. Combine with the suit's flight speed and Earth's gravity, the suit was coming down like a bat out of Hell. The suit was becoming a flying fireball, however the suit and Natasha was intact. Natasha didn't even feel hot. Once she was 20 miles from the surface of the Earth, she fires the retro-rockets. She would then land safely someplace in the Amazon Rainforest.

She then looked around "Jarvis, are you still with me?" 'YES.' She smiled. "Excellent now lets go..." She finds her surrounding changing. She sees herself in a diner. She narrows her eyes. "...home." She would speak to JARVIS."You still with me Jarvis?" 'I AM. BUT IT SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. I DO NOT READ YOU ANY PLACE ON EARTH.' Natasha's slightly nervous. The last person who was capable of such travel nearly destroyed New York, though thanks to her and the Avengers, they prevented that. She nearly had a panic attack, but she calmed herself. "Get a grip, Nat." She said to herself.

She then removed the suit by activating a mechanism that made the suit collapse off of her and folded into a briefcase-like object with a handle. She was now in a black pin-striped femme-suit with a white blouse under it and black high heels. She slips on her glasses and picked up her armor briefcase. She walked to the bar of this diner and called out. "Excuse me, but can anyone tell me where I am?"

Faith was getting old. She can admit it.

Not old physically because duh, slayer. Most girls in her 20s wished they were half as strong as she is. Heck the same could be said for men. Being chosen and all of that.

No, it's more of a state of mind. She was possessed, chosen, in a hellmouth, in a coma for eight months. Been good, evil, then good again. Traveled the world, had six boyfriends. She been a convicted murderer. And through-out her 10 year career as a vampire slayer, she killed a lot of vampires, demons, and saved the world.

Though for the last five years, she put herself on retirement. She's not the 'fighting the never-ending battle' type. Though Faith didn't completely walk away from it. She still to this day, carries a stake in case she spots a vampire or demon killing some bystander or if they try to pluck off a slayer for bragging rights.

She doesn't even like going to night clubs anymore. She tried to back in 2010, but she heard a remix to a Justin Bieber song. She thought to herself at the time that she would rather be in another coma than listen to this crappy music. It was then she knew she wasn't exactly a kid or at the very least a teenager anymore.

This night, Faith was sitting at a bar in Prague. She's currently traveling Europe. She has not been in contact much with the Slayer Brigade, Scoobies..or whatever they call each other since her retirement. She did have an argument with Buffy about it, but Buffy grown to understand, though they never speak to each other anymore. Though various news reports she watched from time to time she knew Buffy was still out there.

In fact, she was watching some report about Buffy and her friends. Though they didn't say what exactly happened, it was reported that some group was saved from some satanic cult...or something.

As she took a swig of her beer, she didn't at first noticed she vanished until she put the bottle down. The table went from being dark wooden table to a white glossy one. Faith sighed a bit. She was use to jumping dimensions unexpectedly, so it made Faith a bit jaded to it, so unlike most people, she wasn't surprised.

Faith just took another swig of her beer before asking. "If this is Red dragging me here to convince me to return to your little group, I'll say it again, not interested."

Harley Quinn [userpic]
Reality crash

Life can sure be funny can't it?

One moment I'm listening to my Puddin explaining to me how it was all my fault that his latest scheme to get Bats failed, also trying to dodge as he fired at me with his big gun, and the next thing I know I'm standing in the doorway of some strange bar? Pub? Restaurant?
Heck if I know what this place is.

As I walk into the place several people at tables call out to me about my new look.

Huh? I don't know who these people are or why they act like they know me.

Seeing a sign I pause and read.

You are at the Lunatic Cafe.
You are at a nexus point in the multiverse.
Please do not panic.
You may run into yourself or several selves.
They are from alternate realities.

The print gets smaller and smaller as I read down the sign and I have to lean way over to read the smallest print at the very bottom.

Love the short skirt Harley. The view is great from back here. Love Imp 13.

I frown as I stand back up and turn to look behind me. There is some kind of small creature with bat like wings and tiny horns on his head. He flashes a smirk at me and then vanishes into a black opening that suddenly opens behind him.
As I look back around at the sign I notice it is now gone as well.

I pause as I tap my cheek with a finger.

"Okay my name ain't Alice and I sure don't remember falling down a rabbit hole. What the heck have I gotten myself into now?"

Padme [userpic]

She's not sure what she's doing here. She was about to speak to the senate on Coruscant about the current conflict known as The Clone Wars, one that threatens the very foundation of the Republic. She had what she was going to say memorized. She even anticipated a few response, or at least as many responses as she can think of.

However, as she left her penthouse which is for the Naboo Senator through the front door, she found herself in a cafe, one that looked similar to Dex's on the planet she just left. It was full of creatures she's never seen, but then again, she assumed many of them were aliens and in her line of work, she meets at least one or two races she's never seen or heard of. So it's not the occupants that has her in a figurative term, scratching her head, but on how she arrived there.

"Well, this is intriguing..." These was her first words when she found herself suddenly not only out of her world, which was a computer-simulated realm known as "The Grid" but also she's not been derezzed, or as the users would call it, dead. Clu had double-crossed her boss Castor, though in someways, she knew it would come back to bite him since he betrayed Sam to Clu's forces. She wasn't happy she lived, but she didn't really have much range of emotion, though she didn't question it.

Still, this world felt different. Warmer, less artificial. It felt oddly real. She rubbed her finger along a random empty seat and she took a look at her fingertip. The substance on it felt oily. She narrowed her eyes to take in what she discovered before she curled a lovely smirk. She thought out loud to herself. "I am in the world of the users. How extraordinary."

She still was in her outfit she wore in the grid as a Siren Program, so as she gracefully walked over to a seat, the lights on her outfit would dim and brighten with each movement of her body. She sat down in a booth within this cafe and demurely crosses her legs in lady-like fashion. She outstretched one arm on the top of the seat as she stoically studies the realm she finds herself in.

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