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Happy early 4th of july wishes to all

come join us said the spider to the fly


Its kind an AU/Multi-fandom superhero rpg. We need loads of people, espically a dean &sam winchster for poor abi(an oc)

and yes, were still taking apps!its a first come first serve basis!

Just thought you all should know.^_^

Join us!

(still being setup)

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*collective chuckles*

We're more than a little amused you followed us here.

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I'm not very good at Writing up the plot/Plan of a game but the gist is here

The New Verse Comm is a type of Out of Character Comm. Where Characters can talk about whats going on in the main comm. Kind of an In Character out of Character.

Trappuccino is the main comm, once a character is in it. They can't get out other than by Dying.

There won't be doubles in the Trappuccino, but I would Consider a double for any of the 'Caretaker' characters.

Don't understand, but interested? Contact me.....

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Princess Stabbity [userpic]
Mod Post One.

First of all, welcome to the Lunatic Cafe and its OOC Comm, Crossroads Mall. I'm a mod and you can call me Sil or That Tin Foil Chick.

If you're not new to the the Lunatic Cafe "chain" (also seen in LJ), then you know the rules and the basics. If you don't know them, this post is for you. We're going to do a quick rundown of things and if I'm not clear, you're more than welcome to ask questions.

A Mini FAQ. )

Role Playing in the Cafe: The basic info about the cafe. )

I know, this isn't the most detailed FAQ, but all you really need to do is read the user info and this to hopefully understand the basics.

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