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[Oct. 16th, 2010|01:13 am]
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WHO: Fleur & Bill Weasley (and possibly an up-past-her-bedtime Victoire), Viktor Krum, Rolf Scamander, & Penelope Clearwater.
WHAT: Small impromptu Hogwarts staff dinner party.
WHERE: Shell Cottage.
WHEN: Friday 15 October, 7 PM-ish.
STATUS: Incomplete! - There are several sub-threads set up, so feel free to pick one or several to play in! We figured this would be the easiest way to handle a larger scene.

I think this might be the best we have done in a while. )
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[Sep. 2nd, 2010|11:51 am]
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Who: Quentin Trimble and Penelope Clearwater.
When: September 2nd. Lunchtime.
Where: Hogwarts. Teacher's lounge.
What: First day of classes conversation and a discovery!
Rating: Low?
Status: Incomplete/Closed.

And what is this?? )
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[Aug. 3rd, 2010|04:37 pm]

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Who: Meghan McCormack and Penny Clearwater; Open to Oliver Wood
What: Meghan has some news for her best friend.
Where: Oliver (and Meghan!)'s flat
When: Shortly after this, Monday evening
Rating: PG/TBA
Status: Incomplete. Rachel, you are welcome to toss Ollie into this, too, if you like.

--- )
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[Jul. 20th, 2010|11:14 pm]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater and Orsino Thruston
When: July 2010, early morning
Where: Their flat.
What: Orsino wakes up to find Penny playing sleeping beauty.
Rating: Family Friendly.
Open/Closed: Open.
Wake Up Sleepy Head... )
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[May. 23rd, 2010|12:29 am]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater, Donaghan Tremlett
What: Chance encounters in Diagon Alley.
Where: Diagon Alley
When: May 23rd, late afternoon.
Warnings: None.

And thats just how you met your Frank Sinatra. On the paper thin walls of a magazine )
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[Apr. 5th, 2010|12:28 am]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater and Fred Weasley
What: Penelope comes over to discuss Advanced Wards
Where: WWW, Diagon Alley
When: Tonight
Rating/Warning: TBA

Removing HousePoints was not the strongest foundation for a friendship but Penny thought it would have to do. )
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[Apr. 1st, 2010|10:38 pm]

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WHO: Penelope Clearwater, Orsino Thruston and Seven The Canine
WHAT: Penny and Orsino spend some 'quality' time together. Penny complains loudly.
WHERE: Victoria Park, London
WHEN: April 1st 1998

Penny couldn't believe that this was how she was going to go out.. she fell forward. Laying there, unmoving. )
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[Mar. 8th, 2010|11:56 am]
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[Current Music |david bowie - the jean genie]

|WHO:| Charlie Weasley | Penelope Clearwater
|WHEN:| Monday, 8 March, 1900
|WHERE:| A rather eccentric restaurant in London near Diagon Alley
|WHAT:| Penny and Charlie agreed to have dinner and catch up.
|STATUS:| Incomplete | Closed

jean genie, let yourself go! )
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[Feb. 16th, 2010|05:12 pm]

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Who: Orsino Thruston and Penny Clearwater
What: Negotiations and serious talks in not-so-serious circumstances
When: Tuesday 16 February, afternoon
Where: Penny and Oliver's flat
Rating/Warning: PG/PG-13 ish.
Status: Completed narrative.

Were you looking for the word too? )
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[Feb. 6th, 2010|02:27 pm]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater, Ainsleigh MacFusty, and Orsino Thruston
When: Saturday afternoon
Where: Penny and Oliver's flat
What: Penny and Ainsleigh are having girltime, and get an unexpected visitor.  Antics ensue.
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed: Closed (Unless Oliver wants to show up, too?)

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[Jan. 10th, 2010|05:50 pm]

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Who: Meghan and Penny, Open to Oliver, too!
When: Late Sunday Afternoonish?
Where: Penny and Oliver's Flat
What: Girltalking! At least until Oliver comes home and Penny decides that he and Meghan definitely need to be alone together? Yeah, she's about as subtle as an anvil.
Rating: Pretty G, I think. Ongoing.
Open/Closed: Closed to Meghan, Penny and Ollie

witty cut text )
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[Jan. 9th, 2010|02:33 am]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater & Orsino Thruston
When: Saturday, 9 January, 1998, mid-afternoon
Where: A-Salt and Battery
What: Time for some fish n' chips and talking in public, and not anywhere near behavior-altering substances of any kind.
Rating: TBD, unlikely to be high

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[Jan. 9th, 2010|12:24 am]

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WHO: Eva Edgecombe, Penelope Clearwater, Hestia Jones
WHAT: Finding someone who was presumably dead
WHERE: St. Mungo's, Janus Thickey Ward, Fourth Floor - Spell Damage
WHEN: January 9th 1998.

Lost and Found )
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[Jan. 4th, 2010|05:54 pm]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Penelope Clearwater & Orsino Thruston
When: Monday evening
Where: Oliver & Penny's flat
What: In Jenn's words - "The adventures of an orange crate. Special appearances by Spam, Ogdens and possibly the Cuddle Fairy".

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[Jan. 1st, 2010|08:02 am]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Meghan McCormack and Penelope Clearwater
When: Shortly after this
Where: Penny and Oliver's Flat
What: BFF time, comforting, etc.
Rating: TBA
Open/Closed: Closed unless Oliver happens to pop home

witty cut text )
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[Dec. 15th, 2009|11:34 pm]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater, Orsino Thruston
What: Jingle bell rocking!
Where: Vinyl  Countdown, off Campden Road
When: 15th December
Warnings: PG-13

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[Dec. 4th, 2009|10:23 pm]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Meghan McCormack and OPEN TO ALL
When: Friday Night, Starting around 9pm
Where: Half Moon Club, London
What: Meghan's 22nd Birthday Party
Rating: TBD
Open/Closed: OPEN to EVERYONE

--- )
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[Oct. 7th, 2009|10:55 pm]
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Who: Penelope Clearwater & Percy Weasley
When: Evening.
Where: Penelope and Oliver's flat.
What: Penelope cooks a meal from the Epicurean cookbook (Percy's birthday gift to her) and catches up with Percy.
Rating: TBD
Open/Closed: Closed, incomplete.

Read more... )
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[Sep. 25th, 2009|11:31 am]

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Who: Katie Bell, Penelope Clearwater, NPC appearance by Dung
When: Sunday afternoon.
Where: a Pub in London
What: Dung's getting thrown out, Katie overhears and goes after him and Penny comes along for the ride.
Rating: It's Dung, so probably R for language and general rudeness.
Open/Closed: Open to the Trio at the end, unless they're going to do their part in a separate log.

Totally incomplete log/placeholder. Will edit the log in once we finish. )
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[Aug. 31st, 2009|10:36 pm]

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Who: Penelope Clearwater, Roger Davies, & OPEN!
When: 26th August (Backdated)
Where: Leaky Cauldron
What: Penny and Roger have a joint birthday party!
Rating: R

Hey, she was attractive and he was shameless. )
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