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[Aug. 14th, 2010|09:25 pm]

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Who: Kirley McCormack-Duke and Oliver Wood
What: Having coffee, discussing the pregnancy, NOT making a scene.
When: August 14, 2003 ; late afternoon.
Where: The Lucky Bakery.
Rating/Warning: TBA. Possibly high language.

He had resolved that killing Oliver was not the best option... )
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[Aug. 2nd, 2010|05:36 pm]
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Who: Oliver and Meghan
What: Healer trip! Well, after the healer leaves the room.
Where: St. Mungo's
When: Today. They've been busy with Quidditch stuff that today was the first day they were able to go.
Rating/Status: PGish? And Incomplete

Oliver had been in and out of Healer offices so much in his life that he was never phased by it. But this time was a completely different story. He accompanied Meghan to their first official trip to the healer about their baby. Their baby.

The healer confirmed it that day. Day of conception was the day they found out about making the national team. They were both incredibly drunk and excited and finally decided that they were going to make things work that neither of them thought about protection. The after effects never even crossed his mind.

But there they were, sitting in the St. Mungo's, the healer confirming the news of the pregnancy.

As he watched Meghan get dressed into her muggle clothing, it finally hit him. He was going to be a dad.

"You alright?" he asked, not really knowing what else to say at the moment.
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[Jul. 23rd, 2010|01:10 am]
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Who: Oliver and Meghan
What: Getting checked out by the Mediwitches in the first aid tent. And a surprise!
Where: Caerphilly Pitch
When: Yesterday after the Scotland/Australia match
Rating/Status: TBA? And Incomplete. Also, I'm going to start this here, but the log might be done through email if it's easier on both of us?

"Ugh," Oliver groaned as he laid on the bed that the first aid tents had set up for injured players. It had been a rough match. The Australian beaters saw a flaw in their plan to win by the name of Oliver Wood, so they're way to solve it was to purposely aim the bludgers at him. The first missed, but the second took him out, sending him to the ground and onto his head.

Now, this wasn't the first time Oliver landed on his head. Nor was it the worst by any means. But knowing he had to be taken out of the game for it is what hurt the most. He had full confidence in Meghan, but she still wasn't a hundred percent. And that worried him. Not only as a teammate, but as his girlfriend.

She did fine at first, but before he knew it, he watched the vomit fly. Something was wrong, and Meghan knew it too as she looked at their coach, who promptly put Oliver back in.

Now sporting one hell of a headache, Oliver was off his game. Goals were being scored left and right. Thankfully Iwelumo caught the snitch before things got worse.

So there Oliver laid, some potions already taken but his head still pounding. "Those wankers got a game suspension, right?" Oliver asked to whoever was listening.
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log: meghan and oliver [Jun. 20th, 2010|06:24 pm]

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Who: Meghan McCormack and Oliver Wood
When: TBA
Where: Oliver's flat
What: Celebrating
Rating: Mostly PG-13
Open/Closed: Closed to them

--- )
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[Feb. 1st, 2010|09:00 pm]

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Who: Meghan and Oliver, Open to Penny unless she's conveniently making herself scarce
When: After this and Meghan's subsequent journal entry.
Where: Penny and Oliver's flat
What: Penny's making toast. Meghan's flirting with Ollie while her BFF slaves over a stove.
Rating: TBA. Nothing too bad, I don't think.
Open/Closed: Open to Penny if Jenn wants

As much as she enjoyed enchanging comments over the journals, there was something to be said for a little in-person flirting. )
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[Jan. 10th, 2010|05:50 pm]

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Who: Meghan and Penny, Open to Oliver, too!
When: Late Sunday Afternoonish?
Where: Penny and Oliver's Flat
What: Girltalking! At least until Oliver comes home and Penny decides that he and Meghan definitely need to be alone together? Yeah, she's about as subtle as an anvil.
Rating: Pretty G, I think. Ongoing.
Open/Closed: Closed to Meghan, Penny and Ollie

witty cut text )
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[Oct. 17th, 2009|10:11 pm]
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Who: Oliver Wood and Meghan McCormack
When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: A muggle spa in London
What: Scene Lottery! Oliver and Meghan got sent passes for a spa in London and end up there on the same day.
Rating: PG for now?
Open/Closed: Closed (in progress)

Being a pseudo-celebrity was hard work. )
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[Aug. 20th, 2009|12:25 am]
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WHO: The Weasley Boys, Open to anyone who may have possibly been invited to Bill's bachelor party
WHAT: Bill's bachelor party!
WHERE: Waxy's Little Sister (Irish pub in London)
WHEN: Wednesday, late afternoon
RATING PG-13... Possibly more?

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[Aug. 1st, 2009|02:50 pm]
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Who: Penelope Clearwater & Oliver Wood.
When: Saturday early evening.
Where: Oliver's flat in London.
What: Penny visits Oliver to collect the biscuits he promised and to see the gigantic basket of porn.
Rating: TBD, probably not anything more than PG-13 for language.
Open/Closed: Closed.

Excited by the prospect of baked goods to make up for Oliver accusing her of sending him gobs of porn the following evening, Penelope wasted very little time getting herself ready to floo over to her good friend's flat. Her morning, like every other, started early at around seven a.m. The first part of the day involved cleaning up from the week past and doing a bit of relaxing.

When Oliver responded to her journal entry regarding Dumbledore's retirement and mentioned that he was baking, Penelope could hardly resist asking to pay him a visit. Mostly because he was baking but also she was slightly curious to see the size of the basket of porn...if he still had it. She wasn't sure if Oliver had managed to pawn it off on someone else the previous evening or not.

It only took ten minutes for Penny to change into clothes that weren't marked with cleaning solution and grease stains and to brush out her hair, which had been put in a messy bun for the majority of the morning. Once she felt she looked good enough to be in public (even if the public in question was only Oliver), Penny stepped into her small fireplace and a minute later found herself emerging into a very familiar sitting room.
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