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May 16th, 2015

May 16th, 2015

Plot Filter - CSI: Kansas

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What in carnation? Right, so thanks to the evidence that Sara's gotten us. Looks like we solved this case with flower power. Kill me now

Good thing we're able to look at things through rose tinted glasses.

Iris my case.

It better be time fir freaking dinner now!

I did the freaking sunglasses of justice. Just let me the hell out!

[OOC: And, that's Dean meeting his goal. So he won't be able to respond to anything here]

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Okay, that was bizarre.

But, I'm back. Finally. How is everyone?

Filter - Dr Sexy MD

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It feels good to be published, now I can leave this rutty hospital and start my book tour. So long grumpy doctors.

[ooc: This is her finishing her goal, she's back to the real world]

Against known threats

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Well that was... different. Have to say I like the bartending gig better than being a receptionist.

[Those from Dr. Sexy Show]
I vote we all get some good food, good drinks and forget that ever happened

So, the moon. Only if you can bring me back too. And I can still breath and such while there.

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That was truly bizarre and I've seen plenty of bizarre things. Thank god the old fossil died so I'm not a bigamist. Although I don't think I would have been anyway since I was manipulate but you can't be too careful.

It's good to be out or back or whatever.

Ben, please tell me you weren't watching.

[OOC: Mara had to marry the old goat who died in the middle of the ceremony and she was done]

Plot Filter - Dr. Sexy MD

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I did it. I actually.. wow. Okay. Well of course I did, I'm me. I was able to save someone. Those were the longest hours I'd ever worked. Like, anywhere. Was afraid to fail for a while but like Alicia said, keep going Hands are still shaking a bit after all th But now Mr. Schmidt will be able to live a full life ahead of him now, and enjoy many good years with his family.

Oh yeah, I am awesome! All drinks are on me at the bar tonight, let's celebrate. I really want to sleep after doing all that so long but really.. saving a life is worth celebrating.

[OOC: And then he comes back to the real world, having met his goal, so he won't be able to see or reply on this part. :)]

No evil or any angels

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Finally! So glad to be back in Kansas again in the real world. I have a great respect for Dr. House now, and Jemma, and Watson when he was here, and any other doctors. I know I was a fake one and just a TV show, but wow. Their work is very valuable to humanity and a worthwhile career to help people. I respected them and what they do already, but now even more so.

So. Okay, back now. Anyone miss me? Oh, and I can do magic again! I am so relieved at that. I hope I didn't miss anything world changing while I was gone though. I looked damn good in that doctor outfit But curious, since I was technically acting, wonder if we're getting paid wages for it. Probably not.

No Douchebag Angels or Other Freaking Threats

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Where is he? I want to freaking stab him again! I don't care that it won't kill him. It'll make me feel a hell of a whole lot better!

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That was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I'm glad that it was just a tv show. Also, really confusing, as we don't exactly have tv shows where I'm from.

I just really need to hit something. Does anyone here like to spar?
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