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May 16th, 2015

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It feels good to be published, now I can leave this rutty hospital and start my book tour. So long grumpy doctors.

[ooc: This is her finishing her goal, she's back to the real world]

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I did it. I actually.. wow. Okay. Well of course I did, I'm me. I was able to save someone. Those were the longest hours I'd ever worked. Like, anywhere. Was afraid to fail for a while but like Alicia said, keep going Hands are still shaking a bit after all th But now Mr. Schmidt will be able to live a full life ahead of him now, and enjoy many good years with his family.

Oh yeah, I am awesome! All drinks are on me at the bar tonight, let's celebrate. I really want to sleep after doing all that so long but really.. saving a life is worth celebrating.

[OOC: And then he comes back to the real world, having met his goal, so he won't be able to see or reply on this part. :)]

May 9th, 2015

Plot Filter - Dr Sexy MD

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This is still quite new to me. I mean, yes, I've seen shows like this so I at least have a general idea. And I know it's fake TV. But still. Weird thing is, I'm thinking that I care for these people anyway. I want them to be and stay well. Even if it's just a show Kinda wishing I'd talked more to Dr. House when he was in Kansas. Oh well, just have to be my best. Give my best effort and have hope that it works out. I think that is what Lilu would tell me if she were h

April 27th, 2015

plot filter: Dr Sexy MD

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You'll never get away with this.

Money? Its not about money it's about LIVES. And I can save this girl. Experimental Hemoglasboradisurgery is entirely indicated in this case.
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