War Is Coming Communications.

May 15th, 2015

May 15th, 2015

Plot Filter: Melrose Beach

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Today is the day. I will be married to the love of my life at two pm this afternoon. The wedding is at his estate, you are all invited.

Kriff I hope this is the end of this because I feel like a fool

Plot filter: Starfleet (Voice Comm)

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Lieutenant Commander... shit, Jo! Come in! You need to beam us up, like, right now. They're trying to...

[Muffled sounds of a scuffle]

Jo, I'm pretty sure this is turning into a hostage situation.

I told you this was a stupid idea!

Is anyone getting th...

[More sounds of a scuffle]

Hey, get the hell off me!

Dammit, Jo, they're too strong for...

[Elena's muffled scream before the line goes dead]

(OOC: Elena's part of the away team that's kidnapped by coffee-crazed locals but, since she's achieved her goal, she'll wake up at home almost immediately and therefore won't be responding to any further comms.)

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Okay, that was the weirdest thing I have encountered in my life.

Kirk, I have a newfound respect for you!

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Fucking angels. Go team evil

[once Georgina was off the planet, she was done]

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Wow. That was definitely different.

Okay, since I was barely here before getting sucked into a television show, what's there to do around here? I'm guessing I still need to finish high school. Which, I'm definitely okay with, as I want to finish so I can go to college. Also, I probably need a job. Maybe something with animals?


So. I know, back home, we don't really know each other all that well. I'd love to fix that. We're family. We should spend more time together. Also, I know you're the Wild Power and everything, but if you need any help with anything magic related, I'd have no problems helping you.
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