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October 13th, 2014

October 13th, 2014

Crowley & Anna

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I think I'm going to be sick.

You're still having Henrik on your days this week, yeah?

I had fun on our camping trip. Have I mentioned how proud I am of you? Wolves aren't easy to hunt, little brother, you were really impressive!

No jerks from either side. Or kids. No kids at all. In fact 21+ Cause WORLD OF EW

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I know that I should not look into the fandom. It leads to bad memories. But sometimes it's nice to see clips and stuff of people from home when I miss them.

And then there are days like today where, really, I need brain bleach STAT! Like seriously omg ew ew ew and did I mention EW?! Why would people ever, ever, EVER wanna ship things like that? I mean really! The man is like my FATHER! this is disgusting. I will never unsee this.

Can I just kill youtube with fire, guys? Is that cool?

[House Warehouse]
Vicki's back! I adore that girl and she IS my long lost interdimensional cousin~ and all... So what say you guys to letting her crash with us? We have, like, plenty of room and everything, so... thoughts/opinions?

Talk to me, bestie. How are you?

(ETA) [Vicki]
Hey, chick. So consensus is: Probably fine. If you're fine around 4 humans? We just wanna make sure you'd be okay, cause 2 year old in the house and all.

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No evil or heaven wanting apocalypse types

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I still can't believe Nik is eight months old already. And I think last night I saw him trying to haul himself up to stand with the couch's help to get a stuffed animal that was laying on it. Though I could do without his tryouts to be a drummer for a rock band.

We need to make sure that all sharp corners are padded since he'd getting more and more mobile now.

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[Enjolras and Eponine]

Are you planning on going to that party? I thought I might help Gav devour ridiculous amounts of candy and leave you with the aftermath.


Have you thought about dressing up for Halloween? It seems fairly common, around here.

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[ooc: *select family meaning not Damon, Klaus or Caroline this time. Forward dated a bit, posted at just after 3pm Lawrence time]

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No One Who Wishes Us Harm

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Lifehouse is a wonderful band live. Even if I do tease my husband relentlessly for his music. But I enjoyed them and I think he did, too, and I'm grateful to everyone who stepped up and gave us a weekend of grownup time. But it is SO good to be home with my little boy.

Also? Think I've found my favourite part of Halloween this year! How cute is he??

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[Kol, Sam Winchester, Bobby]

Sam, Bobby, hi! So I'm back. And I remember being here before - and the training/de-sensitizing and all that stuff too.

BUT I wanted to let all three of you know - Claudia invited me to move in with her and the people with her and apparently it's okay with them. And I think I can really do it. I just - I thought I should let you all know. Just to, you know, cover everything.

Hi...we haven't met, but I'm Vicki. Caroline mentioned that you might have a spot in your club for me?
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