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June 22nd, 2014

June 22nd, 2014

Texts to Jacen

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>> I know you're likely quite busy with Tahiri and the twins
>> But if you have a few minutes to spare, I could use your assistance


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I just heard. I'm so sorry. If you ever need anything, please just ask.

A friend just lost her husband. I don't want to lose you.

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Grant, you are too serious.  I know you have a sense of humour,  I've seen it!

And we've gotten drunk with vampires.  Which is fascinating.  But, I think has gotten us extremely drunk.  We probably should have seen this coming.

Also, you like Skye!  I can tell.  But, sshhhh, I won't tell her when we get home.  Don't worry.

I miss Fitz!!!!  I'm not used to him not being here.

Elena.  You're very pretty and really lovely for a vampire.  Not sure about your boyfriend though.  He keeps side-eyeing me.


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All of the arguing lately is seriously not helping.

Hey. What're you doing?

No evil.

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... I'm not sure I want to know what I drank last night that waking up in a graveyard was an option.

If anyone is around, I could use a ride home. And breakfast, because it feels like I haven't eaten in months, but the ride home is my main priority.

No evil

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Okay. This place triple sucks now. I went to talk to Torunn and her and her mother Sif are gone too.

Filtered Against Known Threats

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Ow.  That was a very loud bing.

Well, good news is that my machine does detect when the seal does something.  Bad news is that it seems to have done something quite big this time.  Which looks like it's taken a large number of people.

Anyone else missing anyone?


I wanted to tell you first.  But, the TARDIS says Guy is no longer here.

I'm sorry.

Filtered from Evil/Heaven

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Free drinks for displaced in Bed of Roses tonight. Its one of those days I think.

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Someone please tell me I'm hallucinating from blood loss and that I'm not actually in a graveyard....or writing on an internet board and that it's all my imagination....I don't know if I can handle anything else right now. A hallucination might be a relief and I'm not joking.

Especially considering the alternative is heaven looks like a graveyard.

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[Filtered to Marian]

Apparently in another world you wear intriguing outfits and fight with a whip. Something to keep in mind if there is ever a costume party?

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SUMMER TIME!!! It means cute sun dresses. But it also means cute bathing suits and strappy shoes and shopping! But I don't wanna alone. Aleeeeexxxxx!! SHOP WITH ME!

Anyone else?!

Elsa, I'm gonna get you things. New things. So either make a list or suffer cute things!

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An internet board Really I'm used to some strange things, but turning up in random new places is kind of new. And not all that likable either, I was kind of in the middle of something. Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on and where I am?

Then, more importantly, how I get home? Even if I'm Jeremy

Lets even add the bonus question! Why an internet board? What kind of weird


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Hi. I'm sorry about Freddie. Is there anything I can do?

Filtered From Evil and Heaven

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Well, that was unexpected.  I guess the seal needs me for something or other.

Hey, is everyone still here?  Davina?

Rebekah?  Klaus?  Caroline? Kol?  Elijah?

How about you, Eva?  You still remember BA?

No Evil

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Alright, so which one if you witchy types has managed to get me ejected from the house.

It's really not funny!

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It took Freddie away

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There is no cruller fate than to be sent back to...

I won't be opening today. If no one minds

Text to Caroline

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>> So, sleepover may encounter some problems since we currently can't get into the house...

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I don't understand.

[ETA: TARDIS Family]

I'm going away for a bit. Please don't come after me.

Filtered: No evil, no Heaven

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I seem to have lost count of the number of times I have been bitten by this damned goat today. Figuratively. In reality it was forty-three, but that is irrelevant. I do not have time for Lestrade's irrational jealousy whenever I turn my back on him. I have important work to be doing.

Someone take him for a walk before I lock him in a closet.

[Rose, Florence]

I assume presently there is little that can be said or done to make this time less difficult. Still, I am sorry to
It is deeply unfortunate that

However, whenever you are feeling up for it, I have access to hot air balloons, and they are often quite diverting.

If there is anything else I can offer, please let me know.


What are you doing tomorrow evening?

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Fuck you, Seal.
I already went through this with Oswin. I don't want
I hate this place sometimes.

Parker's gone. I need a drink. Or several.


How are you holding up?

Voice Post

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[Spoken in Old Norse. Lagertha cannot read or write (yet), so correspondence will need to be by voice for the time being.]

A child has informed me as to my current situation and location. He also said there were others here who may be able to give me more information.

I am Lagertha, Earl of Hedeby. My son is the Prince of Denmark, his father Ragnar Loðbrók. I am, it seems, out of my own time and I would appreciate information.


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Do you ever think about getting sent home? To Vegas, I mean?

Voice Post

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Is this thing on?

Okay, so if anyone can hear me.  I appear to be in Kansas.  JARVIS says I'm in Kansas.  I was in New York.

No one tell Pepper, it will be fine.  But, I'm in need of some assistance.  I appear to have crashed.

And no one tell Cap, because he will mock me.
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