War Is Coming Communications.

August 4th, 2013

War Is Coming Communications.


August 4th, 2013

No Evil

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Probably should be going to the camp. Not going to the camp. Is wanting to be normal so much to ask??
Have enough paranormal and supernatural bullshit in my life without adding to

How important are these classes we're supposed to be taking? I mean, I know the exorcism is important, that's a no brainer I guess. But what about the others?


So I saw your brother read you the riot act. Are you okay?

[Hal and Mitchell]

Um. I should probably come clean. From the stuff Alex and I have talked about, we kind of figured something out.

The world you're from? There's a second one. Vampire, ghost, werewolf? Yeah. You're the UK version. I did some research. They made a US one, too. And...um. I guess you'd say I'm our "George". Your werewolf friend. Your hospital cleaner, turned while his best friend died, moved in with his vampire best friend and met a house haunting ghost werewolf friend.

So. Uh. Yeah. This is probably seriously awkward. And not many people here know right now so if we could keep that kind of quiet, that'd be great, thanks. But, hey, now you know, we can all go on with our lives, yay team.

Text to Lois

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>>You know, everyone seems to remember dates of when stuff happened.
>>Is it weird I don't?
>>I don't remember when the seal took Allana.
>>Or when I died.
>>Or anything like that.
>>I just don't.

Evil's Not Allowed to Watch Doctor Who

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So today is the day we learn what the face of the new version of my ex who comes after the version of my ex that is here now looks like.

...being fictional gets really weird sometimes.

[Friends (minus Guy)]

Today's also been a year since...well. Yeah. It's wrong that I still miss him sometimes, isn't it? I've got someone who really, really loves me but I still feel like I keep him at arm's length sometimes because you just never know here. One of us could be dead tomorrow or the Seal could once again decide to be a douche, and I just...

Well. I guess I just miss him. And being fictional, seeing his face everywhere, seeing us paired up all the time?

I don't know. I feel weird. Think I may just go back to bed for the rest of the day.

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I need a new suit. Want to come shopping with me, Jones?

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Delivery for Miss. Katherine Pierce )

No evil

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I have a few things!

1. Horseback riding chaperones: This is kind of short notice, but I finally got in contact with the ranch and they can do an all day field trip from 10-2 on Wednesday. Whoever still would like to help out with this, please let me know ASAP.

2. Thursday, August 8, there will be an outdoor viewing of Grease at 7pm over at the same ranch. Dressing up for it is not required, but if you dress up the Pink Ladies Appreciation Society (yes this IS a real thing) will give you a free bag of popcorn to enjoy the movie.

3. And then Friday, August 9th, is the crazy sock hop dance.

Anyone want to do another game of laser tag Sunday though? Because I feel its been long enough since the last one to warrant another game. And you know planning is a great distrac

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