War Is Coming Communications.

August 5th, 2013

War Is Coming Communications.


August 5th, 2013

No Devil and minions

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Elena I like your kitten. I might have to get one of my own so I can stop hogging yours.

[Lexi & Lee]

Pretty lady, aren't you going to tell me hi? Lee said you were here.

Adam & Mercy

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A friend of mine was asking if I wanted to go on a trip with her. It'd just be a couple days. I didn't really think it'd be an issue, but I figured I should check with you guys first.


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You're too good to me.

[House of Lust]
We have a new member of the house. I need a name for her.

The devil is bad

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John will you come too? Horses are tall.


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You've noticed, haven't you?

no evil

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There is a squirrel starring at me. with beady judging little ieyes.

[ooc:pretend this happened before leaving for camp! I forgot what day it was and IJ was dead anyway o yus. *handwave handwave*]

filtered to Elena

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How's recovery treating you?

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My books are all disorganized. The fuck happened while I
Never mind.
Fucking hell, that took weeks to set up right bef

Thinking I'm going to reorganize my books and things. I'm tired of boxes of shit all over the flat.

Feeling like getting spectacularly drunk with me?

Ginger's birthday is coming up. Next Thursday, if I'm remembering right. Help me figure something out?

I should probably
There wouldn't happen to be any of Piffy's dreamless sleep potions left, would there?

I saw your
I know how
never mind.

No Evil

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Okay, so now I'm more or less settled into life here, and I have more time on my hands, I have decided to get caught up on more of the things I missed while locked away for 90 years. Namely, movies.

So my plea to you all, tell me the movies I really need to watch! Anything, from 1920s onwards. All genres, all eras.

[Filtered to Stefan Salvatore]

And you, Stephanie, will be keeping me company during at least some of the viewing sessions. With popcorn. And no mocking me if I get all girly and weepy at any sad movies!

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