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[Dec. 7th, 2008|11:16 pm]
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So, I'm back. Awesome, right? 'Least that means no more politics.

Oh, wait. Thank you, Ma. The subtlty of your points knows no bounds.

What'd I miss?
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[Nov. 30th, 2008|02:31 pm]

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Tarah Shel Elohim
One who is banished of God
This shall I be known as
The Functionary, resigned

No more a servant
But mortal
No more Divine
but wretched
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[Nov. 18th, 2008|06:04 pm]

[Current Mood |contemplative]

In these, the dying hours of one man's reign
When darkness sweeps the world in night and day,
Success no longer able to be feigned,
Survival now the issue of the fray.
From furthest dream has his successor come
To try his hand at beating sorrow back
With chants that sound as loud as beating drums
And thoughts that turn few hearts still cold and black.
Yet still he soldiers on to meet the light:
Hope, infused throughout the world and nation
To warm away last traces of old fright,
Perhaps a chance to salvage least creation.
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[Sep. 27th, 2008|12:35 am]

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Ahh, that's better. A month of skeeball and porn really gives a deity a fresh look at things, you know?

So who missed me? And who can I smite? I had some reeeeeally long naps for awhile there.
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[Sep. 26th, 2008|12:22 pm]

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Hark, ungrateful, unworthy citizens
of this failing experiment of Life
for time of judgment is nigh approaching
yet blindly still you destroy God's Own Work
refusing to take fault for thine action

Before me do I see the wreckage strewn
tattered remnants of those to be martyred
sacrificed to quell growing Divine Wrath
not accepting futility as truth
not repenting sins immeasurable

As the time of hopeless tradition comes
change, the elusive prayer of many
remember it so truly matters not
for your time here is fast coming to end
Least Creation will return to nothing.

All shall be as it was in Time Before.
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[Sep. 16th, 2008|09:18 am]


Eternal torture, pain, and woe
Upon the soul of he who did create
This wretched task of
Broadcast News.

For many storms I have wrought
Far worse in memory than this
Yet here must I stand, waiting
Forced to speak to thee.

My Brother's task, now mine
Insulting, indignant, ironic
Never less amused have I been.
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[Sep. 14th, 2008|12:06 am]

[Tags|, ]

From forth the empty Space Between
Have I been dragged into Hell
Least Creation, my mantle now
Exile, not punishment enough.
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