Daily Scans - August 2nd, 2009

August 2nd, 2009

August 2nd, 2009
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Michael Morbius isn't a very good superhero
MIDNIGHT SUNS UNLIMITED #4 is the final chapter of the "Seige of Darkness" crossover. A collection of supernatural characters are fighting Zarathos. Zarathos has killed and absorbed Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider. But Morbius has an idea of how to weaken Zarathos. Just not a very heroic one.

Morbiusdickery after the cut. )

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Captain Atom Does Not Have a Near-Death Experience...

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Preview of Marvel Zombies 4
Normally I would not post about the Zombies, since I haven't followed them since the first series... but this was amusing (and I do mean amusing, not funny) enough to merit the attention of the scans_daily. 2 pages of the preview behind the cut.

Preview from CosmicBookNews

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Golden Age Wonder Woman
When I first made this post, which was pretty early in my GA WW postings, I remarked that several people at the old s_d were so amazed at the amount of bondage and other crack that they asked me if I was sure my scans hadn't been photoshopped. When one has experienced the full crackiness of GA WW, photoshopping more craziness in would seem anticlimactic.

The Sherlockian title of the story from which today's scans come is "Adventure of the Kidnapers of Astral Spirits", originally published in Sensation Comics #25 in 1944.

Just two panels from this one. I'm not trying to convey the full story or anything, just highlighting the most cracktastic bits:

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Adventure Comics #2 (#505) Variant Cover

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Hubba hubba! Hold on to your hats fellow S_D-er's
For lo I bring you mass nudity of major DC heroes, but yet... it IS safe for work...

See the Teen Wonder without his wardrobe, see Wonder Woman without a stitch on her, see Superman and Aquaman disrobed as you've never seen them disrobed before... And none of them have anything on under their costumes

And believe it or not, it's not in the likes of Vertigo that this happened, but

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The Last Musketeer

This story won the Eisner award for "Best U.S. Edition of International Material" at this year's Comic-Con, so you should check it out!

Seven pages from a 46-page book under the cut.

One for all! )

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Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy

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More Machine Than Man Part II
The Reign of the Rogue Superman whose behind you! Look!


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Why didn't Starman win the war?
It's a problem with ongoing science-fiction series, whether pulps or comics or TV. If advanced technology is shown to be available and workable, why doesn't it change the world? Anti-gravity, matter transporters, telepathic transmitters.. any of these would start the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution. The problem is that following stories would have to incorporate these changes and the series would suddenly stop being the world of Doc Savage and look more like the world of the Jetsons. So the amazing new gadget has to be destroyed, the only prototype smashed and the plans lost. Or, if the hero is using the gizmo as his trademark, it must be the product of a freak accident that can't be duplicated. (Doc Savage used to regularly claim the villains' disintegrator guns or earthquake machines or whatever and just declare they were too dangerous to use. Rather than trust the human race to use the tech properly, he just took it on himself to lock him them away in his Fortress of Solitude. But then, Doc had a lot of nerve any way you look at it.)

Now, the original Starman (the one who appeared in ADVENTURE COMICS and ALL-STAR COMICS beginning in 1941)had as his main distinction something called the Gravity Rod. This was a sceptre that charged up with starlight and converted it into useful energy. Anti-gravity, concussive blasts, heat rays (and the occasional rabbit-out-of-the-hat application) made Starman an upper-level super-hero able to hold his own with the heavy hitters in the Justice Society.

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