February 6th, 2009

[info]jonaswilder in [info]lechance


Late night, and most of the town were in their beds. Sheriff Jonas Wilder however, wasn't.
cut for length )
.... He awoke in the early hours, still seated and slumped over at his desk, having finally exhausted and drunk himself into a restless sleep. Papers were still sticking to his face as he stirred at the cockcrow of early morning. He groaned as he unfurled his body, standing finally to clear things away. Papers back in the cabinets, books piled on his desk, cigar ash brushed away, and the decanter refilled and replaced. All before anyone else should awaken to the new day, and suspect what he'd been up to.

[info]ex_homemaker813 in [info]lechance

Invitation to all Beloveds (backdated a bit!)

Dear Beloveds,

It is my pleasure to invite you all for afternoon tea at three o'clock on Saturday 7 February, for a gathering of Beloveds for conversation and the consumption of a wide selection of cakes and breads!

I look forward to seeing you all - and if you know any other Beloved who would like to come, please do invite them too!


Hattie Salas (nee Palmer)

(Address follows)