January 27th, 2009

[info]jonstanton in [info]lechance

Letter left for Ben.

Dearest Beloved,

I have heard from my family requesting that we visit them soon and although I do miss them terribly and want nothing more than to introduce them to the wonderful man I've married, I feel that perhaps now is not the best time for us to be leaving LeChance.

With all that is going on around town, I believe we are needed here. I realize that sounds quite arrogant, but I think we can help with what is going on here and that need is more important than my desire to show you my home.

I hope you don't find that to be too selfish of me and if you have objections, we can begin planning that trip right away. After your recent letter from your mother, I worry that you'll think perhaps I'm delaying meeting my family because of any number of reasons, but that is not the case at all. I simply feel that if we leave now, we'll be abandoning our responsibilities to this place that we've chosen to make our home.

I do hope this makes sense and I'd like to claim your time this evening as my own so that we may discuss this and spend some time together.

All my love,

[info]simoneaux in [info]lechance


Ben very deliberately came home from work just a bit early, taking off his boots at the door and putting them on the boot jack and starting a pot of tea before moving through the house and searching for his house, hoping his husband had done the same, "Jon?"