January 19th, 2009

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Letter to Edward-delivered to the Beloved's Hotel (Backdated to Friday)

(A card with the address of Delilah's Studio on, and the following letter are delivered to the Beloved's Hotel)

Dear Mr. Parsons,

Further to our conversation the other week, I wondered if you were still available for afternoon tea? If you're agreeable, I could arrange for a myself and a chaperone to call at the Hotel, at say around four in the afternoon this coming Monday? Or alternatively, I should be free from work from around two in the afternoon on the same day, if you'd prefer to meet at my studio instead? Please let me know what would best suit yourself, as my work and home hours are quite flexible.

It was delightful to meet you the other week, and I hope the New Year is seeing you well thus far.

Delilah Morgan

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Leo had been doing what she could to gather information for the sheriff but reports were slow coming in. She'd taken to patrolling at night, haunting both the stables and the stockyards to see if she could spot whatever had attacked Jonas' animals.

It was morning now, just, and she had her hands wrapped around a strong cup of coffee as she sat on the steps of the office.