Jan. 28th, 2006


Favorite Author Category

With this post, I'm starting a new Category.  If I've rec'd an author at least three time, I think they deserve to be recognized as a favorite, well-loved author.  And there may be some I haven't rec'd three times, yet, just because I've not gotten my journal up to date, yet.  So they'll go in this category, too.   If I miss someone I have rec'd often enough, please remind me, I'll be glad to include them. 

Many of these authors will span more than one Fandom, and that's okay, I'll tag them for every fandom I would recomend them for.  They may write in others, too, but if I haven't read it, I can't rec it, can I?  I won't rec every individual fic I do like by them, either, 'cause with some of them that would take all day.  But since I've added an author category in the tags, you should be able to find the recs I've already given for them, just by clicking on their name in the tags.  That's a start, anyway. 

This is a work in progress, so if I don't like the way the post looks, I may revamp it, and try it a different way.  If you'd like different information than I'm giving you, leave me a comment, and I'll see what I can do.  Actually, I think I'll start the new recs with the next post, so this one is just a sort of an explanation.  Tell me what you think about the idea, and the way it works.  Thanks.

ETA: I forgot to mention: this new category and the changes to the comm are due to the kindness of my hero, Cat - ([info]cheights), whose generosity has supplied us with a 6 month paid journal for my birthday...wasn't that sweet of her? Now I get to add all those links I've been wanting to play with. Whee!!!


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