Nov. 30th, 2005


Original Fiction

Original Fiction

Fandom:  Original Fiction
Series: The Administration Series 
Author: Manna  ([info]ms_manna)
Genre:  SciFi, Mostly Slash, Some Het, Angst, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, First Time
Pairing: Val Toreth/Keir Warrick
Rating: G through NC17
Warnings: BDSM, Non-Con, "Issues of Consent", Violence, Torture, mention of Child Abuse

Notes:  This is a large series, with 3 novels, 3 novelas and 27 short stories. If that seems a bit daunting, I don't blame you.  Do what I did and take the author's advice:  The first six chapters of the first  novel (Mind Fuck), make a great short story called Virtual.  It introduces you to the characters, gives you some time with them, and if you aren't into them enough to keep reading, you can stop there.  If you are, there's a link to Chapter Seven at the end of Virtual.  You don't have to miss a beat, just keep reading. 

The world Manna has created is dark and disturbing, but at the same time, fascinating.  The characters are intriguing, and a complex mix of good and bad.  You love Val Toreth, even though sometimes you just want to smack him  a good one upside the head, and you root for Keir, even while you know he's going to make the wrong move, fall in love with the wrong guy...  As crazy as it is, you want those two to be together.  The plots are complicated and fascinating, the short pieces great glimpses into their lives, and the lives of their friends and families.  I avoided this series for a long time, thinking it was too big a project to take on - but believe me, once you've started, you'll want to read more.

Excerpt:  (From Mind Fuck)

Now... he said, pulling the pause out -  )

I rate this Series: Pretty Damn Good

Nov. 13th, 2005


Stargate SG-1

Fandom: Stargate SG-1 
Title: Congealed
Author: Kres  ([info]kres)
Genre: Slash, Angst, Hurt/Comfort?
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM, Dark, Very Intense Consensual Violence
Spoilers: None

Notes: This is one of the hardest fics to describe - it's quite short, which is good, I think, because if it were longer, it might be too much to deal with.  But it gets the point across in a minimum of words.  No whips and chains involved, here, but the violence is shockingly real, and intense, and the first time I read this fic, I had to sit there and digest it for a bit.  Then I had to read it again.   Then I went and friended Kres, so I didn't miss anything else.  This one still blows me away, everytime I read it.


...and yes, he is sure Jack is going to hit him now. )

I rate this fic:  Pretty Damn Good
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