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Favorite Author Post: Xanthe

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Fic rec'd by Dusty: Xanthe

Why this author? 
Between the X-Files fic that I've been reading for months and months now, and the new SGA fic she's been writing, I know I'll cover the three fic limit, as soon as I start fic'ing her stories.  So I thought I'd get a head start on it, now.  The first thing I read by Xanthe was very, very heavy on Torture/NonCon/BDSM and as she put it, "Physical, emotional and psychological abuse."  So I had a good idea of what she could do from the very beginning.  I've never made it through all her X-Files fic - she wrote many pairings including Het and Gen, so you know me, I never got around to a good many of those.  I have no doubt that they live up to her standard, but they're just not my thing...

And since she's been on LJ, she's been getting into SGA.  She's already written a couple of long fic, including one novel-length fic that's full of all the Angst, NonCon and Torture you could expect from a Xanthe fic.  She's fond Carson, so I expect we'll see more of him, as well as Sheppard/McKay.    I understand she's working on a long piece right now - I think she called it BDSM-Lite.   She can actually get a little on the heavy side for me, sometimes, so this should be interesting for me.

Check out her website if you like Dr. Who and West Wing, she's written in both those as well.  And she's started two new comms on Live Journal:  [info]slashspank - a multi-fandom journal for Discipline and Erotic Spanking, and [info]atlantiskink - a predominantly slash, but open community for Atlantis fic, discussion and art of the Kink persuasion.  Well, she manages to keep busy, doesn't she?

Her Usuals:
Usual Fandoms: 
X-Files, SGA
Usual Pairings:  lots of Skinner/Mulder and some Krycek, McShep, Carson,
Usual Genres:  Slash, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Novel Length, some Het
Usual Ratings: R or NC17
Usual Warnings:  BDSM, Torture, NonCon, Extreme Violence, Bondage, Kink, Dom/sub, Spanking for Disciple, Erotic Spanking

I rate this Author: Pretty Damn Good



Fandom: X-Files 
Title: The Adversary
Author: Xanthe ([info]xanthelj)
Genre: Slash, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, AU, Novel Length 
Pairing: Mulder/OMC, Mulder/Others, Mulder/Skinner
Rating: NC17
Warnings: NonCon, Rape, Torture - Physical and Psychological, BDSM, Bondage, Extreme Violence
Spoilers: Don't remember any.

Notes:  This is an extremely intense story. It was the first fic I'd read by Xanthe, and one of the earliest X-Files stories I'd ever read.  It pretty much defined Mulder Bashing for me. But as hard as it was to read, I couldn't stop.  I'd pretty much figured out the whole deal about Mulder's lover from grad school, so that wasn't a big deal to reveal, but hey.  What's just one more step on the way to Mulder's eventual capitulation.  And from the way he was treated, I couldn't see it going down any other way. 

Even so, I kept telling myself how smart Mulder was, and how he could manage to keep his sanity throughout this whole breaking down process; and the fact that he managed to continue to work his way into his Adversary's mind at the same time gave me hope...albeit a very small amount.  By the time it's over, you'll be blinking your eyes and shaking your head, too.  I know I was.  It's the case of the car accident that you just can't look away from as you drive past.  So you back up and park, get out of the car and go poking around.  You just can't help yourself.

About the AU.  Something in Mulder's past is changed, but it does not effect the present day of the fic.  Mulder still works for Skinner and his partner is still Scully.  The Cigarette Smoking Man is there turning the screws as usual, and the Rat Bastard is hanging out, being totally unpredictable - also as usual.   If you don't mind a bit of torture, you've got a solid stomach, and you like a lot of Mulder Torture - this is the fic for you.  And no, I don't know what it says about me, that I've read this one more than once...well, more than twice, okay?


He had to accept, for now at least, that he was at someone else’s mercy )

I rate this fic:  Pretty Damn Good

Nov. 5th, 2005



Fandom: X-Files 
Title: Joined At The Soul
Author: Diana Williams
Genre: Slash, Case File, Angst, AU, First Time, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Murder and Multilation of Children - Non-Graphic
Spoilers:  Not that I'm aware of...

Notes: This AU takes place while Mulder is still in DC's Violent Crimes Unit, before the X-Files.  When his subordinates screw up the case of a suddenly high-profile Serial Killer, Skinner takes over, and meets the infamous Profiler Fox Mulder, who has been sent to help clear up the case.  As Mulder gets closer to the killer, he and Skinner begin to form a relationship built on mutual need, and respect.  The fic is built to dove-tail with canon - the author's idea is that Skinner and his wife were separated more than once before their divorce, and that this case file takes place during one of those times.

Don't be alarmed that on Diana Williams' site, she actually advertises the fic as Part One of a series.  Obviously, she changed her mind about that, because there is no Part Two that I can find.  But it doesn't matter.  This fic stands on it's own.  No sequel is needed.  It would have been nice, just because I like this world, and Mulder and Skinner's interaction in it.  But you don't need to worry about missing anything.   It is complete in and of itself.

One thing that threw me all the way through - the name of one of the Serial Killer's last victims?  Miguel Alvarez.  Which won't mean a thing, unless you happen to watch HBO's Oz.  Which you may have noticed from my recs, I do.  And not only that , but on OzMiguel Alvarez is one of my favorite characters...so everytime they mention him, it kind of throws me right out of the story, for just a second or two, you know?  It's weird.  But still, I really enjoy this fic, every time I read it...


Skinner picked up the phone. )

I rate this fic:  Pretty Damn Good

Oct. 30th, 2005



Title: The Last Train To Clarksville
Author: JiM
Genre: PWP, Slash, First Time, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Notes: I think I'll use the author's own words, here, since they cover everything so perfectly:  Mulder and Skinner, the first time; a locked boxcar, it's cold and dark, there's some chocolate -- what more needs to be said?   This is a PWP - it has no redeeming virtues - it does not advance the plot, doesn't explain anybody's secrets nor plumb anyone's soul.  I'm rather proud of that, actually.  Well, it works for me.

Where’s your coat, Agent Mulder? )

I rate this fic:  I Like This One

Oct. 29th, 2005



Fandom:  X-Files
Title: Out of the Dark                
Author: Kassandra
Genre: Slash, Some Het, Case File, Novel-length, First Time, Action/Adventure, Angst
Pairing/Characters: Skinner/Mulder, Mulder/OC, Mulder/Others, Mulder/Scully Friendship
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM, Dom/sub, Bondage, Violence, Fisting, Kink, Non-Con, Questionable Consent
Spoilers: None?

Mulder is going over the deep end.  Trouble at work, trouble with his partner who seems to be slipping away from him more every day.  He needs a break - a way to escape the inside of his own head for a while.  When Frohike sets him up for the vacation of his life at a sexual Fantasy Island, he thinks he may have just found the way to make it work.  But instead he finds himself getting sucked further and further into a lifestyle he can't keep up with and still maintain his sanity.   When things take a turn into danger, he ends up relying on Skinner, of all people, to help him sort out the mess his life has become, and find a way to separate himself from the obsessions that attract him, and could lead to his death.

This is a novel length fic, and I got so absorbed into it, that I finished it, and immediately turned around and read it again.  The characters were believeable, and well written - especially the original characters, even the villians, and I'll be damned if there isn't one hell of a lot of very erotic sex in this fic, too.  But be aware, most of the sex has some elements of D/s, bondage or other BDSM practices, although most of it goes no further than tethers and blindfolds.  However there is enough that goes past that to warn you about it.  And there's a fair amount of questional consent issues, as well. 

So you know...this is the fic that got me going in the X-Files Fandom.  I'd watched the show off and on, nothing much, but the fic I'd read all featured Krycek, and although I liked him, I didn't really get the Mulder/Krycek vibe.  Well, I found the vibe that does work...Skinner/Mulder and throwing in some Dom/sub issues will cinch the deal for me pretty much every time.   And it's all Kassandra's fault. 


Caitlin, this is Fox, our newest guest. )

I rate this fic:  Pretty Damn Good

Oct. 22nd, 2005



Title: A Routine Interrogation
Author: Lyrica
Genre: PWP, First Time
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Dom/sub, Bondage, BDSM
Spoilers: None.

Notes: It's a rather standard senario, one agent realizes the other is into the same thing they are when confronted with a kink through their job. But I don't really care how formualic the plot is, I only care that it works.  Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


The man was the same size and build as Mulder )

I rate this fic: I Like This One

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