Dec. 12th, 2005


Steven Brust's To Reign In Hell

Fandom:   To Reign In Hell  by Steven Brust
Title:  How Fallen
Author: shalott ([info]astolat)
Genre: Slash, First Time, PWP, Book
Pairing: Satan/Lucifer
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: The book.

Notes: I know this book isn't especially well known, but it's by one of my favorite authors, and I happen to be fond of it.  I'm very pleased that shalott managed to capture Steven Brust's wonderfully wry sense of humor, but I'm not surprised - she's good at pretty much everything she puts her hand to.  This fic may be too short for me, but it still made me very happy.

It's not hard to follow shalott's story, it's short, it just has two characters, and it's pretty much about the sex, anyway.   The only thing you really need to know is that this takes place in what will eventually called Heaven, fairly early on in the development of - pretty much everything.  The creatures that will someday be called angels and devils and demons and gods - well, they're brand new at this (having just recently developed consciousness/sentience/self-awareness?) so they're just learning what everything is about, and making up the rules as they go along.   So Lilith teaches Satan and Lucifer about sex, and then they decide to experiment on their own. 


Lucifer stared up at the ceiling and thought about how to answer the question. )

I rate this fic:  Pretty Damn Good

Oct. 27th, 2005


Steven Brust's Dragaera Series

Fandom: Steven Brust's Dragaera Universe
Title: Witchcraft
Author: Truth  [info]dhaunea)
Genre: Book, PreSlash, Drama
Pairing: Vlad/Morrolan
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: The Jhereg Series, through Taltos

Notes: My favorite fantasy novels for the last decade or so have been by Steven Brust, and of this whole Universe he's created, by far my favorite novels have been the ones with Vlad Taltos as the lead character.  Vlad is a fascinating character...a "business man" whose "business" includes untaxed gambling houses and brothels, and the protection racket. 

He also happens to be an extremely deadly assassin, an excellent cook, a witch in a country full of sorcerers with an entirely different kind of power, and "human" in a world of Dragaerans - creatures that stand several feet taller than he does, and live thousands of years longer than he will.  Yet he stands out, makes a name for himself in a totally foreign land, and makes powerful allies and formidable enemies in deadly games of politics and power. 

My first interest in slashing this series was in bringing together Vlad and Morrolan (his friend, and one of the youngest and most powerful of the Dragonlords).  They have a lot in common, but at the same time, are totally, widely different in many, many ways.  I always thought they belonged together.  Way before I ever heard of slash.  But then I learned all about fandom, and eventually even found some people who also want to write in this fandom.  This fic makes me happy.  It was the first one I found, and I think Truth handles Vlad and his trusty Jhereg familiar Loiosh, very well.   Good fic.  Worth reading.


I remember being slightly shocked  )

I rate this fic: I Like This Fic

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