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Favorite Author Post: Rebecca/[info]blueraccoon

Author: Rebecca
Fandoms: NCIS, Firefly
Website: Rebecca's Realm
Live Journal: [info]blueraccoon
Fic rec'd by Dusty: blueraccoon/Rebecca

Why this author? I started reading her pwp's because they were really hot, and perfect for rec'ing on Smut Day Wednesdays.  She writes a lot of BDSM and Dom/sub, and she does it well, which is an improvement on about 90% of what's out there, and that makes me very happy.  I enjoy her characters, they're well rounded and fun when they're supposed to be, and angstful when they're not. 

She's very prolific, it seems like she's writing another fic every other day.  I like her short ficlets and "60-Second Porn" installments, which often don't make it into the NCIS FanFiction Archive, so at the moment, you have to read them on her journal or her brand new website, Rebecca's Realm.  They're listed in her memories on her journal and under NCIS fic: "60 Seconds" on her website.  And they're well worth it. 

She doesn't just write slash, I just rec'd a series that starts out het.  She has a writing partner, [info]skripka (who you may notice, I've rec'd before), and the two together often write het.   As a matter of fact, I just noticed that skripka started a new NCIS comm [info]gibbs_abby, and if there ever was a het pairing I could get behind it would be that one, so I thought I'd mention it.  It's sure to have Rebecca's fic in it. 

Rebecca doesn't just write smut, either.  For instance, I've been debating whether to rec her 4 part series Paradigm Shift, which involves a lot of case files, as well as a slowly developing relationship between Gibbs and Tony (no BDSM, this time, either), and I've read it at least three times, which makes it more than eligible for this rec journal.  But I just rec'd my third or 4th fic by her, so I decided to just mention it here, and try and give a few different authors a chance, you know?

Edited To Add: Since I wrote this, Rebecca has written a new series that is threatening to become one of my favorites, ever. It's called Geometry and it starts out as an NCIS case fic with BDSM overtones. The only sex is with her two Original Male Characters who live a heavily BDSM lifestyle, and it's only peripherally involved in the plot. The rest of the series, however, involves Tony becoming a friend of Stephen and Joshua's, and becoming interested in their lifestyle. I'm enjoying them a great deal.

I believe there's only one more in the series, and it will be the first we've seen of Gibbs/Tony. So I'm especially looking forward to that one. But you can read the others without feeling like you're hanging on waiting for the last part. They finish quite naturally, and could end there, if it weren't for the fact that Rebecca has promised me she'll get Gibbs and Tony together before the series is over.

The Usuals:
Usual Fandoms:  NCIS is what I ususlly rec, but I just read a Firefly series that blew me away, and I'll be rec'ing it later today.
Usual Pairings: NCIS: Gibbs/Tony, Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/Abby/Tony
                          Firefly: Mal/Simon
Usual Genres: BDSM, Dom/sub, Bondage, Smut,  Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Usual Ratings: R - NC17
Usual Warnings: Her BDSM can get harsh, with lots of Hurt before the Comfort starts, but she always warns for this in her notes, so just pay attention before you start reading.

I rate this Author: Pretty Damn Good



Fandom: NCIS
Series: Applied Psychology
Author: Rebecca ([info]blueraccoon)
Genre: Slash, Het, Angst, Drama, Smut, First Time, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/Abby/Tony, Gibbs/Tony
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM, Dom/sub, bondage
Spoilers: At least through Frame Up, Season 3, Episode 9

Notes: There may be those of you out there wondering why I'm rec'ing a series that (for the first three parts, at least) is exclusively Het.  Yeah, I'm wondering that myself.  Well, no, I'm not really wondering - there are a bunch of good reasons: Rebecca wrote it; it's BDSM, with a heavy dose of Dom/sub; it's not only got Gibbs in it, but it's got Abby, too.  Those are all pretty damn good reasons on their own.  And then, she brings Tony into the mix in Control Theory and okay, I'm hooked.   I tried to fight it.  I didn't read any of them for the longest time, but I finally sucumbed, and here I am, the very next week, rec'ing it for the second week in a row.  (I rec'd it last Wednesday, in my Smut Day post, so some of you may have seen this already.  Sorry.)

This rec has taken forever to write.  Why, you ask?  Because as I added each fic to the listing above, I re-read it.  Yeah.  I couldn't help myself.  Well, that just means it really must belong here, right?  Since I only rec fic I'm willing to read more than once.  It definitely belongs here.  There's a very strong D/s theme, and you know by now how I feel about that.   And I absolutely adore Abby, so this series really makes me happy all the way around.  When she added Tony into the mix, Rebecca added a good dollop of angst and a plot line that extends past the bedroom.  Not essential for me, but it makes things interesting.  I love fic that are focused around Tony; I find his character fascinating, so that's even a bigger plus.

Jeez - I can't thing of anything about these fic that I don't like (well, except for that icky het thing, but hey, for Abby, I can even go for some het - I can deal with that.)  So I suggest you try them for yourself, and Enjoy!

ETA: The link at the top of the page is to the tag to the Applied Psychology Series on Rebecca's Journal. She has recently aquired a website and has added more fic to this series, but for some reason, I can't link to the page that has all of her Applied Psychology fic listed. So here's a link to the first one (Pavlovian Response), and they are linked together after that. Or you can go to her main NCIS page and on the right at the bottom, right above the link to the "60 Seconds" pieces is the link to the Applied Psychology Series.


The buckle was new, and stiff )

I rate these fic:  Pretty Damn Good


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