Nov. 13th, 2005


Stargate SG-1

Fandom:  Stargate SG-1
Title: Laying Open
Author: The Grrrl  ([info]thegrrrl2002
Sequel Title: What You Need
Sequel Author: Kylie Lee  ([info]kylielee1000)
Genre: Slash, PWP, First Time, Character Study
Pairing: Jack/Paul
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Minor Spoilers for 4.12  Tangent

Notes:  When I read Laying Open, I just really liked the whole feel of the fic.  It was a PWP, but it had a melancholy kind of feeling to it that I just really enjoyed.  The Grrrl's Jack is funny, but tender, charming, straightforward, and just what Paul Davis needed. 

I liked this fic even more after I found What You Need, a standalone sequel that feels more like a character study of Paul than anything else.  She kept the same air, the same feel to the story, even though the story is told in second person, which I normally don't care too much for.  But it works, and the fic gives a deeper glimpse into what caused Paul to offer his "services" to Jack in the first place, and why it was so important to him that Jack reached out to him, and offered even more back. 

It takes a special fic to make me accept the pairing of Jack/Paul, and these two most definitely both work for me.  And even more than that.  I think these two combined were the first time I felt any real interest in Paul's character, and I'm more willing to read fic with Paul in it now, because of these two.  You can read either one alone, but I think they work best together. 

Excerpt:  (from Laying Open)

No, no, really Major, I'm fine, )

"No, no, really Major, I'm fine,"  O'Neill said, waving Paul away. "Thanks for the lift home."

"Your welcome, sir. Thank you for the beer." Paul started for his jacket, which he'd laid across the back of the sofa, but he hesitated in front of O'Neill. "Listen, sir," said, kneeling. Aware that O'Neill's eyes were on him, he carefully placed a hand on O'Neill's knee. His heart pounded—he was being crazy; this was Colonel O'Neill, for god's sake, but if anyone was worth the risk, it was him. "Are you sure there isn't anything else I can do for you?" Paul asked pointedly, as he had asked men in uniform so many times before. "Anything at all?" 

Excerpt: (from What You Need)

You know right when it started )

You know right when it started but you don't really think about it these days, how it all began, when you first smiled at a major (you're a major now), heart pounding with terror because you were going to do it, you were finally going to do it after thinking about it for so long, dreaming about it. It was time to make fantasy a reality. You said "is there anything else, sir? anything at all?" and touched his hand. You watched as he considered, a long moment, eyes on eyes, because you understood each other perfectly. He undid his pants without a word. And without a word, you knelt and you took his cock in your mouth, and you immediately got hard, because it was so wrong on so many levels, so dirty, but you felt him stir in your mouth. He got hard, you kept at it, and he got hot, and when he came, he grabbed your hair and groaned, "Oh, lord." It was a rush—god, it was a rush, that kind of power. You thought about the way he had gasped to a higher being when you jacked off a half-hour later in a locked bathroom. 

I rate both these fic: Pretty Damn Good


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