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*New* Between a Quidditch Broom and a Potions Flask Part 1 
15th-Jun-2008 10:00 pm
Now that the reveals are done, I can finally post my contributions to this year's [info]hp_wankfest.

Title: Between a Quidditch Broom and a Potions Flask Part 1 – Severus
Author: Lady B
Character: Severus Snape
Location: A Hogwarts Dorm (in this case, Gryffindor)
Object: A broomstick
Other character(s): Hedwig, Godric Gryffindor
Rating: NC17
Warnings: object insertion, sex with an object, voyeurism, language
Word Count: 1399 words
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: I decided to make this a two-part story. Consider this a pre-slash Snarry.
Beta: A big thank you to [info]beautyfulevil for the quick beta.

- - -

It's a good thing most of those damned Gryffindors are out of the castle today. No telling what they would think seeing me in their dorm.

Severus Snape, Professor of Potions at Hogwarts, was in a foul mood. One of his students had left behind his book and he had been coerced into returning it by the Headmaster.

"Why can't Minerva return it? She's his Head of House." he had asked.

"Because she's busy supervising the fourth and fifth years for the careers seminar taking place in the Great Hall. As a Professor of this school, you have every right to be in their common room and dorms, Severus. Or are you afraid of a bunch of Gryffindors?" Albus's chuckles had followed him from the room as he muttered under his breath, "It's not the whole lot I'm worried about. Just one in particular."

And now here he was, in the last place he expected to be...the Gryffindor Common Room. The colors alone were enough to make him want to lose his breakfast.

"And why, pray-tell is a Slytherin in Gryffindor territory?" came a deep cultured voice. Startled (and Snape was a hard person to startle), he whirled around and saw...no one.

"Show yourself!" Severus demanded, whipping out his wand. That cultured voice chuckled and his gaze was drawn to the portrait above the fireplace. Godric Gryffindor was smirking (smirking for Merlin's sake!) at him. Severus drew himself up to his full height and turned on his most fearsome glare.

"I am a professor at this school and have every right to be here."

"I know who you are, Severus Tobias Snape, son of Eileen Louisa Prince." Godric replied with a fierce glare of his own, "Now why are you here?"

Backing down in the face of that glare, Severus put his wand away, "One of my students left a book behind in my classroom. I'm simply returning it."

"You've never done so before. Why now?"

"The Headmaster insisted."


"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means what it means, my young Slytherin." Godric replied, "The boys dorms are to your left. Mr Potter's bed is on the top level, fourth door on your left, second bed to your right." And with that, the symbol of Gryffindor walked out of his portrait, leaving a shocked Snape behind.

"How did he know that?" he muttered, stalking in the direction he was pointed to.

- - -

He knocked on the door out of politeness – he didn't want to walk in on anyone indecent after all. When there was no answer, he opened the door and stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. He sneered in disgust at the red and gold draped practically everywhere – until he caught sight of Harry's own bed. Where he expected red and gold, he saw only blacks and dark greens. His eyebrows touched his hairline as he stared at this.

"Interesting color choice, Potter." he muttered, striding across the room and dropping the book on the bed. He turned to leave and caught sight of Harry's Firebolt leaning against the wall between the side table and wardrobe. From what he could see, it was well taken care of, the wooden handle polished and the bristles neatly trimmed. He glared at it, remembering who had sent him this particular gift...and a peculiar grin settled over his features. If anyone had been looking at him, they would have run the other direction in absolute fear.

Feeling bold, and calling himself all kinds of crazy for even considering it, he moved closer and took the broom from its resting place. As he stroked a hand down the smooth handle, the erection he'd gotten the moment he thought of his plan made itself known. He shifted a little, gasping as his pants rubbed against the hard flesh. Glancing about, making sure there were no portraits in the room, he cast a locking charm on the door and quickly removed his slacks and boxers, freeing his erection. He sat down on Harry's bed and rested the broom between his legs, the cool wood pressed against his hot and aching cock.

"Let's see how you like this, Mr Black." he grinned, wrapping both hands around his cock and the broom handle. He stroked upwards slowly, drawing a deep guttural moan from between his lips. Pre-come oozed from the tip of his cock and he swiped a thumb over the head, moaning at the sensation. He stroked his cock and the handle slowly and steadily, watching as more liquid flowed from his cock and aiding him in his endeavors. Removing one hand, he reached further back between his legs to fondle his balls, hissing in pleasure. He accidentally caught a fingernail against his perineum and a decidedly wicked gleam came into his eye.

Leaning back, not caring he was rumpling the bed beneath him, he swiped two fingers in the pool of liquid resting on his stomach and swirled it around both the entrance to his body behind his balls and the tip of the broom handle.

Once both were suitably coated, he employed what little wandless magic he knew to invoke the Levitation spell, hovering the broom at the same height of the bed. Drawing back his legs, grasping them at the ankles, he concentrated hard and brought the handle of the broom closer to his body. The blunt tip of the broom slowly pushed its way in and Severus relaxed as much as he was able to, biting his lip to stifle his groans. When eight inches of broom handle were firmly lodged in his arse, he wrapped a hand around his cock and set the broom to moving medium speed.

"Fuck yes!" he groaned as the handle brushed his prostate on each thrust. His hand moved up and down his hard length in time with the broom, doubling his pleasure. He couldn't control his hips (as much as he wanted to) and began fucking his hand in earnest, hips thrusting into the air as the broom handle rammed in and out of his arse. He increased the speed marginally until the broom was brutally fucking him raw. He nearly cried out in delight, unaware he was beginning to moan a certain person's name.

"Mmmm...yes! Fuck me, Harry! Ram that hard cock in me so hard I choke on it...uhhhh...fuck! Mmm!" he moaned over and over as his hand became a blur of movement on his cock. He could feel his orgasm approaching, starting from his toes and steadily moving upwards. With his other hand, he reached up and pinched a nipple...hard.

Screaming until he went hoarse, Severus came, shooting his spunk all over himself, Harry's bed, and the broom between his legs, still moving at a rapid pace. He continued stroking his cock, drawing every last ounce of pleasure he could from his trembling body, another smaller orgasm rocking his frame as the broom moved against his prostate one last time. He ended the spell, withdrawing the broom as his shaking and trembling legs rested against the bed. If anyone were to walk in at that moment, they would have gotten an eyeful of a come-drenched Snape, laying spread eagle on Harry Potter's bed, his naked arse red and gaping as if waiting for something else to fill it.

He lay there, breathing heavily, willing his body to get back under his control before someone found him. Once he was sure he could move, he got to his feet, wincing slightly at the pain in his backside. There was a pain potion in his room with his name on it. With shaking arms, he got dressed again before waving his wand at the bed to clean it and turn it back to its pristine condition. He cleaned off the top half of the broom and returned it to its spot against the wall.

With one last glance around to make sure nothing was out of place, he undid the locking charm on the door and strode (okay, slightly limped) out of the room.

If he had bothered to look higher than the bed, he would have noticed a certain snow owl eying him with a decidedly intelligent look in her yellowed eyes.

Hedwig would bide her time...her master would return...and she would share all.

Oh yes indeed.

TBC in part 2...Harry's story...
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