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16th-Aug-2007 09:28 am - *Old Fic* 12 Days Till Midnight: A Harry Potter Christmas
The day you have all been waiting for! My 12 Days of Christmas story - HP Style! I still have 2 chapters to finish, but I have time. So without further ado...

[edited post 12.25.2006]: This story is now *COMPLETE*

Title: 12 Days Until Midnight: A Harry Potter Christmas
Author: Lady B aka [info]ladybelz
Genre: Humor, A/U, OOC-ness, Slash, Romance
Rating: Hard R to NC17
Pairing: Draco/Harry (main), Ron/Pansy (minor) & Hermione/Blaise (minor)
Summary: It's the 7th and final year for Harry and his friends. The war with Voldemort ended during Harry's summer vacation after his 6th year, when he found and destroyed the final Horcrux. The new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall has announced a 12 Days of Christmas Celebration. New relationships form, while those still hidden come into the light. For Draco, this means a chance to give the person he loves the best Christmas ever. But will it be enough?
A/N: With the exception of the Horcruxes and Dumbledore's death, most of HBP did not happen at all. This story takes place in 1996, Harry's final year of school so my calendar dates are 1996 in origin. This fic is based on the concept of the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas” song and NSYNC's “Kiss Me At Midnight”.
Disclaimer: I am not the fabulous JK Rowling, nor do I wish to be (ok maybe a little). Harry Potter belongs to her and her alone. I am not making any money from this story nor do I intend to. I'm just playing within the world she has so wonderfully created. The following story is a figment of my own imagination and I fully intend to put Harry and his friends back, unharmed and alive, gay, lesbian and straight, when I'm done. Thank you.

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