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June 9th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 08:00 pm: Wankfest 2011 Farewell Address... and Goodies for All!
Well, with this final post, HP Wankfest 2011 is all over. The mess is mopped up, the lotion and towels are put away, the various characters are having a smoke or a nap, and poor Snape has been sent back to his dungeons with a special salve to treat the chaffing. We're sad to see it end, but also ridiculously proud of the fantastic collection of fic and art that came together here this time around.

Truly, you all demonstrated some unbelievable creativity and surprised us over and over again with your inventive uses for the prompts and brilliant pieces that were far beyond your everyday wankfic or art. To date, the fest generated more than 800 comments on its 48 pieces, and 23 fics and arts -- nearly half the fest! -- found their way into the Daily Snitch.

Our huge, huge thanks to all the amazing authors and artist who clearly brought their A-game for this celebration, and to everyone who read, viewed, commented, recced, and squeed along. You made the return of Wankfest a smashing success and a whole hell of a lot of fun.

As a special thank you to our participants, there are some final goodies below the cut. Those of you who were around back in 2008 will get a particular kick out of what's down here. ;)

Thanks again, and happy wanking!!

Wanked in 2011 1


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wanking_mods @ 04:00 pm: 2011 Wanktastic Awards!
For the most part, the art categories had pretty clear winners from early on. The fic categories, however, were considerably less certain. Particularly in Best Male Character Wank, where we had a five-way tie for quite some time. We thought for sure we were going to have to hold a wank off! But thankfully a few last-minute votes provided a tie breaker. Actually, we still ended up with a two-way tie in that category -- as well as one other -- but we can live with that. ;)

So, here's how the voting turned out in the end:

Voter's Choice Awards )

Now for the Mod's Choice. There was so much amazing work submitted to this fest that there was no way we could give an award to every single thing we loved. But we certainly did make a solid effot. ;) Most of our selections were pieces that did quite well in the voting also, so we know most of you will likely agree with us and nod along.

Well, here are our thoughts on the matter:

Mod's Choice Awards )

Stay tuned a little longer, everyone! We're still not done yet. There are a few more goodies coming up soon...

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wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: HP Wankfest 2011 Reveals
Wow, it seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that we wank-loving mods first tossed off around the idea of running another round of Wankfest. And now it's already time for reveals! Time really does fly when you're having, er, fun, doesn't it?

Below the cut you'll find the author and artist reveals. Don't go away just yet, though -- the Wanktastic Awards will be presented a little later today. After that, we'll have some final words and a few last fun things for everyone.

Now, without further ado...

HP Wankfest 2011 Reveals! )

So, what do you think? Some surprises? Some not-at-all-surprises? Find some new authors and artists to follow?

Stick around for the results of the voting!

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wanking_mods @ 02:00 am: Wacky, Wanky Stats and Observations
While we're waiting for the reveals post, how about we take a look at what we all accomplished this time, yeah?

HP Wankfest 2011 Stats and Silliness )

What we're try to say is that you all certainly are a creative and talented lot of wankers! There was an unbelievably huge range of ideas and tones in the pieces, and we're absolutely astonished that everyone was able to do so much with a few props and the general theme of masturbation. We had obscene amounts of fun viewing and reading the art and fic as it came in, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

Reveals are scheduled to go up in ten hours. The Wanktastic Awards will follow not too long thereafter. Keep watching us throughout the day for those posts and more. It ain't over 'til the battery runs down...


June 5th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 01:34 pm: Final Voting Reminder!
Voting for the 2011 Wanktastic Awards closes tomorrow! We've decided to extend the voting by twelve hours, so instead of noon, you'll now have until 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern time on Monday to have your say. But after that, the polls close and the votes are tallied.

At the moment, we actually have ties in multiple categories -- so you can definitely still help to get your favorites on top.

Go vote! Or we'll make bad puns about "hanging chads".


June 2nd, 2011

wanking_mods @ 08:55 pm: Voting Reminder
Just a quick reminder that voting for the Wanktastic Awards is still open and will remain open until Monday. So be sure to catch up on anything you might have missed and go vote with the complete list of pieces and the poll. The winners of wank are still way up in the air, so they need your input!


May 30th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: HP Wankfest 2011 Voting Post!
Thanks, everyone!

To vote:

Enter the number of the fic or art for which you wish to vote in each text box in the poll below.

No, you don't have to vote in every category if you don't want to.

Both watchers and participants can vote! Participants, yes, you may vote for yourselves; after all, this is a fest all about pleasing oneself. ;)

The poll will stay open for one week -- until noon U.S. Eastern time on Monday, June 6.

Winners will be announced and reveals will go up on Thursday, June 9!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Numbered list of fic and art below this cut )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poll for voting below this cut )

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May 29th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 01:35 pm: Voting Starts Tomorrow!
As promised, a tiny bit of advance info on how voting is going to work. It'll be the same as what we did in 2008, so those of you who were with us back then already know how it goes.

We'll put up a numbered list of all of the pieces.

Along with it, we'll post a poll (results viewable only by the mods) with text boxes. In each box you'll enter the number of the fic or art for which you want to vote in each category.

You'll be able to vote for your overall favorite fics and arts as well as the pieces that made the best use of their prompts.

Both participants and watchers are allowed to vote!

The poll will go up at noon U.S. Eastern time tomorrow -- Monday, May 30.

Since we know a number of people are still catching up with reading and viewing, we'll be leaving the voting open a little bit longer this time than we did in 2008. The poll will close after one week, at noon on Monday, June 6.

Fest reveals and awards will be posted on Thursday, June 9!

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May 27th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:30 pm: Complete Roundup
All right! HP Wankfest 2011 is now officially all out of spunk. It's blown its last load. It's completely spent. It couldn't possibly go any longer.

Below the cut is a complete list of everything that's been posted. Once again, voting will open on Monday, so you'll want to do some catching up between now and then. And if you see/read something you like, please remember to give the artist/author some love!

HP Wankfest 2011 Complete Roundup )

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wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Art: Gellert Grindelwald in a Secret Passage with an Invisibility Cloak
Title: Caught!
Artist: [info]venturous
Character: Gellert Grindelwald
Location: Secret Passageway
Prop: Invisibilty Cloak
Other Characters: -
Rating: R
Warnings: nudity, implied wanking, a bit of peen
Art Details: photoshop
Disclaimer: this is a transformative work of fan appreciation.
Artist's Notes: Gellert really does want to get caught in the hidden passageway behind Albus' rooms.
Art Preview:

Caught! [NWS Art] )


May 26th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Whole Lotta Wanking Going On
Well, it would appear that we're not quite as done with posting as we thought we were! There was a piece or two submitted that never made it to our email account. Apparently Gmail does not approve of these wanky shenanigans! Either that, or it's gummed up with spooge...

In any case, here's a bit more self-pleasure in which you can indulge. The previously announced voting schedule will remain unchanged, so look for more info this weekend.

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Alastor Moody in a Hogwarts Classroom with a Foe Glass
Title: In a Seven Layer Trunk
Author: NotWillingToAdmit
Character: Alastor Moody
Location: Hogwarts Classroom
Prop: Foe Glass
Other Characters: Barty Crouch, Junior
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-Con Wanking!
Word Count: ~ 1,100
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, JKR does. I have simply borrowed them and played with them.

In a Seven Layer Trunk )


May 25th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 11:00 am: Final Roundup
And that's all she wanked wrote! HP Wankfest 2011 posting has now come to an end. Below the cut you'll find a list of everything posted in the final week-plus-a-bit. The roundup from Week 1 can be found here, and the roundup from Week 2 is here.

You now have the next few days to get completely caught up on your reading and viewing in preparation for voting. A post explaining the voting procedures will go up this Sunday, May 29, and the voting post will go live on Monday, May 30. So read, read, view, view, and read some more, and stay tuned for further instructions! ;)

HP Wankfest 2011 Week 3 (Plus a Bit) Roundup )

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May 24th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Filius Flitwick in a Hogwarts Classroom with a Feather
Title: Cherished Memories
Author: [info]eeore9990
Character: Filius Flitwick
Location: Classroom
Prop: Feather
Other Characters: none
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~1100
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: For [info]r_grayjoy, because she just really loves Flitwick.

Cherished Memories )


May 23rd, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Art: Severus Snape in the Divination Classroom with Lipstick
Title: Pretty in Red
Author: [info]karasu_hime
Character: Snape
Location: Divinity Classroom
Prop: Lipstick
Other Characters: None
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not work safe and bodily fluid
Disclaimer: Not mine just playing JKR's characters.
Author's Notes: Divination room and lipstick brings out another side of Severus.

Pretty in Red [NWS Art] )


May 22nd, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:42 pm: Nearing Completion!
HP Wankfest 2011 hit its three week mark yesterday! You might have noticed that we haven't posted a weekly roundup yet. That's actually not because our hands are otherwise engaged. It's because we only have a couple more days of wanking left to go here, so we thought we'd just hold off until then.

Once the final piece has been posted, we'll give you the third roundup. A day or two after that, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the voting process for the HP Wankfest 2011 Wanktastic Awards! So break out that extra tube of lube and stick with us just a little while longer.

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Gellert Grindelwald in Godric's Hollow with Omnioculars
Title: Mind of Sight
Author: [info]kabal42
Character: Gellert Grindlewald
Location: Godric's Hollow
Prop: Omnioculars
Other Characters: Albus Dumbledore, various inhabitants of Godric's Hollow.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nasty thoughts in an unpleasant mind, voyeurism, and – of course – wanking. Lots of wanking.
Word Count: ~1200
Disclaimer: Not mine etc. etc.
Author's Notes: I blame this entirely on the delightful look on Jamie Campbell Bower's face as he, being Gellert Grindlewald, jumped out of that window in Deathly Hallows part 1.
Since there's nothing to be found about the origin of omnioculars, I'm going to presume that they existed at the time Grindlewald and Dumbledore were young men together.
Thanks to E, my amazing beta, and to the best f-ing (as in fapping) fest there is! :-)

The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing ~Publius Syrus )

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Pansy Parkinson in Madam Malkin's Dressing Room with a Chocolate Frog Card
Title: Dangerous Territory
Author: [info]scarletladyy
Character: Pansy Parkinson
Location: Madam Malkin's
Prop: Chocolate Frog Card
Other Characters: Mentions of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy
Rating: R
Warnings: Masturbation in a semi-public setting (changing room)
Word Count: 1,587
Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K Rowling
Author's Notes: Thanks a million to my wonderful beta :)

Dangerous Territory )


May 21st, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Severus Snape in Rosmerta's Storage Room with a Beater's Bat
Title: The Right Equipment
Author: [info]nimrod_9
Character: Severus Snape
Location: Rosmerta's Storage Room
Prop: Beater's bat
Other Characters: Remus Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,075
Author's Notes: Many thanks to the mods for bringing back Wankfest!

The Right Equipment )

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Cho Chang in the Hogwarts Library with Enchanted Ink
Title: My Skin Glows With Desire
Author: [info]brigetmckennitt
Character: Cho Chang
Location: library, Hogwarts
Prop: ink (enchanted or otherwise)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1026

My Skin Glows With Desire )

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