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21st-Aug-2014 04:14 am - Fic Rec: Inspected by No. 13 by
Title: Inspected by No. 13
Author: Clell65619
Archived @: FanficAuthors.net
Chapters: 3
Status: Complete
Genre: Humor
Timeline: The Triwiz Tourney
Pairings: Harry/OFC
Summary: The night before the first task, Harry discovers that his plan to out fly the dragon is doomed to failure. With no other choice, he makes a desperate play that actually works. Sometimes, escaping can be a trap of it's own.

Lady B's Observations: Had me laughing from beginning to end.
24th-Aug-2012 12:53 am - Fic Rec! Harry/Voldemort - "Roadkill"
Title: Roadkill
Author: Piper Julian
Archived @: Fanfiction.net
Summary: Voldemort avoided death as a spirit for 13 years. Strangely, he couldn't avoid a bus. One Shot.

Lady B's Observations: Do not be reading or drinking anything when you read this. I laughed for 5 minutes straight while I was eating M&M's and nearly choked. My stomach is pleasantly sore. ^_^
12th-Feb-2008 10:35 am - *Fic Rec* What Evil Lurks In Underpants
Originally posted Sept.18,2006

Title: What Evil Lurks in Underpants
Authors: pixystick (Harry) and [info]furiosity (Draco)
Genre: Crackfic
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warning(s): Crack, and lots of it. Implied wallpreg.
Length: 2600 words
Summary: A sunny Tuesday morning turns nearly lethal as Harry makes a stunning realisation. Or, you know, we have absolutely no idea what we're talking about.
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