The 109th Day
04 April 2011 at 05:37 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 109th day of the third generation, and more inmates will be integrated into the facility. Please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day. The weather will continue to warm and today will be sunny.

Inmates John Egbert, Sakura Kinomoto, Teddie, Yosuke Hanamura and Yui Hirasawa, items you requested are available by the entrance to Sector 0. Inmates Greed and Lacus Clyne, the items you requested are available in the previously indicated facilities.
Gig 009: Practice~~! [Accidental Video of nothing + Audio / Open Action]
30 March 2011 at 12:41 am
[so guess who's been sneaking around the Educational Center and is in one of the music rooms right now?~ Just this little guitarist girl.

Having set aside the communicator, worried that she might drop it while she was practicing, she had accidentally activated the video transmission button without noticing, before she went back to connecting her guitar into the amplifier.

The video feed itself doesn't really show much - only a blue velvet throughout, with her shadow shifting about a little as she moves about a little.

and here she goes with practice~]

[she almost-inaudibly mumbles the lyrics as she practices~]

Translated Song Lyrics and ooc under cut )
Location: Educational Center, Music Room 3, Mid-morning
The 107th Day
21 March 2011 at 09:02 pm
Good morning. Today is the 107th day of the third generation.

This system will shortly be installing a software update to the dome. No disruption will occur in the schedule of the supplies, in the atmospheric systems, or the remote units. However, a short blackout period of one hour will be exhibited in each sector while the update is implemented. This will occur during the day for minimal disruption of schedules, but please be aware that the electricity in your home may not be working for a brief window this morning.

The blackouts will be rolling, so if you find the electricity to not be working in your sector, and this is detrimental, you may relocate to an adjoining sector for the duration.

Sector 0 will be updated late tonight to ensure that the lights and elevators remain functional during peak hours.

Inmates Vriska Serket, Kanaya Maryam, Ken Hidaka, Hermione Granger, and Akito Wanijima, your requests are available by the entrance to Sector 0.

[OOC: Blackouts will occur in Sectors 1 to 6 in order during the morning/early afternoon and will only mean the electricity is off during this time. Old comments are being replied to now. Sorry for the delays everyone!]
Gig 008: Gathering band members~! [Video // Backdated to Day 105 Late Afternoon]
17 March 2011 at 12:51 pm
[Having been talked into it, Yui's eager little face now pops up with the clicking on of the video feed~!]

Hey everyone!

[she gathers her thoughts for a little bit, preparing herself for the rest of what she's about to say~]

Um, I'm looking for band members to play music with! I can sing and play the guitar, [she brings her guitar into view as she says that, waving it a little] so I need to find someone to play the drums, the bass, and the keyboard! Maybe another guitarist too!

[muuuuch softer, uncertainly] ... uhm... Okay, what now...

Oh! I'm Yui Hirasawa! Just tell me if you want to join!

(ooc: laaaaaate. Also, will be late with replies today. Semi-busy.)
Location: Day 105, Late Afternoon
Chord 007: [Video. Addressed at Suzaku but open to anyone else]
08 March 2011 at 10:08 pm
Ne, ne, Suza-kun! How do people take off chains from their ankles?!

(ooc: this is right after she tells Gabriel that she'll ask Suzaku about the chains in this thread

Also, yeaaaah. It's pretty early. She's been practicing her guitar the whole night until she happened to randomly start watching and listening to the main channel, like a TV, since there's suddenly this climb in activity.)
Location: Yui's Room, Sector 0. Early morning
[Video/Voice - Open]
08 March 2011 at 02:51 pm
[This guy looks pretty uncertain. He looks like he's about to speak, but clamps his mouth shut. Then he puts a finger up, looks like he is about to say something -- with conviction! -- but sighs instead. With a lopsided little smile, he looks at the camera in earnest.]

I'm about to have uh... a strange little request here.

[He enunciates every word. He really means business.]

Can someone please say, "April Fools!"? Or maybe, "You're on Candid Camera!" or even, you know, wear a sideways baseball cap and rush me with a camera crew and say, "You just got punked"?



[Heavy sigh, as his face takes on a look that's more peeved than earnest.]

Barring that, I'm looking for a guy named Dean. Man, we need to talk about your car.
[Action | Open]
04 March 2011 at 11:37 pm
[It's once again Steel Samurai night at the cinema.

Maya has reserved a big screen for this showing once again, and there are plenty of snacks like the last time.

The second six episodes of the series are showing tonight. But even if you didn't watch the first six, the story's basic plot is given at the beginning of each episode anyway.

Expect a night of one-liners, cheesy/hammy dialogue, and other common tokusatsu show tropes.]

((OOC: Assume Maya made a public announcement this morning, because I got distracted and forgot to put it up earlier.

Event-style threading, like the last time. Just make sure to give some context for when in the showing it is.))
[Action / Open | Morning | Shelter Kitchens]
22 February 2011 at 12:30 am
[There's a familiar presence working on a dish that resembles pizza -- several one-serving size of pita bread, topped with mozzarella & feta cheese, tomatoes, eggplant, basil and other herbs. There's a jar of anchovies nearby, but she hasn't put them on the little pizzas yet.


(( OOC: No more headache! This post is also for voice or video calls for Sasha in the case your pup needs to reach her. :D ))
Chord 006: [Action, Very Open!]
15 February 2011 at 06:48 pm
[So guess who's passed out on a sofa after running off to grab her guitar the moment she heard the announcement~ That's some serious de jevu here, isn't it? It's just about exactly the same thing that happened the last time she was here, and asked for her guitar... except this time the one who had awoken her from her sleep the last time... isn't in Marina anymore. No matter! New friends can always be made~

ANYWAY. There she is, hugging a large odd-shaped bag, fast asleep upon a sofa. Poke her, someone? :>]
Location: Sector 0 - Shelter: Early up till late morning.
Chord 005: [Video, Open!]
08 February 2011 at 12:39 pm
[The feed flickers on to reveal a face that might be familiar to some - Yui, that is - but she doesn't look the least bit pleased...

... and here comes an uncomfortable whine from her.]

Uuuuuuughhhh... Did someone turn on the air-conditioner?...

[She rolls around on the bed a little]

Why do I feel so... seasick?

[She just stays there for a while, quiet, before she whines again]

... is it because I'm underwater?

But that has never happened before...

[Then, complete silence. It feels as if she's fallen asleep, then --]

... Ughhh.

(ooc: and so she returns! She's had quite a bit canon update - a whole season, mind - and is now experiencing the side effects of this~~ Feel free to poke her - especially if anyone already knows her prior to this!)
The 101st Day
07 February 2011 at 10:48 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 101st day of the third generation and today more inmates will be integrated into the prison. It is a rather large group, but I will attempt to minimize the disruption, as always.

I am certain that most of you are already aware of the behavioral changes experienced by some during the ball last night, and the cause due to the public admission immediately afterwards. However, when a large portion of the population is affected and privacy is not a concern, I try to provide inmates with information regardless of whether it is a serious incident or not. The altering of inmate personalities was indeed nothing but a harmless joke orchestrated by the Engineers to add to the celebration, just as they have said. There will be no lasting mental effects, and any physical injuries taken will heal. I would advise putting it out of your mind.

Inmate Mako Nakarai, the materials for the memorial you requested is ready. You may see a remote unit at the entrance to Sector 0 when you wish to begin. Inmate Eridan Ampora, the remodeling work has been completed and you are free to begin construction.

...As a reminder to all inmates, sexual intercourse is still forbidden until my review of the prohibition is concluded. Inmates Neil Dylandy and Lacus Clyne, please consider yourselves especially reminded.
Chord 004: [Action]
21 May 2010 at 01:50 pm
[Backdated... backtimed... whatever... to late afternoon, Day 63]

[Waking up just a couple of hours ago, and having taken her late bot-prepared lunch, someone seems to be in quite the musical mood, as she stays within the Shelter, sitting down on one of the couches with her guitar ready in front of her, and looking out towards the exit, where rain appears to be falling down and pattering upon the ground.]

[Finally looking away from the exit, she begins to strum upon her guitar, singing a Japanese children's song called 'Rainy Day', and looking just a tiny bit lonely, as she sits there and sings alone.]

~~Translated song lyrics under the cut~~ )

(OOC: Note that the link is merely a shortened version of the actual children's song presented within the anime, whereas the song that Yui would be singing in this case would be a full version, thus differences are to be expected~~!)
Location: Sector 0 - Shelter: Late Afternoon
[Action | Maya Birthday Party! | Very open]
20 May 2010 at 10:13 pm
[Step inside from the drizzle into the arcade and you'll be greeted by a bit more decorations than usual, and perhaps a bit more noise than the usual bloops, bleeps, and music. Streamers are hanging from the walls and ceiling, mostly in a deep violet colour, and occasional crudely-cut Steel Samurai decorations made out of construction paper (though it may take a little imagination to see them).

All the usual arcade favourites are there, ready to play, like Alley Fighter, Outzoom, Berserk Monsters, Apartment of the Unliving, Chomp-Man, Meteors, Ordeal, and so on. Not to mention older-style games like skeeball, bowling, whack-a-mole, and so on.

Towards the middle of the arcade, a number of tables have been pulled together with various food offerings, particularly snacky foods like chips, Samurai hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and so on but no ramen sadly. The bots even mixed up a bowl of red punch which sits prominent on the chain of tables.

At the end, of course, is a big sheet cake divided into a few basic flavour quadrants (chocolate, vanilla, lemon, strawberry), frosted with "Happy Birthday!" written on the top, ready to be cut.]

((OOC: Everyone is welcome! Maya will be all over the place, so feel free to make threads finding her in different areas of the arcade! And definitely feel free to party with each other! Threadjack away!))
[Voice/Action/Video] No one can escape
13 May 2010 at 12:11 am
[Just outside sector 0, there is a teenaged girl standing on top of a chair with a megaphone in her hand. Standing next to her is a nervous looking red haired girl in a form fitting and extremely short waitress uniform. It was obvious that the girl was extremely uncomfortable in this outfit and was doing her best to hide herself.

The brunette standing on the chair on the other hand looked completely in her element. The smile she wore lit up her face like a thousand watt bulb, a mix of mischievousness and excitement. Around her bicep was a bright red armband with the words 'Ultra Director' scribbled on it in black ink. The megaphone in her hand to ensure that no one could say they hadn't heard her words or she hadn't drew their attention.

Lastly, standing a distance away from the pair, holding several bags and looking not very enthused was none other than Kyon.]

Tonight! For ONE night only! The Oscar worthy, directorial debut of yours truly will be featured in the theater.

It's a can't miss--[there is a pause as the girl's attention is drawn to the shrinking violet in the corner.] Mikuru! You're supposed to be the star. Stand over here, right next to me. Ugh! Now I have to start over.

[She waits as the other girl makes her way to her side before starting over.]

Smile, Mikuru! You're acting like this isn't a good thing.

Okay! Where was I...oh yeah! There's romance! Intrigue! Secret Identities! Evil magicians. Mikuru in a Bunny Costume! She's a battle waitress from the future! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina for TONIGHT ONLY!

[OOC:Yes, it exists. In all it's bad acting and craziness. Watch the movie within the show. It's so bad it's good.]
Chord 003: [Action, Semi-open]
12 May 2010 at 09:52 pm
[It was already 11:30 AM, and Yui was still asleep... on a sofa... Though that would mostly have to do with the fact that Acumen's announcement had awoken her earlier at about 6:00, prompting her to run over to collect her precious Les Paul Heritage Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar, which she had fondly (if not crudely?) named Geeta. Sure enough, just as she would have done so back at home in Japan, she sleeps with Geeta right by her side.

It had been a pretty rough night for her before Geeta had arrived in the dome; she had been worrying about it the whole night, afraid of how it would have been mishandled or damaged while brought here, and had also missed it dearly. There wasn't a night that she had slept without Geeta being within a five-metre radius of herself since she got it, after all.

Sure enough, upon collecting the bag in which contained her guitar, she ensured that Geeta was in perfect condition, before running her way back inside the Shelter... Only to collapse, finally worn out, on the sofa that she would be sleeping on right now.

... So, yeah, maybe some mischief-maker would find it funny to wake her up right now~]

[OOC Update: Still technically open; simply jump in on the current-running thread!]
Location: Sector 0 - Shelter: Before Noon
The 62nd Day
10 May 2010 at 09:16 pm
Good morning inmates. It is the 62nd day of the third generation.

I am aware that many of you have been concerned lately, but there will no longer be an issue with inmate exhaustion. This system reports that the majority of previously affected inmates now show significantly positive lifesigns. The field responsible for the condition is noted to be deactivated and the identity of the source has been determined, so there is no longer any need to worry. Continued rest in the hospital is advised, to hasten recovery, but not necessary.

Inmates Rin Kagamine and Yui Hirasawa, your requests are at the entrance to Sector 0.
Chord 002: [Action || Open! Feel free to join in!]
09 May 2010 at 12:06 am
[Backdated... Or back-timed-- to late afternoon]

[So, guess who's in the Dining Hall after being pointed here for food, only to be clueless as to what was meant by "Ask the bots to cook", thus ended up fumbling around about the stove and frying pan in her attempts to fry herself a few eggs and sausages.]

[There's already a small stack of them, but they look a little on the inedible side, being either a tad bit too overcooked or just plain messy.]

[Feel free to have your various characters pass by and notice a bit of a burning smell or maybe see the small stack of eggs and sausages~~]
[Action | Open]
05 May 2010 at 03:52 pm
[After almost two days of helping in the hospital all day and patrolling all night, even with the energy potion she received, Rei is worn out. Once a few people begin to awaken and stabilize, she takes a break and starts walking, not exactly sure where she's going. She doesn't even really notice when she arrives in the butterfly pavillion until one of the butterflies lands on her shoulder, then flutters away.

Yes, this is a place of comfort for her. It makes sense that she would come here.

She wonders when all of this fear will end, when some semblance of peace will return to the prison. Then she can begin training, learn potion making - become a valuable member of the defense force. And, when he is freed, she will meet with Almark-san.

A slightly puzzled expression flits across her face. She still doesn't know how to feel about Almark-san, but she does anticipate their meeting. It feels - important, somehow.

Then her face returns to its normal blank expression, and she sits on one of the benches, hands folded in her lap. Despite all the thoughts spinning wildly through her mind, she probably looks like the very picture of peace.]
[Action || Open]
04 May 2010 at 12:21 pm
[Another surge of new inmates, hmmm? Joshua's already picked out a few that have the possibility to be more than just your average idiot brought in, but feels no desire to needle anyone at this time.

He doesn't really need to. Instead he takes off his headset, not really wanting to listen anymore to the onslaught of confused voices and others attempting to explain what's been going on and why they find themselves here in the first place. Seems like this Acumen has a slightly different way of bringing new criminals into the system and that hasn't gone unnoticed by Joshua. A faint smile makes itself known on his features as he pokes at his late breakfast.

Many people are at the hospital or running around, so no one's bound to notice him sitting in the Shelter and enjoying a bite. At least that's what he's banking on. Joshua really isn't sure he can deal with the large amount of stupidity that's been going around lately. Oh he hopes he doesn't catch it too.]
Chord 001: [Voice]
04 May 2010 at 10:21 am
[The audio feed begins with the voice of a young girl seemingly responding aloud to the message she first reads from the communicator.]

-- eh? Criminal?...

B-b-b-but I didn't do anything!!

[She pauses, reading through the message again.]


[Another moment's silence, as she looks about; the environment certainly doesn't look like it's underwater, after all.]

... But it doesn't look like I'm underwater at all... Strange...

[well. someone clearly hasn't been reading in detail.]