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December 6th, 2014

Snupin Santa pause, comments, accounts, recs, etc.

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Santa has had a very long week, so he will be pausing posting until Sunday.

There's two long stories, a drabble and art up, giving you all plenty of time to view and comment. This is the last Snupin Santa; I want to encourage all of you to make a special effort to comment this year.

Creators, you should click the "track this" button at the top of your entry posts on LJ, IJ and DW so that you can receive emails of comments made there.

There seems to be some weirdness going on with the Snupin Santa site accounts and I could use some feedback. Has anyone experienced anything not normal in logging in and making comments? If you've tried to change your password, were you successful? I'm seeing a lot of postmaster messages showing up in the spam filter.

I have been plonking away at deleting spam accounts. I generally can recognize a spam account from certain indicators, but one thing I would never do is delete an account with reviews, stories or favorites. So, basically, if you had an account and I've accidentally deleted it, please make a new account. You won't have lost anything because I saw 0 interactions across the board, but still, please forgive me if this happens to you. I'm not sure why we're getting spam accounts that are empty, but they're making it hard to find the creators on the pull-down list when I'm entering new material.

If you make any Snupin Santa recs in your journal or here, or if you spot Snupin Santa recs on your friends pages, please let Santa know with a link. It would be swell to make the Daily Snitch newsletter at least once this year. ^_^

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Ho Ho Ho

October 9th, 2013

Crack_Broom on LJ sign-up link

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For those wanting to rec the awesomeness that is Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, in all their permutations, you can sign-up at LJ comm, Crack_Broom. The link leads you directly to the Snape/Lupin list of reccers.

We've got over 400 recs over there and with this Fall/Autumn filled with chances to create some Snupiny Goodness, why not share the joy? I've done it quite a few times and it can be both fun and fulfilling, too, letting your favorite authors know that their works are still being read and enjoyed.

Here's to spreading the word!

January 4th, 2013

Some gems from LJ's Mini-Fest comm

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While I'm putting together some Snupin Santa recs, I just wanted to share links to more Lupin/Snape goodness.

Some Remus/Severus gems found at Mini_Fest @ LJ master list 2012

FIC: Alone at Hogwarts [Remus/Severus/Sirius - PG]

FIC: All I Want for Christmas [Severus/Remus – NC17]

FIC: The Promise of a New Day [Snape/Lupin – PG13]

ART: T'Was the Night Before Christmas [Remus/Severus - PG-13]

FIC: Morning [Severus/Remus – NC17]

January 3rd, 2013

Rec Collection - Last Call!

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OK, this is it! Last call for recs for all those wonderful stories, and gorgeous art pieces. I will be collecting rec's up until the reveals – January 9th, so get caught up on your reading, rec your favorites, and don't forget to let me know!

You can post the link your rec's here, in comments, or on any of the other rec collection posts on IJ, LJ, or DW.

Remember, the rec has to contain a reason for your recommendation (It can be as simple as "this is awesome and so beautiful/hot/creative" etc.), and the journal entry on which the rec is posted must be publicly accessible.

I know a lot of you have rec'd things on your journals. Any story or piece of art that I have three rec's for, I will send on to the Daily Snitch, which has a large readership. So let me know, and we'll spread the Snupin love!

December 19th, 2012

Rec Reminder!

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Hi there!

Once again, a reminder to rec any stories and art that you especially like, and to put a link to those recs in the Original Rec Collection Post.

If you're not sure just what you need in the rec, please see my Clarification Post.

There are a lot of great stories and lovely art in the fest, so give them some love!

December 11th, 2012


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I hope everyone is enjoying the fest as much as I am, and is rec'ing any and all fics that you especially enjoy.

Obviously, I wasn't clear in my earlier posts about rec collection as to what I need. In order for a fic or piece of art or comic to make the Hot Rec list on the Daily Snitch, that item must "have been recced at least 3 times in public (not friends-locked and/or filtered) posts (not comments) around LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, or Dreamwidth". There must also be a reason for the rec. A good header to use would be:

Reason I'm rec'ing this fic:

According to the Snitch, "Mentions in any fandom newsletter or links to stories/artworks without an explanation why they're being recommended do not count as recs."

Once you have rec'd the fic on your journal or in a news letter, please post a link to the rec in the comments of the Original Collection Post.

Sorry for any confusion, this is my first time at this.

Rec On!

December 3rd, 2012

Rec Collection!

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Hi Fellow Snupineers and Lovers of Good Fic and Art!

This year, I will be helping out Snupin Santa by collecting recs to submit to different HP newsletters.

So if you love your gift – or someone else's gift – enough to rec it, leave a comment here.

For some of these newsletters, there needs to be three verifiable recs for a fic or art piece to make the list the so be sure you include a link to the public (non-flocked) journal that has the rec, along with the title of the piece. (Comment recs don't count.)

Reward your favourite author or artist with the gift of a rec, and boost the signal of that rec by having their work linked for hundreds of HP fans to see!

(I will be linking back to this post every week or so to make it easy!)

July 26th, 2012

Comfort fics/art, round 3!

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Comfort Fics are the stories you read and re-read, stories you come back to when you want to feel good or want the familiarity of an old friend in story form. You're not reccing, you're sharing your Snape/Lupin warm blankets. This time around, we thought we'd also add an art component, so tell us about your comfort art as well.

So, what are your comfort fics and/or art? List your comfort fics and art with the following info:

1) title
2) author/artist
3) URL
4) reason(s) why it's one of your comfort views

Reply to this post on LiveJournal
so we can keep the list in one place. Anonymous and OpenID comments are allowed there.

Feel free to go back to that post to add new fics and art as you find them, whether it's next week or next year. We'll be linking the post to the side bar information, replacing the previous post. If you want to reiterate comfort fics you listed in the past, that's good, but be sure to tell us about a new one as well. ^_^

2007 post on LiveJournal || 2007 post on InsaneJournal

January 3rd, 2012

More Snupin Fic Links!

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For those of you who are caught up with your Snupin Santa reading/viewing and looking for more Snupin to devour, I thought I'd link to the Snupin pieces that have appeared on [info]snapelyholidays this year. In order of posting:

Turn and Again by ???
NC-17; ~5,340 words
Summary: Snape explains to Lupin how it was that he changed the course of the wizarding world.

Bookends by ???
PG (gen/pre-slash); ~2,020 words
Summary: In the end, there are no secrets.

A Carol Sung Off Key by ???
NC-17; ~13,900 words
Summary: Seven months after the end of the war, Severus is as much of a miserable, disagreeable misanthrope as ever. Then Lupin arrives bearing a message. Said message is absurd, not to mention unoriginal. Also, Lupin makes a terrible Jacob Marley.


December 14th, 2011

Hello Snupins!

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Okay, I'm here to remind you that the post of recced fics/art is HERE so, please don't forget to let us known about the lovely fics and art that you have recced to your friends.

If you haven't yet started to read like yours truly, go ahead and click on the first Snupin Santa entry you find and enjoy and of course don't forget to rec and let us know :)

December 8th, 2011

Snupin Santa Recs Post

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Hello lovely Snupin lovers,

I'm helping the lovely mods this year in collecting rec.

This will be the main post for any rec you may be doing of this years Snupin Santa gifts, may it be art or fics. So, in a comment please give me a direct link to where the rec was made and the tittle of the story/art your are reccing :D

I'll link you back once a week, so you can add any new rec you may have shared!

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