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March 2019



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The Aftermath RPG: A Post-DH Role-Play


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It's been a year since the Final Battle, and the Wizarding World is slowly rebuilding. During that time Kingsley Shacklebolt has stepped up as Minister and quickly put to rights most of what the Death Eater regime wronged. Muggleborns are slowly filtering back into society, though fear of the same thing happening again is high.

Trials have been held and Death Eaters sentenced to Azkaban. While Azkaban is no longer guarded by Dementors, the prison is as cold and forbidding as ever. However, some Death Eaters have escaped and although they haven't made any overt moves since Shacklebolt and the Order came to power, neither has the overwhelming aura of fear abated much. Some Death Eaters escaped by turning in their associates; for others there was little evidence. Still others went on the run and are hiding from the Aurors and the Wizengamot.

There are whispers of an isolated group of Death Eaters still bent on seeing the rise of Purebloods and the annihilation of Muggles and Muggleborn alike, but no trace of this group has been seen. But their presence is felt, and it's only a matter of time before they strike.

But for Harry Potter and his friends, their lives are just beginning. Most of Harry's year chose to continue on for an 8th year at Hogwarts, under the Specialized NEWT Program. Having successfully completed that, they took their NEWTs in May of 1999, along with students in Ginny's year, and spent the summer (or longer) job hunting. With Auror and Healer Training to start in October, Quidditch to begin again after a year-long hiatus and new shops opening all the time in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley no one wants to think about a second war.

But it's coming, and this time the aftermath will be epic. Is the Wizarding World ready for a Third War? It's time to find out in The Aftermath.

Game Starts: August 25th! Lots of open characters!