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Spectrum Divided
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So you're interested in Spectrum Divided?
(where you twine your destiny with that of others and make your own ending)

Spectrum Divided is a Marauders Era Harry Potter based roleplaying game. But it's a little different from most Marauders Era games. It starts out with the characters as they were in the school year of 1975-1976, the Marauders' fifth year in Hogwarts. But from there on up, the players build history as it happens. Your character can develop how they please, whether it's the same as the books or different - it's all up to you.

The game consists of the usual communities, including a main gaming community for everyone, but with a bit of a twist - there is one community for Death Eaters and supporters, and one community for the Order of the Phoenix and supporters. These communities are friends-locked to only people in those communities, so you can hatch secret plots and plan raids on the other side. This game plays like a war...but with less killing.

And the premise?

A relic of ancient evil has been stolen by Voldemort, and the only thing stopping him from using it is a series of protective boxes - and the keys that will open them, scattered across England, hidden in safety by a group of powerful ancient Witches and Wizards. The race is on to find these keys, keys which are said to affect the minds of those who hold them. Voldemort wishes to use them to gain immortality and expand his power over the Wizarding world, and the world in general. Albus Dumbledore wishes only to keep this artifact out of the hands of the one person evil enough to want to use it.

The race is on, and the terrain of the war may just have a whole new face.

Help us build it. From here on up.

Spectrum Divided is currently seeking several of the major canon characters, including Sirius, James, Lily, Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Rita Skeeter, Barty Crouch and many others. We're especially seeking Order of the Phoenix members. Adult characters who are out of school are welcome, and we have ample plot for characters both in and out of school.

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