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February 2019




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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

If you are looking for a game where character development and plot work together to contribute to a bigger picture, this game is for you! Adults and students both welcomed with open arms.

Harry Potter didn't think he'd be boarding the Hogwarts Express for his final year, but the events of summer 97 made it all possible. The trio, with the aid of the Order, managed to find and destroy each horcrux. It had been the most difficult three months of their lives, but the Wizarding World was safe once again.

Safe does not mean peaceful, however. Some argue over the imprisonment of Death Eaters. Others cannot believe Voldemort is dead. And still others are boastful over the Light's win. The Ministry is rebuilding itself, but at a price since the people of the wizarding world are distrustful toward those in charge.

Meanwhile, Hogwarts is not the place all once knew. Minerva McGonagall is headmistress while Severus Snape, his name cleared, has taken over potions and Slytherin Head once again. Snape's old nemesis, Remus Lupin, has returned as DADA professor and Gryffindor Head. Yet, no one can forget the attack on the school.

The Malfoys, saved by Narcissa's lie for Harry, have regained their fortune, but are relative outcasts now that most of their partners, friends, and acquaintances are either imprisoned or deceased.

The world is learning to operate as one, but old loyalties and beliefs die hard. Who will embrace a life where all blood is good? Who will attempt to fight the changing tide and uphold the values of old? Only time will tell, but no one expects a bump free road either inside or outside of Hogwarts.

Plot || Events || Rules || Characters
PBs || Application

Started April 1st, but most characters are open to brand new plot and characterization! Most new players only need to understand the premise to jump right in.

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