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February 2019




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[info]unexpectedrpg is a brand new AU Harry Potter role play for those who are tired of the same old drive toward war torn Britain. With Voldemort dead and his Death Eaters scattered to the winds, Kingsley Shaklebolt had stepped out of the ashes as a leader to bring the Wizarding world back to the proud position it had once held.

No one had expected what he was about to do.

For three years Kingsley led the way in the reconstruction of wizarding society, but his mind was not as sound as he would have the world believe. For him there were two main issues that prevent the community from fully healing: low population and the dislike between those of pure and mixed blood. Kingsley fully believed that by correcting these issues he would be creating the perfect society. It was this desire of perfection that led to the introduction of the Kinglsey's marriage and family planning legislation.

As of January 1st, 2002 the Decree of Marriage and Family Planning took effect. All unmarried citizens of legal age are now required to register their marital status with the Ministry as of their seventeenth birthday. Those who do not apply by the new laws are considered social terrorists. The cells of Azkaban now have new attendents. Those who do register in accordance with the decree can expect an official letter stating the time and place of their wedding, as well as the Ministry approved match. With the legislation all marriages are now a matter of Ministry approval.

Who will be your match?

Now OPEN and Accepting Applications