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July 6th, 2013

Proscribed against evil

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Good morrow, good people of Lawrence. I brave once again the mysteries of this device in order to laud something that I doubt not you take for granted, but which is a treat almost unequalled to me.

No, I do not speak of fireworks, though I attended a display that was most enjoyable.

I speak of sugar!

When I was a child, we had cakes and pies and sweets made of sugar from the shop at the corner. I remember them well. I simply adored coconut rolls (with liquorice!). And strawberry creams, or white chocolate drops -- positively ripping! Until the war, I was quite keen on baking too. But not long after we left London, sugar was rationed, and we were not allowed it often. Perhaps this is why I remember those earlier treats so fondly.

In Narnia we lacked refined sugar as well, for the sugarcane plant did not grow in our climate -- indeed, I don't know if it even existed in that world -- nor would we have had the labour to process it. Our feasts were none the worse for it, for there are other sources of sweetness, but all the same...

June 19th, 2013

Filtered against evil

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Just a heads up, all the people that weren't from our group that were turned into vampires were compulsed into believing they were joined a cult, crazy cult stuff happened, and then were finally unbrainwashed by a professionals. It was an easy way to explain away why they were gone for so long from family and friends and why they probably were assholes to their family and friends.

That's what's going in the paper, tv and what any law officials are also being told happened. Just thought some of you might like to know.

Thanks for your help with that Rebekah, Klaus and Jacen. And anyone else who did that. No reason they should have to deal with all of that crap.

June 16th, 2013

Filtered Against Evil and Stupid FN Vamps

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Wow. Okay, there's a lot of new people. Like...a lot. SO!

With that being said, hi! I'm Rose Tyler and I am, technically, your official welcoming committee.

Every time the Seal drops a handful of you here, I lead a class over at the Lawrence Youth Center (a non-profit owned and operated by yours truly). We've lovingly dubbed it Welcome to Lawrence because it is, in fact, a welcome class. We go over everything you need to know about being here. Safe places to go, things to avoid, how to handle being fictional or having famous faces, and, most importantly, the classes you can take to defend yourselves. Sometimes we even take a short tour of the city but under the current circumstances, getting everyone to and from class will be hard enough and I recommend going in groups with one seasoned person. (That's someone who's been here a while, not someone rolled in parsley and basil)

Now because there are so many of you, I'm going to hold two this coming week. One Tuesday night and one Thursday night. Those are the nights we keep the building open late for Guy and Robin's lessons so hey, it makes sense! However, again, we have a threat around. Travel in groups, I will escort you if I need to, I don't care, just please be safe. And if someone could stake that bastard soon, that'd be great

Filtered to Anyone From Mystic Falls )

June 13th, 2013

Neither evil nor vampires may read this message

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Greetings fair strangers

I will be brief, as I can clearly see that the custom of this land runs to short tales only. Having recently arrived in this country, and having secured the necessities of life in the form of food and lodging, I have turned to this strange device to ascertain the nature of the land in which I find myself.

Of your courtesy, I have two questions to put to you. The first, if I may be so bold: am I correct in thinking that my own situation is not unique in this land? That you are accustomed to visitors drawn here by fate?

The second is this: having read of the dangers that attend you in this place, and having in myself some skill with a bow, I would know if there is some way to procure such a thing, for truly, it is well to be prepared.

I await your replies with hope and trepidation.

Susan, by the grace of Aslan,
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