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February 9th, 2015

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Okay. Couple of things.

First. What's Valentine's Day? I've seen things posted for it everywhere.

Second. Would people like to go to Disneyland with me on the 21st? I want to meet Disney me.

January 16th, 2015

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Odin's beard. The villains in this universe are so disorganized. It's no wonder they never take over anything.

It's like there's no hierarchy at all. There's sort of a king of hell, maybe, but then none of the foot soldiers really seem to be in active contact with him. It's hard to tell if anyone has any real power.

I mean, my evil days are behind me, but what I wouldn't give for a Doctor Doom to shake things up once in a while. Your world doesn't even seem to have any masked, megalomaniacal kings. In fact, no leaders in masks of any kind! What good is saving people if you're not saving them from anyone good?

What sort of world is this?

December 21st, 2014

On the first day of Jol, Papa Wotan gave to me.....

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Attention Henrik, Lagertha, Tamsin & 616!Loki

Today each of you will have received (left for you at wherever you're staying) a pair of Carved Wooden Shoes

Individual designs:
Henrik - Dragons!
Lagertha - Bears!
Tamsin - Ravens!
Loki - a wolf, a snake and a skeletal lady

Happy Jol!

December 2nd, 2014

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Anyone here (whose name isn't Loki) know anything about Chaos Magic? And how it works in this realm? Because I don't want to accidentally shred the fabric of spacetime or break physics or anything. I watch Doctor Who. (Well, I did. RTD > Moffat.) I know how bad things get.

Also, I have such a craving for Pringles, but they're so gross.

But seriously guys, Chaos Magic.

November 28th, 2014

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Who wants to tell me why I'm here, and why I can't seem to leave?

It's rather unusual for me to find myself in a tight spot I can't worm my way out of.

Note: If you see a big blond oaf with a hammer wandering around, I've lost one. Please return him in roughly the condition in which he was found. No joyrides. I'll know.
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