War Is Coming Communications.

August 3rd, 2015

War Is Coming Communications.


August 3rd, 2015

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At first I thought I was imagining things... But I'm not, my shadow is really not here.

Does that even make sense?

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Note to self. Having anything to do with Elle turns me into a raving bitch. Thanks Self. Lesson learned.

[Katie & Ange]
I am so sorry, I have no idea where they came from or why.

Apparently making some choices in my past really effected the why I would be later in life. I'm so sorry for the way I spoke to you.


Apparently other me has serious issues....

Sorry I was so horrible to you.

So Ange, when are we actually having Christmas in August now?

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[ TEXT TO JIM KIRK - backdated to about 2am-ish ]
~ hye bbay
~ yuo should be hrere
~ wyh aretn yuo here?

Well, that was fun. Thanks for that, seal. I know I said a vacation sounded nice, but a vacation from being me wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

netpost: faith lehane

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Huh. So that's what life would have been like if I wasn't such a screwup I hadn't screwed B over so much. Good to know.

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Really, Seal? We couldn't have had, like, a day to enjoy our loved ones being back to themselves before you start with the crazy again?

Hey. Did I happen to mention I missed you?

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[(Backdated to shortly after Regina is herself again) Texts to Robin Hood:]
-- foest boy
-- youe invitd 2 shae a dnk with ose nd i

[(Backdated to shortly after Regina is herself again) Texts to Snow White:]
-- Snow
-- I ned yu to wach the boyz

Public Post after Regina's head stops spinning
First, I'd like to apologize for threatening to hurt anyone who stood in my way. I may not have been in control of my actions but I am still responsible for them. I'd also like to apologize for following through on my threat to cause harm. Those who were hurt did not deserve what happened to them. My path to redemption has not been easy but I had been doing quite well this last year. I suppose now I will have to start all over again.

Second, I now rank whiskey on the same level I do rum. I'll never drink another glass of it again.

Third, have any of you happened to run into a boy claiming to be Peter Pan?

[Magic Users + Winchesters]
My son asked me this afternoon why he had a shadow and I didn't. Were it not for Roland I wouldn't have noticed it was missing. I've a theory all ready in mind but I'm open to hearing what you all have to say.
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