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August 18th, 2014

August 18th, 2014

No Evil/Heaven

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Few things.

1. Since I mentioned it to Kirk. Anyone with their own property needing it warded, let me know. I can either come do it or give you a step by step
2. I watched a lot of Cops. Like 4  hours of it just today. I feel very aware of the law and the importance of coffee. I used to be so much more badass than this.
3. Thanks for the well wishes with Emily, she was super excited all week and everything was perfect. Dean...she was weirdly appreciative of mini pie. I'm mostly impressed you didn't eat it before getting it to her.


How often do we do those, 'so you're trapped in Kansas, 101 classes? We've had a few seal drops lately


You. Me. Date Night? I know we've had some disagreements but you know, we work through them. So lets be ridiculous.

Remember Brangilina

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Thanks for your offer Lydia. Another night maybe. Much is gone.

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Last day of vacation :(

But I think I've got souvenirs for everyone on my list. It's a long lis

New Orleans is beautiful so if you ever get the chance to go then you really, really should. Also eat the food because its amazing and I had food in Rome and nope, sorry, gotta switch to liking this more. And I love Italian food but beignets are beyond amazing.

Also if I don't make it back it is because I so am posting these pictures AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME. Though I am probably getting my camera rights taken from me after this.

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Graham and Neal

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my voice is being weird

how long until it stops being weird?

Evil and Bad Things Can Go Away

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So I've figured out the source of Ava's constant fussing and occasional bursts of tiny baby tantrums. Colic. Bloody brilliant. Let me tell you how much fun this is for both of us.

So...sorry about that, Molly. And I promise I won't be asking anyone else to babysit anytime soon.

Poor little panda keeps grabbing at her tummy. This sucks.


We need to talk.

No loyalists/backwards Heaven

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Not to be that person and all, but it's been weirdly quiet lately, grand scheme, don't you think?

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Filtered to Hunter type people, but no vampires

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I've been doing the lessons and things.  Learnt all about the native vampires and stuff.

I grew up killing vampires at home.  So, I can look after myself.  But, I get that I should have a partner or something?
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