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July 1st, 2014

July 1st, 2014


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Issue number 2
I can do thi

You've done a lot of really crappy things to me, the whole killing thing, threatening Matt, and everything else. But survival and all and I have a feeling that after 500 years of pretty much living in fear that you're screwed up. Badly.

I don't forgive you and I'm not going to forget.

But you should get a second chance here. And if I can give one to others I should do the same to you.

So I am.
Not saying I'll be all buddy buddy with you but I won't be antagonistic either.

I hope things work out with you and Elijah.

No Evil

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Okay! A couple of announcements!

First, we will be having a Welcome to Lawrence class tonight for those of you who missed the original post where we considered it. 8pm at the Lawrence Youth Center. We'll discuss the basics of living in Lawrence including the simplest forms of demon protection, housing, ways to get jobs, and displaced friendly visits. It's easy and I typically bring cake.

Second! I have apparently been designated the Fourth of July party planner. So Friday afternoon at about 2pm, we will again converge on the Center and have an awesome party worthy of one Felicia Hardy. Fireworks at 9pm, lots of music, and some great food. Volunteers to help with grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats will be rewarded with my eternal love and devotion. And the annual ceremonial dumping of the tea into the pool once I'm relatively sure most people are done swimming!


Now. Questions, comments, concerns?

Filtered from evil/heaven and Rebekah

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Anyone else realise how close it is to the 4th?

I sort of miss the parties. But fail at planning. This was always Hardy's gig. Anyone got anywhere we could use for a bigass bbq. I'd offer my place but y'know, dramatics and all that. 

Rose? You were friends with her? Think you know the magic formula?

I just want the kids to experiance good things too, and Emily's old enough now to appreciate it.

Elijah, Kol, Caroline, Stefan

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Am I the only one not pandering to her then?

Or did we all miss the dramatics? In many ways, yes, she was justified in what she said, but you have to admit, she sounded insane.

Helping her won't be easy and it won't always be what she wants. The question is are you willing to do it.

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I'm actually kind of excited for the 4th. I think we could all use a good celebration.

Want to watch fireworks with me? Maybe on the roof? Not tonight, on the 4th of July.


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I need to talk to you. To have a conversation with you you're...honestly, probably not gonna want to have, you'll probably try to shut me down and walk way. But if you do, I'll just come to you in person, so...just please. Talk to me, okay?

Elena. I hate her. I do, and nothing she does or says or anything anyone else says will ever change that. She can't make ammends for what he did to me because even if she thinks she did right by her brother, end is...she killed me and you can't fix that. She doesn't get to come back from that.

But I'm not going round badmouthing her every five seconds. Because honestly, I don't want to waste my time thinking about her, ranting about her. Not to the general public's eye anyway. To you, to Nik, to Elijah, maybe. Crowley, Anna... but nothing that isn't sealed behind filters. We have enough shit on our heads without adding to it because of that little bitch.

But...answer me this, Rebekah. Why are you sticking so hard to this, to wanting her to own that she's worse than you, than all of us? You're so bent on it and, to an extent, I get it, but..it's not doing any good, is it? It's just causing more issues than it's solving. And even if she said it. What good would it do? Wouldn't change what she did, wouldn't make it any better. So, why the hangup?
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